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  1. Roles:
    Daisy Barry (Princess Of The Teacup)
    Elizabeth Tanner (Disgruntled Goat)

    Wholesale Decorating Company

    * * *

    She was having a really horrible day. Like drastically horrible. First she'd woken up super late and had to hold back tears as her boss yelled at her when she walked in three hours late. She really hated pissing off her boss, because the woman would stay upset for hours and give dirty looks whenever she saw Daisy. As if she'd never been late before. Hmph. But her bad day didn't stop with being late. Apparently, Marcy Greene birthday was today and since she was the oldest person still physically at the company, everyone was supposed to bring a present and Daisy had totally spaced. So not only did she have to cower under the harsh unforgiving stare of her boss, but she had to listen to her other coworkers celebrating and eating cake, while she couldn't join in because she didn't want anyone to know that she didn't have a present. And the icing on the cake--no pun intended--? She'd spilled her iced coffee all over her new white slacks, so it looked like she either fell in the mud or had an unfortunate accident. Could her day get any worse?
  2. Elizabeth Tanner was having a pretty lousy day, by all accounts. She was head of the sales team at the Charlottesburg branch, and whilst it was the smallest branch in the company, it was still very busy and Elizabeth had far more work then her team could cope with. There was Martin Fender, who was well into his fifties and had been with the company for about a year, and Susie Gray, who had been there since the branch opened, just like Elizabeth. The workload was too much for three people, so Elizabeth had advertised for a new starter and had recently hired a girl by the name of Daisy to help the team. She wasn't all that experienced, but had claimed to be a quick learner, and her interview had gone positively enough to convince Elizabeth to take her on.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't going well, and Daisy was having a bad day. She had been late, and scolded by the office manager for it, and she had since spilled her coffee, too. All in all, she looked ready to break down and cry, which meant that Elizabeth was running interference and taking some of Daisy's workload without letting the younger girl know, hoping that a lighter workload might enable her to calm down a bit.
  3. Attempting to ignore her fellow coworkers and the glare of death from her boss, Daisy threw herself into her work and soon found that she was finished. Absolutely positively one hundred percent done! That was odd. She almost never finished her work before closing time. Getting up slowly, Daisy half walked half jogged to one of her team member's cubicle. Giving it a tentative knock, which was really quite stupid because Martin could probably already see her, standing over it.

    "Um,hey Marty, I've finished all my work and I was wondering if you had some more stuff for me to do? The boss is seriously burning holes into my head with all her glaring. If she doesn't see me doing anything, I'm afraid she might chuck me out the window!" She laughed nervously, glancing around and hoping that no one had heard that.

    Martin shook his head, "Sorry, the work I have has gotta be done by the same person or the numbers might get screw-y. Know what I mean?" Daisy nodded and began walking towards Susie Gray's cubicle, but Martin called her back. "You know, Liz's shaving your workload, right? She saw you getting yelled at and decided to lessen your problems. You should do something for her, get her lunch or something." He suggested and went back to his work.

    Daisy was pleasantly surprised that her team manager was helping her out like that! At her last job her manager had basically thrown them into a boat and broken the paddle across his knee. Daisy was glad that Elizabeth was so nice.

    On her lunch break, Daisy went to the Starbucks across the street and got herself a latte, and a danish and a chocolate nut muffin for Elizabeth. She briefly wondered if Elizabeth had a nut allergy, but figured the woman would have mentioned that at some point.

    When she got back to work, she made sure to place her latte and danish on her desk carefully before hurrying over to Elizabeth's cubicle. "Hey, Liz!" She said a bit too loudly and held out the muffin. "I got you a treat!"
  4. Elizabeth looked up at both Daisy, and the muffin, with a strong degree of scorn on her face. She didn't know what reviled her more; the muffin, or the fact that the new girl had addressed her as "Liz", instead of by her actual name. Thinking about it, Elizabeth was sure that she had heard the girl refer to Martin as "Marty", too. She clearly wasn't one for paying attention to the finer details, such as people's preferred names. So, now, this girl was clumsy, slightly rude (although it probably wasn't intentional in any way), and still not very good at her job. Elizabeth would have a lot to say during the girl's two week appraisal, and right now, none of it was very positive.

    She hadn't been in the best of moods, and having to do the work of one and a half people had only led to Elizabeth becoming more and more annoyed as the day wore on. She was going to have to work through her lunch just to keep up, but she wasn't going to let this kid know that she was taking some of her workload, because she didn't want to crush her confidence, either. After all, if she found out that Elizabeth was taking half of her work to ensure that it got done properly, how else could Daisy interpret it, other than as a reflection on her glaring ineptitude?

    "No, thank you," said Elizabeth, looking back at her computer screen instead. "I don't care for muffins."

    She then picked up the phone, held it to her ear and began punching in numbers, waving her hand dismissively to make Daisy leave the office.

    Elizabeth might have been a supportive boss, but she wasn't blessed with people skills. She could only hope that Daisy left the room without noticing the vibrating noise coming from her handbag. A vibrating noise coming from a cellphone. A vibrating noise that had begun mere moments after she had punched an all-too-familiar series of numbers into her office phone.
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  5. Daisy's cheerful little smile evaporated immediately when Elizabeth told her off. But her dismayed look soon turned into a look of absolute disgust when Elizabeth feigned making an "important" call and her phone began vibrating right on time.
    Pulling the muffin back to her chest roughly, Daisy turned on her heel and began stalking out of the office. However, halfway to back to her cubicle she rushed back into Elizabeth's office and took a vicious bite of the muffin, making a childish face and rushing back to her cubicle to wallow in humiliation, anger and dread. She was going to be in deep shit after that uneccessary display. But honestly! The woman didn't have to fake call 'someone' just to get out of talking to her!

    Daisy took another bite of the muffin intended for her boss, and decided to check over her work, so as to make sure it was absolutely perfect.

    Five minutes into it, the young woman began feeling strange. Her lips felt odd and tingly and for some reason she felt like they were huge and swollen. And her tongue...It felt like a limp, wet rag in her mouth. She smacked her lips together for a few minutes, before reaching for a bottle of water under her desk. The sudden movement made her dizzy and she knocked the remained of the muffin over in the process. The pastry fell on it's side on the floor, and on the bottom of the muffin a sticker with the words 'Chocolate Nut Cinnamon Muffin' was revealed.

    "Thinnamon?" Daisy gasped in horror, now realizing why she felt so weird. She was absolutely positively allergic to all things cinnamon, and because she had left her house in a hurry, she had forgotten her EpiPen.
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