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  1. So I love improv. Like love love it. I would totally do it in public, except I'm way too shy. >.>

    Anyway, I want to do improv with someone on here! Or multiple someones. :D I want to start out with one on one's first before I go big and try for groups.

    So this is how it'll work:

    We create basic character sheets. Name, age, gender, orientation, family members, that's it. Then we decide on a setting and start there. No planning or anything just go with the flow. If the first person hints that our character are engaged, I have to follow through. But the plot can change at any time based on the actions and reactions of the other person.

    The first few improv rps I want to do will be basic modern realistic, no superpowers, fantasy etc.

    So who's up for it?

    The only conditions I have are these;
    No extreme topics, like rape, abuse or murder.
    At least ten sentences per post, but no all out four page essays either. Two paragraphs (10 sentences min for each) would be a happy medium.
    And all post must be in third person, past tense.
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  2. Sure, I'll give this a whirl, it sounds like it could be fun.

    Hit me with a PM containing your character sheet if you're still after a partner.
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