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  1. It is 2044.
    Humanity has wasted most of its natural resources and now lays in a dormant, desolated heap with no hope of fruitful return to prosperity. The poor live in "Stacks", skyscraper-esque motor homes 'stacked' one on top of the next, supported by ladders and supports, making it somewhat similar to a poor excuse for an apartment complex. However, this is not a tale of post-apocalyptic woe. For, within this place, humanity lives it's days in what is the virtual utopia of the OASIS. A sprawling universal simulation with thousands of worlds, players live out their lives in peaceful bliss, roleplaying, teaching, or doing almost anything they can imagine. That is, until the creator of this blissful reality, Jim Halliday, passes away. A rich philanthropist, he leaves a challenge to all players of the game.
    Find the Three Keys, Copper, Jade and Gold, to acquire his fortune, which is billions in number.
    This is the story of the players of the game, where they will be hunting for the Keys, or just living out a peaceful life within the OASIS Simulation.

    Players will be required to write at an Intermediate/Adept Level, which will mean at least 5+ lines of prose with decent grammar, punctuation and spelling. There will be some PVP within the game, and whoever loses the combat will lose their progress as their character, as well as any items they have collected while hunting for the Copper, Jade and Gold Keys.​
  2. "Virtual Utopia" huh? Sounds fun. I'm up for it.
  3. Great! It's pretty awesome too, as you can be any MMO/ Geek Culture species of Character you want, with all their racial bonuses!
    @Krnon seemed to be interested as well :D We'll have nearly 100+ worlds to explore during the contest. XD
  4. Is it possible to play as a Dev of the environment, or as a hacker? I'm thinking of having my character having their own "private" worldspace in the virtual utopia, in which they can alter the parameters to their will. They'd also be able to manipulate the data a little outside of their estate, but would only be able to do things like send huge packages of data to the servers to overload their calculating functions for a second so that an attack that would have hit them instead hits thin air. Like how in any MMO, if you have crappy internet, you may think you've hit them but the server calculated the opponent's movement before your attack.
  5. Well, they'd have to have a shit ton of credits in order to purchase their own worldspace, and that would require being probably level 40 or higher. Like you'd need maybe, for a medium worldspace, about 5,000,000 credits. You could always have a deflector shield as a surrounding function on your planet that would only allow those you wanted to, to access your stronghold. You could just play as a high level player or a rich kid XD
  6. Nah, the whole reason was that they'd have an alternate agenda involving their hacking abilities. I'll just be a normal person then.
  7. Well, if you wanted to be semi-evil, there's a corporation who's trying to win the game so they can turn the OASIS into a pay-to-play dystopia. You could be one of their employees searching for the Keys :D
  8. Quite interested, are we limited to one character?
  9. Yes, one character, but they have an avatar inside the simulation which could have a different personality and looks, therefore being a quasi-second character.
  10. Actually, my character is going to be an eco-terrorist looking to destroy the simulation entirely and return everyone to reality permanently.
  11. They'd fit right in then XD But there's no guarantee they're going to find the Egg in the Golden Gate ;)
  12. True. But they get paid by the hour, not upon completion, so they don't care whether they succeed or not.
  13. Would you want to be aligned with the evil corporation? It would make sense since their goals are essentially the same if we shave it down to base ideals.
  14. My in-game character will be an alien (avp) warrior queen.
  15. Okay, this sounds great :D I've read the book, would the rp be similar to it in any way, other than the world and the contest? Like, would the puzzles be the same?
  16. That would be a great idea, the puzzles but in our version of a modern context, like games such as CoD and stuff!
  17. Ok, cool :) I'd love to be a part of this!
  18. Yeah! Check the OOC if you could, classes and worlds are still up for suggestion and development before we go live :D
  19. Glad you could join us :D
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