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  1. The girl flew through the thick forest underbrush, dodging low-hanging branches and hopping over fallen logs buried in mounds of moist green moss. She stopped abruptly, turning to face the direction she came from. A faint, collective moan could be heard far behind her.

    She took off again.

    Breaking into a full-on sprint, she ran farther and farther away from the moan, until she stopped into a clearing, the dense forest surrounding her on all sides. The moonlight streamed in through a small opening in the top layer of leaves, illuminating the grotto with an eerie light. She stopped sprinting and sat down, heaving from running so fast. Once she caught her breath, she stood once again and looked around, her keen hazel eyes searching the forest for any kind of movement. She brushed a stray strand of dark black hair out of her face, listening for any sound, any sign of life. After a few minutes, she grew restless. 'Where is he?' she thought to herself.
  2. A hooded figure darted through pure darkness, only a faint light illuminated infront of it, the sounds of groans and hissing still in hot pursuit. This part of the forest was overgrown and kept out the little light the moon had to offer. Emerald eyes darting left and right, searching for any immediate danger that could've been hiding in the heavy underbrush and behind sinister looking willow trees. Closer the beacon of hope became as a clearer part of the forest came into view, the groaning and hissing slowly fading behind with the darkness.

    "No time to rest, she has to be close.." the hooded figure said to itself, breaking the shroud of mystery about his gender with a serious and male voice.

    The young man darted through beams of moonlight, white knuckles deprived of blood from the tight hold his hands kept on a military issued machete. He sprinted through foliage and vaulted over thick toppled trees, his eys still scanning for his companion, hopefully still alive.
  3. She sighed, not hearing anything after straining for a few minutes. She slumped down the trunk of a tall, rough oak tree, burying her face in her hands. She was overcome with worry. He had never been this late before. "Maybe, he isn't hurt. He probably just got held up. Come on Asuna, stay calm. Just work it out."

    A sudden cracking sound alerted her to a new prescence in the clearing. She snapped her head up, cocking her shotgun and hopping to her feet all in one swift movement. She crouched below a cover of vines from the tree branch above, hoping it concealed her from whatever was with her in the space. Her grip tightened and her eyes narrowed, her whole body tensed for attack. She relaxed when she saw what the thing was. She smiled.
    "It's about time you showed up. I thought they got you."
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  4. "They wish they could get the chance to take out Fargo, the mighty!" The hood came down to unveil a young, yet scruffy looking young man with shaggy blonde hair that was kept back with a black bandana. "Besides, someone needs to keep you alive." Fargo jokingly chuckled as he made his way to Asuna, still cautious of the dangers that surrounded them.

    He stopped in his tracks as heard the familiar sounds of what would surely be death if they didn't keep going." Do you hear that? We need to go before they catch up to us." He got closer to Asuna and placed his hand on her shoulder, flashing a smile only she knew the meaning behind. " lead the way. I trust you."
  5. Asuna gave a small smile and chuckle at Fargo, then stopped abruptly when she heard the noise he was talking about. Only this time, it was louder. And sounded even closer.

    She turned to her companion, worry etched into her face. "Come on, stop joking. We should head back to camp before people start to worry. And fast." The blonde nodded, smiling slightly. He bowed and gestured. "Lead the way." He said. She gave him a final tight lipped smile, brushed an ink-black strand out of her eyes, then took off, the boy hot in her heels.
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  6. Opening his eyes, Levi knew that he must have slipped down the bank and knocked his head hard enough to really hurt himself. Sitting up, he looked around to make sure any dead walkers were around. He was in the clear, but he would have to find his saber and knife. His assault rifle was still on his back and his ammunition belt was still latched onto him. At least he'd have a gun if all went to hell, but he'd rather keep things quiet.

    Pulling himself up, he searched through the leaves for his army knife and the sword. It wouldn't be long now until Marco found him. They had split up to find prey, but he'd made a mistake along the way and he had no idea how long he'd been out, but it was dark out now. Looking up at the stars, he realized just how much trouble he was in. "Shit," he cursed. His grey and white army shirt was covered in dirt, as was his white pants on the legs up to his right thigh. His bullet proof vest protected him against rival fighters, but not against the dead. He kept a grey bandanna tied around his head to catch sweat so the dead couldn't smell it. He had been a soldier during the outbreak and the only thing that changed about that was now he just protected his friend and himself rather than the populous. They were alone, loners. A dangerous game but they were good fighters.

    Putting his knife and saber in their holsters, he began tracking back to search for Marco.
  7. Asuna stopped suddenly, her instincts kicking in. "Did you hear that?" She asked Fargo, walking around and drawing her gun. They were both silent, then a loud curse carried through the forest. "That idiot is going to get himself killed, whoever it is. Come on, if he moves as loud as he talks, it won't be long before they find him." Before they could continue, however, they heard frequent snapping, as if something was running through the woods.

    The sound got louder and louder, until finally the source revealed itself. A large man man stepped out into the open, wearing a large ammunition belt and a grey bandana, soaked with sweat. Asuna pointed her gun, her fingers itching to pull the trigger. "Who are you?" She asked the man.
  8. He was moving silently, so the noise of someone else attracted his attention. Kneeling, he knew that it wasn't Marco; Marco knew better than to draw attention. Pulling off his rifle, he got up and moved through the woods quietly, but it was only a matter of time until he ran into them. He'd heard the snapping and assumed it was those who were coming up to him. If they were dead walkers, he'd pull his saber out and quietly dispatch them, but those didn't sound like the makings of a dead walker as much as another survivor. And he knew for sure that it was not Marco.

    As he turned through on of the trees, he spotted her just in time to get a gun into his face. He rolled back, surprisingly quiet, and pointed his gun at her in defense. "I'm nobody, or your death. All I'm doing is trying to find someone, and I'll be on my way. You pull the trigger lady, and we'll have a hive on our ass quicker than a jackrabbit being chased by a coyote," he said in a whisper, just loud enough for her to hear though, but not loud to carry. "And you might want to keep your yapper shut, or at least turn the volume down." His features were unreadable; his piercing dark blue eyes looked straight into hers. His short beard covered his mouth and led all the way up to his hair line from his jaw, his thick short hair was swept in different directions. A glare was fixed on his face as he stared down his opponent.
  9. She weighed her options. He was right. Shoot, and have every walker in a 2 mile radius hear her. But to not shoot, that would mean having another person with them, another liability. She finally decided, and lowered her weapon.

    "Fine. But I don't know what you're talking about. We weren't talking, other than right now." She glanced at Fargo, who was watching the two suspiciously while patrolling the perimeter. She turned back to the newcomer. "Were you being followed? And what were you doing in these woods anyway?"
  10. Looking at her, he glared. "What's it to you lady? Nobody needs to die right now, just back up, and leave," he whispered once more, lowering his gun but put a hand on his saber. Something was coming up from behind him, and this time he knew what it was. Withdrawing his saber, he twisted and slammed the blade right into the dead walker's head, kicking it away and turning back to the girl.

    Backing up, he pointed the saber at her as he prepared to leave. "Just go back where you came from. No harm, no trouble...," he added quietly. Marco would be searching for him right now, and he knew that if Marco saw his partner backed up against a wall he'd fight. By the sound and look of it, this woman was with a group. Why else would she be so curious of him?
  11. She glared at the man, annoyed. 'What's with the mister mysterious act?' She thought to herself. However, her eyes widened when he saw a member of the undead behind him, staggering and moaning. Before she could draw her weapon, he turned around and drew a blade seemingly out of nowhere. He sliced its head with ease, then turned back to her.

    Her annoyance was replaced with interest. They didn't really need another team member, but an obviously combat experienced addition with amazing hearing couldn't possibly hurt. She walked over to Fargo, who was still patrolling. "What do you think, Fargo? He might be a good addition if he agrees. We would obviously have to keep an eye on him, but it wouldn't hurt to have an extra hand until we get back to camp." She glanced again at the man, who was examining the walker carefully. She rolled her eyes and turned back to Fargo.
  12. Looking at her, he gave just one second look at the body before he began to head away. But he didn't turn his back on them, no, he backed up while listening. Every once and a while he'd look back to make sure a dead walker wasn't walking up behind him or in any direction. He wasn't scared of them, but he knew getting bitten was a death sentence. And that wasn't all of his problems; what would happen if Marco ran into these people? Standing some distance away, he stared off at the two. He was debating on what to do, whether or not he could overpower them or not. He didn't know these people, but to hell with being their prisoner.
  13. Roy shoots a Dead walker in the head with his Winchester Repeater and reloads a round in the gun using the leaver to eject the empty cartridge out, the walker slumps to the floor blood trickling from bullet hole,
  14. A soft crack followed by a thump and rustling of leaves. 'Could that really have been them shooting?' a dark figure thought to itself, and looked at it's spear. The tip, covered in blood, would soon need to be replaced. 'Those two have been gone too long already. Maybe they-' the figure stopped thinking, and started running. Several dead were moving around nearby, drawn to the sound of gunshots.
  15. Asuna, still talking to Fargo, did not notice that the mysterious man was backing away out of sight. She did, however, hear the sound of a gunshot, followed by the moaning of the undead. She looked through the thick trees carefully, her hand placed on her gun in case it was needed. And then, she saw them.

    A group of about a dozen zombies were shuffling through the woods, making their way slowly toward the sound of the gun. Asuna widened her eyes in fear, pulling herself and Fargo behind a nearby tree. "Whatever idiot used a gun without a silencer in the middle of infested woods is going to pay for it soon enough. There is no way one person can take out a dozen by themselves." She looked at Fargo. "Let's stay put for now." She said, keeping an eye on the hoard.
  16. Hearing the shot, he knew the cover was blown. Looking at the two strangers, he wanted to slap some sense into them. they were going to get themselves killed, trying to hide behind a tree from dead walkers. sighing, he got in front of the tree and pulled out his saber. He'd knock down as many as he could before he'd have to use his gun. "No use on staying quiet, they'll be coming no matter what. Might as well use the weapons you have for now, just use your blades first. Or run, just don't get in my way," he advised, not even looking back. The dead were stupid, but their instincts told them where to find food. Trees were a poor way to hide.
  17. In from of the black figure was quite a scene to behold. Two people he recognized from the camp hiding, while a stranger was ready to stand his ground and die fighting the oncoming horde. "You won't stand alone, stranger." Carlo announced as he approached the clearing.
    The young man, clad in a black hoodie and black cargo pants, stopped some distance from the stranger and readied himself for battle.
  18. "i guess ill die trying" Roy says as he holsters the gun and pulls out his faithful old kukri knife and made a cut though a zombies neck causing the head to fall and roll, Roy throws a stone at a parked car furtherer down the street and the alarm goes off, the zombies turn and head for the source of the car alarm."nailed it, they fall for this old trick almost every time, so i think its time we gave those zombies a cooking, lets have a bbq!" Roy says as he nods towards the car and takes aim at the petrol tank of the car that was attracting the zombies and fired, the bullet made a spark and flames started to engulf the car and the zombies before the car exploded and all went silent.
  19. After crouching, Asuna realized that the man was right. They were literally dinner waiting to be served to the never-satisfied undead. She stood up and brushed off her pants, dirty from kneeling on the muddy ground. She held a hand to Fargo, who took it and stood up as well.
    "Well, they're gone at least." She murmured to herself, noticing the absence of undead company. She sniffed the air, smelling petrol and smoke. And then she heard the blast. It carried over the quiet nighttime foret scene, illuminating the sky with a cloudy orange light.

    Asuna coughed and sputtered, trying to rid her lungs of the thick smoke, when she saw the flames coming. She took off at a sprint, still holding Fargos hand. "How much do you want to bet that was the same idiot who fired the gun earlier?" She said to the blonde as she ran. She was stopped when she ran, literally, into another man, hiding in the brush. This one she recognized, ready for battle against a young man dressed in black. "Carlo? We didn't know you were here too! Did you hear the blast?" She asked the familiar face, still sputtering from the smoke coming their way from the fire that followed close behind.
  20. Roy sniffs the air "i just love the smell of burning rubber and zombies in the morning" he says holstering his Winchester on his back holster.
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