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  1. Setting:
    The Human World: Set in today's world (2015) with all of its normal laws and limitations. Mainly based on US laws but that can be open for interpretation. People that have no demonic power reside in this world and create it's population (so, humans.)
    The Demon World: Up for open interpretations (but this is what I'll start with.) All races and powers of demons reside in this world. Different continental areas just as the human world. Set with it's own laws, limitations and judicial system similar to that of the human world. Obviously certain laws have been created to address those with demonic abilities and powers.

    The CDIA (Central Demonic Intelligence Agency):
    The CDIA is a human group residing in the Human World of highly trained government operatives that know of the Demon World, the demon population, and the abilities that demons may posses. It is up to this group to keep the demonic world hidden from the human population and to make sure all entrances and exists into and out of the worlds are legal. They are highly trained to deal with many situations and have been instructed to use force if necessary. They like employing half breeds because they can see the asset to having them onto the squads.

    Main Laws To Be Addressed:
    Illegal Entrance: Unless given a proper visa demons should not be entering the human world for any reason. Visa passports are provided to those demons who pay the legal limit, pass their background checks and have professional (sometimes personal) business in the human world. Same laws go for humans (that know of the demon world). There should be no illegal entrance to either world and if such laws are broken the offender will be sent to prison awaiting trial. Only certain entrances and exists are available and heavily guarded. Though, if you look close enough, you can find illegal entrances (most of the time, unless you are able to create it yourself you pay a hefty fee to those illegal beings that opened the entrance). Half breeds do exist (half human half demon) in which case the world said half breed was born will be the legal world of residence.
    Probation: A strict record is kept of those who are on probation and depending on the circumstances are tracked. Reinforcements may come unannounced at anytime to check on the being currently on probation. If probation is broken they are instantly sent to prison awaiting trial.
    Communication: There is the ability to have open communication between the Human World and Demon World through phone calls and internet. If caught giving information that shouldn't be provided (if a demon shows their existence through photos or such to a human that doesn't already know of the Demon World) the offender will be sent to prison and await a trial.
    Bounty: A list of wanted criminals is provided to the public through internet access. Any person is allowed to collect the written bounty of any criminal. Keep in mind, if searching for a demon in the Human World you will need the proper visa to legally collect your bounty. Bounty limits are clearly set up as far a price, last seen location, associates, and preference of offender (dead or alive).

    Rules To Be Addressed:
    Only Control Your Own Character:
    Usually a pretty self explanatory situation. Don't get to controlling with other peoples characters. Small things, like a grab to the wrist and what not would probably be acceptable. You cannot kill off another persons character unless it has been decided by that creator.
    Read Carefully: Make sure to read the posts before you very carefully. You must abide by what was previously written. For example, if a portal has closed before your post you cannot enter said portal.

    Accepted Members to This RP:
    1) Myuka

    If You Want To Join:
    I would just like a detailed character description as well as an example of the post you would like to put into the thread. Give those two things to me on this thread and if you are accepted I will add your name to this list.

    Questions or Comments: Please feel free to ask for any additions or clarification to the setting and laws. I'm open to other interpretations. Have fun!
  2. Name: Myuka Christine Hiramatsu
    Age: 19
    Race: Fox Demon
    Physical Description: Myuka stands at 5'6, weighing around 125 pounds. She's a pretty slender looking girl with pale skin, big eyes and long hair. In her demonic form her eyes are a mixture of deep blue and a vibrant green and her mid length hair is a dark black that manages to frame her face quite well. Also she has a pair of big fuzzy black fox ears with white tips that sit a the sides of her head as well as a big bushy black fox tail with a white tip that reaches the ground. Her tail never drags though since it is in a constant swaying motion. If disguised in a human form she has been seen with dirty blonde hair and forest green eyes. Her petite frame is very misleading, making her look weak and almost helpless when in fact she is quite strong. Compared to a humans strength she can lift equivalent to 100 trained and fit army soldiers.
    Personality: Myuka seems to have many different facades when it comes to interactions with people. She comes off as very child like and carefree to most, a very misleading quality to those she interacts with. In reality she is a very well thought out young woman who is a very talented leader and has manged to lead her group of five without fail for two years of success now. When frustrated she becomes easily abrasive and angry, not a very good quality for her and a very easy flaw when going into battle. She does her best to think things through before acting, which has proven a great asset, though can sometimes fail if her anger gets in the way.
    Weapon(s): Main weapon is a demons fang she has fashioned into a giant sword, standing a few inches taller than her. The sword(fang) itself weights a good 200lbs, not making for a very light swing but some good powerful blows. Surprisingly due to Myuka's strength she can wield the blade quite well and can still manage to move quite quickly.
    A secondary weapon when all else fails are a set of three daggers she carries with her in a time of need. It makes for some good quick combat and some good close range combat as well.

    Abilities: Myuka has some natural born fox trickery she uses quite often. Things such as invisibility, cloning, and other illusions she has manged to work on and almost master. Obviously there are always faults to such magic if one can peek behind the curtain and find the wires hidden behind.
    Extras: Myuka is a wanted demon thief in both the Human World and the Demon World. The CDIA has been after her for two years straight and has yet to been able to pin point her in a still location. They have opened up her bounty recently to the public due to her 'danger to the general public.' Her bounty is listed as $1.5 million dollars, wanted alive.

    Name: Rylee Planners
    Age: 22
    Race: Human/Fox Demon
    Physical Description: Rylee stands at 6'1 and weights no more than 140lbs. He's a very skinny man for such great height and looks like he has no muscle mass on him what so ever. He's skinny as ever and pale like the sun has never touched him. Behind his thin framed glasses he has thin icy blue eyes to go along with his messy styled short and somewhat spiky blonde hair. Rylee constantly looks like he had just woken up out of bed. Rylee was born a half demon, so a distinct feature he always had that made him stick out were his weird pointed human like ears. They weren't quite rounded like all of his classmates but they weren't a normal demons fuzzy ears either. Almost like the elves depicted in books such as Lord of the Rings.
    Personality: Rylee had always been the boy genius in school. He had found ways to create something out of nothing when it came to technology, and that was probably because he had a hard time making friends due to his outlandish physical appearance. He spent much time wrapped up in books and not much time in personal interactions, so he was never good at small talk. Once past the awkwardness of finally meeting others, he's actually a very nice man. Rylee has always given the vibe of being an 'older brother' figure to those younger than him, and has always learned to give respect to those older than him. He never was one to step on toes but was always for others best interests. Rylee mostly keeps to himself, but is capable of working with others when need be. It's even possible to get smiles out of him every once in a while with a good personality or sense of humor.
    Weapon(s): Rylee has a backpack he carries constantly. A handmade backpack that is the perfect technological offense and defense. Handmade bombs, smoke screens, and other such gadgets remain inside. For quick movements his backpack can actually sprout to a spider like form to make for a quick dodge or escape. His backpack is in constant readjustments, so there's a good chance that many more things will be added as he expands more and thinks of more ideas.
    Abilities: Rylee was unlucky when his demon father did not pass down any major abilities to his son. The only thing Rylee can do that a normal human being can't is smell things a bit better and heal a bit quicker, but other than that Rylee is as normal as they come.
    Extras: Rylee has recently started working for the CDIA in their technological department. He was recently called in to work on a specific project on trying to pinpoint and locate Myuka Hiramatsu, but so far has had no luck. He hopes to find her soon.

    ((This is what I'm planning on the first post being of the rp. This might just be a rough draft though.))

    The department was a pretty standard day for a Thursday afternoon. People getting back from lunch, sitting back down at their computers, and some muttering about how they just wished it was Friday already. Only one more day of work after this and then the nice weekend he had planned to just sit at home, sleep in a little, and watch some Netflix. He couldn't help but smile at the thought of such a boring weekend, but relaxing none the less. He rounded the corner of cubicles, passing his own in the process before heading to the meeting room where a few people were already sitting and waiting on instruction.

    Rylee looked around the room to see the types of people that were in the meeting. Most of the people were from different departments and it was hard for him to recognize any faces. That could be because most of these people he believed to be special agents, people who worked in the field, people who actually traveled to the Demon World, or it could just be the fact that he only started this job a few months ago. Regardless, most of these people, even though they wore smiles, seemed to take this job so seriously. It made Rylee believe he should do the same, he should look the part and pull out his paper and pencil and write down any important information that may come up while the meeting began.

    "Now all of you are here because we believe you are the people to help us locate and capture demon target 111. She has evaded us for two years straight and has recently started becoming a danger to the demonic public. Luckily we have had no human world fatalities, but with her track record getting worse we want to stop her before she adds more deaths to her list." The general began as he walked the front of the room. Finally, a picture arose at the front of the room. It was so hard to tell exactly what it was, the picture could have been taken by any armature with a camera on their phone. It seemed to be a picture of a girl in fast motion, moving from one end of the screen to the other with long hair flowing with her fast movement. The facial features were stuck in a blur but her body shape seemed pretty thin, they could only assume it was their target.

    "We believe she was last spotted here, in the human realm. We are having trouble figuring out exactly what she is after, but once we find that out we believe it will be easier to pinpoint her location. We can narrow down the search to smaller locations. I've added a young new fellow to the team in our technological department here. His name is Rylee Planners." The general motioned to Rylee, who shyly waved at the group. "We believe he can tap into the security cameras on the streets and through air cams to try and locate her faster. Now I'm going to ask that Rylee work with someone else here on the team to help catch him up on what we've already done and to help guide him to what we can do to locate her faster. We need to find and capture Myuka Hiramatsu before she does more fatal damage. Dismissed." With that final word everyone was up and moving.

    "Great, now I have to actually talk to people." Rylee muttered under his breath with a sigh as he sunk into his chair a little bit. He was really hoping someone would take the initiative to go up to him and volunteer to be partners with him so he wouldn't have to look like such a lost puppy, but in reality how often did that happen?
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