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  1. Hello, there!

    I disappeared for a while (oops) but am back and looking for some new roleplaying partners. Please read below and let me know if anything interests you!

    General Information

    I consider myself literate/advanced (multiple paragraphs per post) and am looking for similar. Good spelling, grammar, and creativity are all a must. I only do male-slash, and prefer roleplaying with someone who does not fade to black. I prefer romance in my roleplays, but it's never pre-established.


    There's a lot that interests me, so here are a few basic ideas in no particular order:

    Prince x Wizard
    One of our characters is a medieval prince; the other is a young wizard who possesses magical abilities. I've never seen Merlin but my understanding is it's sort of similar?

    Superhero x Mortal
    I have a few superhero characters I'm interested in trying out. Yours is a mortal of some kind.

    Superhero x Supervillian
    I don't have much of an idea for this, but it would be interesting to pair one of my lighter superhero characters with a particularly evil supervillain and seeing what happens.

    Ancient Rome
    A fictional Emperor with a lot of, erm... peculiar habits... is looking for a new play-thing. His men bring him a cute boy with his own political ambitions. Yum, intrigue!

    Who says dudes can't be in distress? Your character is locked in a tower; mine comes to rescue him. That's just a very general idea, so let's do some plotting and see what we can come up with!

    FatherxSon and BrotherxBrother both interest me.

    Star Wars
    It would take place during the newer trilogy, but preferably with original characters (or Obi Wan x Anakin). Let's see what cool adventures we can send them on!

    I'm not an expert of the fandom, but would love a HisagixIchigo pairing. Yum.

    I want to hear from you!

    If any of this sounds interesting, or if you have an idea you think I might like, then definitely post below or shoot me a PM! I'd love to get some great threads going on here.
  2. Hello! You sound like someone who knows how to role play well, so the ones I would be interested in are the family ones, I would prefer the brotherXbrother one. The fairy tale one sounds interesting and different, I also like your ancient rome one, I have never actually done a role play with a character that has "particular habits" but i would be willing to give it a shot XD
  3. Haha well thank you!

    If I did the Ancient Rome one, I think I'd be more interested in playing the Emperor, but I think of the ones you mentioned I'm most interested in brotherxbrother. Fairytale also sounds good, but I may be doing that with someone else and I want to avoid doubling up if possible. So if that's your preference, I can get back to you on that, otherwise either of the others sound good, too!
  4. Well the fairy tale one wasn't my top pick, and I totally get the not wanting to double on that note, I have found someone to do a brotherxbrother with so the only one I would still be up for is the emperor and its absolutely perfect that you wanna play as him cause i would prolly do a really bad job at being playing as the Dom. So if you still wanna do that, perfect XD