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  1. Sadly, some of my roleplays have died. So, I have some space freed up in my list and I've been itching for a few new stories. Thought I'd ask if anyone would like to do some 1 x 1 with me. :] I'm even prepared with a few plot ideas I've been wanting to try out. I'm open to modifying them, or hearing what you want to play, too. To those who don't know already, Fluffy is a very accommodating person.

    Additionally, if you want Mature RP, that is fine. I have access to the adult section of that genre. I can play males or females. Also, romance. :I If you can't or don't want to, I'll live! But like, otherwise, I fully intend to have romance in it. Feel free to learn more about my roleplaying in my resumes. Now for the list of stuff I wanna wroit:

    1: A twisted, dark, thrilling horror game. I've been wanting to write something scary and gross. Blood, nightmares, demons--whatever. So as long as I get to make detailed posts about otherworldly things or serial killers or...whatever, I'm happy. I haven't got a storyline in mind; I figured I'd work that out with the other player. But if necessary, I can easily come up with a plot on my own.

    2: Something with superpowers. Please oh please. I don't care if it's two heroes, two villains, or one of each. I just want something that I can put one of my many costumed badasses into. This one has no set plot, either. I'd want to work it out with the other person. :] Because there's just so damn much we can do.

    3: A Star Wars RP. :B Using OCs, because I'm not big on fan fics. I just want to use the SW universe for our own ideas, rules, etc. If I listed my story ideas for this here, it would be like half of the list. So if you're interested in that, just ask me. xD

    4: I'd like to do a roleplay where I play a character who uses medical marijuana for health concerns. He is judged poorly by people with negative views on pot, but well liked by those who can look past it or are accepting of it. I pictured the story going something like... The other player is a person who doesn't like the idea of marijuana, but as they get to know my character and learn how useful the herb is, they finally are more accepting. There would be more to this than lots of drama. xD I have plenty of ideas that can involve violence and stuff, too. <3

    5: I... I... I want to do a Pokemon RP. v__v I don't know [and refuse to learn about 8D] the Pokemon beyond Ruby/Sapphire, so you're out of luck if you want me to play in the regions that have those unknown species. (Unknown to me anyway. Also, so punny. Unknown is Pokemonz. :B) The weird thing for me though, is I don't like to roleplay Pokemon stuff as the cutesy anime portrays it. I want it to be more real, and play adults instead of kids. I figure it can be like typical travelers aspiring to become something awesome while competing, helping others, and all that other happy stuff. :|

    6: I've been feeling this urge to play a crazy scientist. Or an alchemist. I don't know what for and it doesn't matter. You can be my apprentice or an experiment or whatevs. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

    7. Okay, the last one I'm going to write down. I have this weird obsession with octopi because they're fascinating to me and smart enough to take over the world if they joined together. I had something in mind for an oceanographer who's been dedicating a lot of time into studying these creatures and seeking out a rare species. Along the way, they meet a mysterious sea creature. You can be anything you want. Water nymph, mermaid, some guy who's part man and part shark because of some loony science experiment... I haven't thought that part through too much.

    Anyway if interested, please PM me. I like to discuss plotting in private. v.v; Thank ya.
  2. I'm always up for a horror rp. We may even merge it with the crazy scientist plot, if you want.
  3. I'd like to do one with you but I have no idea which to choose as I'm interested in about half of them:)

    I'm a Star Wars fan so it caught my eye, I'm a Pokemon fan so that one is good as well (I like all games but Emerald is a favourite of mine), I really like your idea about the oceanographer and lasty who don't want to rp as a super hero/villain:D

    If you're interested I think I can narrow it down further.
  4. I'll happily play a superpower RP with you :3
  5. 2, 4, 6 and 7 sound really interesting... *Already starts having ideas*
    So if you'd want to do one of those, PM me :D
  6. I have all I need now. xD Thanks, everyone. PM me if I haven't PM'd you already. <3

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