Ready for an Atti attack?

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  1. Hi, I'm Atticus. Although my name suggests that I might be loyal and fair and that I try to stand up for everyone else, but check it out, bitches: I am not that Atticus, unfortunately. Instead, I am border-line agoraphobic; I am claustrophobic, hemophobic, trypanophobic, and trichotillomanic. But!!! I love the Internet and I am a good person when I am behind my computer screen. So long as I can't actually see you, I think we will get along well.

    So, I'm totally gay, right? And I kinda don't like women. Except for Cher. Because Cher is my queen. And Betty White, my spirit animal. I love yaoi roleplays. But because I'm a bit of a perv, most of my roleplays are extremely sexual. To make matters worse, I love a variety of taboos, including close incest (brother/brother, father/son, etc), BDSM, poly-amorous relationships, and the like. I don't like blood-letting because of my hemophobia, and I don't like scat and golden showers because I think bodily wastes should stay as wastes.

    I prefer long responses, but I can only give as much as I receive.

    Please play with me! Please~! I will love you forever!
  2. *Leans and whispers.* We have a lot of the gays here...

    Silly gay jokes aside, welcome to Iwaku! XD You'll fit right in with all the other people with issues. I think almost all of us lay claim to something or another.

    Feel free to come out of the shadows and join us in some of the group roleplays. >:D We need more creative players that cater to interesting character concepts!
  3. Yes, I am quite aware I'm not the only gay man here. That was just me making a joke. :3 I'm not very good at jokes.
  4. Aww, I was trying to make a jokie too... D: But that's okay, I'm running on no sleep and you'll forgive me. >:3

    Now, hows about coming to play with big momma and the other kids? >:D Shiny roleplays!
  5. Well I suppose I can play outside of my little group. I do enjoy shiny things.
  6. *turns her head at the mention of Yaoi*

    YAOI!? WHERE!?

    *searches frantically before bumping into"

    Oof- Oh, Hi! 8D I'm LadyHarpy. Yes, I am female, but I am glad to RP some Yaoi! I'll admit, I'm sort of new with it, I've never been skilled with playing male characters, but if you are willing I will gladly satify your need for getting down and dirty with the boy on boy action! As for your taboos I am willing to adapt if I must! For the sake of yaoi I will do anything!...Anyway, please feel free to hit me up with a PM and share any ideas you may have!
  7. jkcnSK.fjczKL:Ldxjf

    Oh, it appears I need to change my boxers now. May we marry, my dear lady?
  8. Give me a chance to pack my bags and we'll be in vegas before sunrise! >83
  9. Oh no! I don't like Vegas... It smells like cigarettes everywhere! However, we can marry and then go somewhere else, yes? I hope your parents have provided you with a dowry.
  10. Of course, Of course. I'm not that fond of vegas either so we can hit Hawaii after the wedding. As for my dowry, I have it right here.

    *hold up a suitcase full of money*
  11. Exciting. Now, the deal breaker: I have three kids! 10, 4, and seven months. I am a whore! Le gasp!

    The dowry shall be used to buy a pony because I like ponies. Also a tiger.
  12. You're lucky I like kids! >w< But the dowry also has to be used to get the kids through college so at lesat save some of it.

    Alright! enough beating around the bush! Time for some Yaoi~ <3 >83
  13. Enjoy your stay here. :D We have lots of cool RPs, discussions and writing topics.

    I'm also a yaoi roleplayer, so feel free to hassle me for a private man on man game...

    *toothy grin*

    EDIT: Oh, one more thing. I like brother/brother, as well... Especially if they're twins. |3
  14. Oh no, they are the furry sort of children.
  15. Welcome to the site.

    That is my normal generic greeting, but all plain yogurt aside.....Looks like you'll fit in well here, welcome aboard!
  16. Furry? Oh! Pets! I love pets, I have two kitties in fact >w<
  17. Mine are dogs actually.
  18. I like dogs too! 8D
  19. I half expected zypher to show up by now. Maybe his Gaydar is malfunctioning again.
  20. Is he the "head gay" around here? Hmmm... Competition?