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  1. So... I did a thing.

    FIGHT (open)

    *Excuse the shitty lack of coloring, I have no idea how to color drawings using PS

    Which got me wondering. If you could make a fighting game composed of roleplay characters/fictional characters you've made in the past, what would the roster look like (who would be present/playable)?
  2. I don't play fighting charries! I play DAMSELS! 8D

    Usually. >>;;

    Someone would inevitably use cats as weapons.
  3. Hmm, I have...

    A martial artist who's socially awkward because of a lack of emotiveness.
    A thief, pickpocket and lockpicker, not above dirty tricks.
    A staff-wielding mage disconnected from all but their goal.
    A knight devoted to protecting their master.
    A cynical soldier with snark a plenty and degenerating memory thanks to being poisoned.

    And, well, those are the essential types I've used that can survive in a battle without relying on help.
  4. Duvnar Magnum - Master Gand Swordsman
    Gwazi Magnum (Most Popular Adaption) - Jedi Grandmaster
    Urik Gurral - The Orc with enough strength to juggle dragons
    Brokin Trull - Like Urik, but more experience. And trades some skill and discipline for more physical prowess.
    Zane Gural - The Bloodthristy Necromancer in Armor
    Shiara Rashiale - The corrupt sorceress with a dark ancient artifact for an eye
    Dogmeat - Shiara's Familliar, a Giant Hellhound.
  5. I read this as Fighting Rooster and I was prepared to throw some some stacks on some cockfighting.

    Imagine my disappointment.
  6. I would probably take all my characters from my fantasy, sci-fi, & post-apocalypse settings each respectively and dump them into a single title match, then unlock the penultimate powers of the weaker characters so they could stand up to the stronger ones.

    Then, I'd get a whole pile of people around to vote for the winner of each match, and write little story tidbits for the prelude, match, and end, mostly just dialogue because I'd have the visual medium on my side.

    Then I'd throw in a "create-a-fighter" tool because my settings thrive best when people add their own stuff to the mix.

    After that I'd... I dunno, I'd drink Vodka and watch all my beloved characters go on psychotic killing sprees in order to reach the arbitrarily set top reward? :ferret:
  7. A lot of shotas. There would be a small amount of females, knights, and monks, but I know that's not what the people would buy my game were looking for.
  8. A whole load of brutes, criminals and mercenaries who would out-right avoid combat, instead engaging in a battle of snarkiness.

    Also, the night manager of a 7-Eleven.
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  9. -Fi'al Sharook, blind Sith with a boner for murder.

    -Coss, a 4' blue alien version of Jason Bourne

    -Berdah-Vos-Needa-Quin-Las-Essa, a flamboyantly-gay, spear-wielding demon-slayer who can melt faces with the power of friendship.
    -Allectus the Hungry, Commander of the united armies of man, rides on a giant Roper.

    -Aventius, ex-cultist, able to teleport on a whim, completely lost control of his mind. (Seen some shit yo.)

    -Kesik Bahla, Batarian terrorist/sniper (with a heart).

    -Cannov, your typical supercommando leader type with high tech gear.

    -Pykes, mute spearman capable of seeing prophesies (really likes flowers.)

    -Terra, "Promised One," daughter of cultists, snarky necromancer.

    -Mertens, exiled prince who has a mind for money and not much more, "eh, I guess I'll save the world."

    -Allectus Valeres, bitchy Imperial administrator with a decent sword arm.

    -Kahlan, Grey Fox admiral of a space fleet, really just wants to see the galaxy burn, bad at handling his PTSD.

    -Wright, a lonely little boy with a word-eating wolf-demon buddy.

    -Flashover, smoke-powered super-hero.

    -Veldin Ruin-Born/The Lord of Fire, Oldblood Blackguard, Demon Lord of the Tower of Kin'Oin, God of Order, Bro with the devil.

    -And about 2 dozen "grizled veteran commander" characters.
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