Reading RPs?

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  1. I'm just curious, does anyone actually read roleplays they're not in? Perhaps one you had wished to join, or one you didn't have time for? Or do you ever stumble upon a thread that you'd never join but is so gosh darn interesting that you have to watch the thread and read it with every update?

    I personally don't do this often, but I can't help but be curious if that gets for everyone else on Iwaku...
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  2. Yes. I used to read a few before I got too much reading homework.
  3. I read roleplays around the forums all the time. It's partly for Staffing purposes and partly for fun. Sometimes I even link them to other people if it's a group game I think they'd like to join or if I think they'd like to read along too.

    And sometimes I read smut RPs aloud to my roommates.
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  4. you sir are either an awesome roommate or a troll

    i do not know which
  5. No, I just don't have patience to do it.
  6. I read RPs I'm not in all the time, sometimes it's just relaxing to see what stories other people are coming up with, and just watch other people work instead of you. If that makes any sense, I sure hope so. One in particular I enjoy reading is Legend of Renalta 2: Reborn, which is pretty much the only one I've been keeping up with on Iwaku.
  7. *RAISES HAND!* I DO! 8D

    The obvious modding reasons and recommending reasons, etc But, I really love reading the Libertine and one on one roleplays just for the fun of it. o___o I like sexy romance stories, and sometimes there is really good ones in there. ...and sometimes really bad ones that are fun for completely different reasons. XD

    Sometimes it's really good for ideas too. Cause I'll see things that look like great concepts, but maybe I didn't care for some of the elements so I file that idea in my head later for inspiration.
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  8. I read other people's role plays all the time. Sometimes I do something called a "roast", where I gather a bunch of Skype people and we sacrifice a role play's entrails to the Blood Gods dissect a role play's plot and characters. We always pick a role play at random, we never directly attack the people involved in the role plays, we never criticize the role plays publicly, especially not in their threads. It's completely uncool to jump into random RP's for instance and shout "NEEERRRDSS!" So we don't. It's always done for humour (ex: Pointing out the tropes and stereotypes, the "how to make a lady" checklist, sometimes awkwardly worded sentences will get a chuckle if read aloud literally, et cetera.) and/or for learning (dissecting a character to base parts, and disassembling plots, does bring with it sometimes the opportunity for me to teach new tools, learn new tools myself, or show where something didn't quite work, and how it would work if done correctly).

    Roasts did show something rather stupendous.

    Most role plays operate with the same cliché characters, regardless of length. Length held utterly no bearing to quality, sometimes longer role plays with terrible grammar were straight up difficult to read leave alone understand. We also quickly learned that the people who were out to have fun and be honest with each other about their abilities and desires were far more fun to read--as we could tell they were having fun, regardless of their skill level--rather than some elitist snob, spitting at the lower plebeians for not writing how their sunglasses glinted in the sunlight for four paragraphs. In all equality, I even go out of my way to roast my own stuff from time to time, just to ensure that whatever it is I'm dishing towards other works is something I can tolerate of my own.

    If you have heard of it, compare to the Best of the Worst, where we intentionally pick RP's apart to see their inner workings, for humour or for knowledge. We have some favourite characters even. The only section that it's kind of awkward to do it in is Libertine because then I have to ensure everyone in the roast is eighteen or older. Otherwise, it's all in good fun.


    @Tempest @Darog @Jorick @Hellis @Elendra are commonly at the roasts over Skype. You can ask them about it, if you like.
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  9. Curious, Brovo. Have you ever roasted my rp? If not, I absolutely nominate it. Get to it. Chop chop.
  10. I don't think I have. This one is it, right? I could arrange a Roast for it later. If you have a Skype you can even be around for it too. :bsmile:
  11. Sure is! I insist you er, start off with this, though. Our current start on Iwaku opens up with a... er... particular trope that is sure to certainly give a particular impression of the rp that's not the full thing.

    And yeah, I have skype. I'll send it in a pm, wouldn't want any of these other nefarious roughians stalking me.
  12. This nefarious ruffian is highly offended that you preemptively stopped my stranger-stalking ways.
  13. That's a lot of IC posts! While roasts occasionally dissect IC content, we usually do plots and characters specifically and then sometimes read a few posts in the IC if it's A. Comedy gold or B. Really good writing. So we'll see.
  14. On a scale from hot dogs to marshmallows how much roasting is done on average?

  15. i find the need to join in on this phenomenon

    because it sounds fun and enlightening all at the same time

    i would even give you one of my RPs just to hear the roasting
  16. Well, about two roasts ago, we hit not one, but two role plays that reduced women to nothing more than objects to be fawned over and won.


    There was much fire that day.


    Add me on Skype, this offer goes out to anyone. We might do a roast tonight. (Skype: brovo196 if you fail to find me, PM me your Skype. I will add you.)
  17. Yes. Everyone should submit to Brovo's roasts. We don't exactly char anyone's stuff to bits, and especially not in a malicious-towards-the-author way. We're all about having fun and naming tropes and figuring out what makes good characters, what are common trends across genres, all of that good stuff.

    Plus, some of us are rather funny and can incite a hearty chuckle out of anything, no real reflection on the quality of the RP itself.
  18. Going back to the actual topic though, I don't read anyone else's rp besides my own. Don't really have enough time for it, unfortunately. There's a couple of rps by friends I check up on from time to time but I don't read through their rp's IC content.
  19. I actually don't read other people's role plays :O I do on tumblr with a couple friends but I never really get around to it here.
    But reading some of these make me nervous omg
  20. @Brovo Holy shit, that's like steak level roast! (Not gonna do a serious response to that otherwise this thread will turn into an Expllo rant:rotfl:) -Looks at offer- Huh, maybe I'll stop by and drop a few bombs. I mean, that is the point of my name after all -Adds-

    But like @Pachamac said, back on topic :D one thing I forgot to mention. I also look at RPs my frans are in from time to time, just to see what's up. Hardly ever stay and follow the RP, but eh. I think that counts still.