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  1. Alright. So. I had this idea. It's a Female x Male.

    Now usually I only do Male x Male. :D But I decided to try something different.

    My idea was that they were past school and were now grown-ups. So my Character, would either be the boss or a Co-worker. Or the Secretary. I don't exactly care.

    There will be Restricted scenes, such as sex, Violent words. You know, the usual. :D. Anyways, I honestly hope someone joins! ~

    ~ Reality.
  2. I'd be interested in joining. c:
  3. Oh my gosh. Really!?!?! :D Yaaay~ I love you!!! :'D.

    So. Tell me, what would you like to be in the Role play?
  4. Aw shucks. :3
    Before I claim anything, I want to know if you want to be the male or female. It is your idea after all, so I feel like you should have first dibs. n.n
  5. Ah, alright. Well. I honestly don't mind. I can be the male or the female. :D So whichever's easiest for you.
  6. Okay. Then I'll be... The female. I think the majority of the characters I've played this far are male, so I'll indulge a little. :]
    Wanna continue this in PM? I feel like I'm cluttering the thread. D;
  7. Hehe, alright. I don't mind. :3
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.