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  1. Hellz Ya Girlfriend {you my friend....are amazing}

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  1. Hello Everyone Reading This~ {waves}
    I am here today to practice the one thing that is tauting me evry day I look on this websibe....and that is...{drum roll} how to play a male character!! And what better way than to start off with Yaoi!
    Okay so now let's be sewious! {Puts on serious face} since thus rp is kinda new to me I'm going to ask that I'mI be the uke (submissive) and my character can be the seme (dominant). And once I get the hang of'll just happen where I might become the seme.

    Now my rules!
    1.Don't tell me your interested and then completely ditch me....that makes Kat Chan sad....
    2.Please I know life gets in the way but at least post once a day...and if something is important (not like family issues) tell me that you can't be on (cause when I imagined what happened I think a 'Walking Dead' scenario happened to you)
    3. NO ONE LINEARS!!!! This makes Kat Chan upset. I'm not a grammer nazi but I will NOT accept a one line thing! so if ypou like one lining get out now {points to the door}
    4. Have fun with me! I'm not a complete jerk and I don't bite (well maybe not all the time nudge nudge wink wink) but if you are going to rp with me please enjoy yourself cause I don't count how many words are in your post and spank you if it doesn't meet my criteria.
    (And last if all)5. I don't want lifeless characters I strongly enforce character development in any rp that I do. So if you plan on rping with me I cannot stress this enough!

    Now that all that boring stuff is over with, I have a few ideas and plots for some rps. And yes they are both fandom's and original if I persuaded you enough with my wonderful and amazing personality click my little character box press that button that says 'Start a Conversation' and start a conversation! And then when you start that conversation say 'I'm Batman!' So I know you read my rules and then blow meh away with ideas! ^•^