GROUP RP PLOTTING Read First Post! Need feedback, ideas, and criticism! Please share your knowledge!

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  1. This is something that's been floating in my head for a while and I had to get it written (typed) somewhere. I figured it would make a decent basis for a rp , but it obviously needs expanding and more thought put into it.
    So please feel free to leave feedback, and critique anything.


    Long ago an amazing arrangement of the stars graced the Earth at night, and even day. This constellation was known as the Jivana. The Jivana was worshiped and revered as the cosmic source of all Life and Death on the Earth, along with the creation of fire, earth, wind, water, light, and darkness. This belief was shared by Humans and Monsters alike along with the occasional demon or spirit. One day an extraordinary phenomenon occurred, and the Jivana enveloped the Earth in a blinding white light, and the Jivana vanished from the skies. Soon after this occurrence a new substance had touched ground known as Astro Dust. Astro Dust could be forged into crystals that contained small amounts of power from the Jivana, these crystals were usually embedded into weapons or tools for utility or more likely... nefarious uses. The Jiv

    Over the course of the next 80 years many wars were waged for territory on the World's largest continent, Razphien. This era was known as The Constellar Belligerency. The differences in the wars were between factions. The North , East, West, and South factions. After much blood shed and destruction The largest Factions, North and South were the last ones left standing and mutually came to a truce. The East and West factions not on terms with one another but woefully signed peace treaties with the larger nations to avoid invasion and whisked themselves off back to their own regions, avoiding one another in terms of trade. The North and South factions came together with the territories they had acquired and mapped out what would be their newly found country, Myre. Myre had lush forests, bountiful land, and many forms of water resources and minerals available to them, the country was prosperous. The East faction named their country Kanto, their land was also large, but it was a barren desert, with very little resources. The West faction's country was known as Argos, their land was small and hidden in the shadow of treacherous mountain ranges, caves, and volcanoes.

    An era of peace soon came for the next 20 years known as Age of Utopia, travel and trade was established amongst all countries even between the East and West. This peace ended one day when on the highest Argos mountain a purple light radiated from it's peak, and dark clouds loomed over the small country. Black ash began to pour from the clouds, foilage would shrivel up at the touch of the ash, and volcanoes would begin to stir coming back to life after being dormant for so many years. Strange occurences began to happen in the villages closest to the mountains. The dead would rise from the Earth, and people were abducted and dragged into the mountains never to return. A new plague began to spread over the land, known as the Curse of Kozab. Kozab was a demon that had emerged from the peak of the mountain, claiming his existence came from another dimension named Otherverse and he was here to reveal great power. His energy would infect newborn children, and although granting great power, it always seemed to have come at a terrible cost. After Kozab's brief appearance, a large tower emerged from the ground in a desolate area in Kanto, this mysterious tower seemed to go up endlessly into the sky. To the North of Myre a floating Island could be spotted hovering high above the ground. A humongous palace encased in ice emerged from the deep waters South of Myre and over shadowed it's coast.

    30 years have passed since the end of Utopia. Monsters that have been passed as socially acceptable live amongst humans. Demons are far from being accepted into society, most if not all are considered evil, and are usually attacked or avoided on sight. Spirits are a nuetral force , they are usually harmless but they do have the potential to be considered a threat. A new age has emerged and guilds have sprung up all over the continent, that specialize in adventure, protection, and many odd jobs. There are also guilds that specialize in assasination, and mercenary work for just about anyone good or bad, these guilds are known for having bad reputations for causing trouble. The high council of Myre's capital city Grofger has recieved troubling news regarding the ice palace south of Myre. They send out a notice to Adventurer guilds that part of the armed forces are currently preoccupied with an investigation in Argos , and another in Kanto hunting down an extremely dangerous killer. The last bit of man power they have is stationed North of Myre to observe strange sightings around the floating island, or guarding the country's borders and capital.

    They are currently in need of assistance and will accept help from any Adventurer's guild.

    In terms of a character's power of combat choice I've decided to have somewhat of a system of what your options are. I haven't written it down (typed) yet but here's what I was thinking.

    In terms of powers or specializations if you choose to have any:

    Weapon wielding - Self explanatory

    Magic Arts - reciting spells and incantations to protect allies, or harm foes. Also for utility uses. Strength of this magic is based on the user's mana.

    Magic Runes - Ancient magic text that when written and given magic power, can cast a variety of effects on the user, allies, or enemies. It is also used a sealing magic, to absorb a fixed amount of magic, or to trap foes or restrict an area. The strength of this magic is based on the amount of mana given. It can also take mana from other resources as well.
    Curse of Kozab: (under construction.)
    While granting incredible abilities it always comes with a cost. Kozab's curse is incredibly hard to resist, and can have long term damaging effects to a person's body and mind.

    Kozab's Strength: You have conquered the dark temptation's of the demon's curse, and you have managed to seal away all forms of it's evil through intense physical training. You have manipulated the curse to somewhat of an advantage increasing your physical strength and speed 10 fold, but at the lifetime expense of all your mana. You are unable to execute any sort of magical abilities.

    Kozab's Spirit: You have embraced Kozab's power but you haven't given in to his persuasive
    efforts to turn you evil for his bidding. Embracing Kozab's power has opened a visionary gate for you allowing you to see the spirits of Kozab's usually invisible minions and demons, allowing you to manipulate them to your will each one granting you a certain power. Being one with the Astral plane has robbed you of your sleep cursing you with a terrible incurable insomniac condition. (under construction)

    Kozab's Blood: You have been infected directly with the blood of the demon his persuasion over you is nearly impossible to resist. Your mental state is completely unstable and you crave destruction, and violence. You easily succumb to the demon's will allowing him to partially possess your body and transform you into a vessel for himself to temporarily cause incomparable destruction. When he takes over your body, your skin turns a chalk black, your pupils sink into the back of your head leaving nothing but pure white. You grow fangs and claws that could easily shred boulders, and your hair extends to your ankles. Your muscles gain mass, and your physical strength is increased 20 fold. The cost of this power is that you continue to tear new wounds in your body with use, and lose what every litten sanity you have left (Under Construction)

    Kozab's Realm : Kozab has robbed you of your sight, replacing it with the ability to feel and see mana for miles out. Although the world around you is pure black you can see the mana radiating within any person along with the mana that bounces off of inanimate objects. (Under Construction)

    Astro Crystal - can grant the user attribute of an element. Can be embedded in weapons and tools. Their power is limited to Astro Dust, once the crystal's power is up you must refill it with Astro Dust to use again.

    Things everyone will have:

    Mana - Although everyone has this it can be utilized more by people who have heightened magical approach. The more of it you have the more magic you can use.
    Chakra: Although everyone has this it can be utilized more by people who have heightened physical approach. The more of this you've unlocked the stronger you become physically.
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  2. This is great work. When you get enough people to start message me I would love to be a part of this.
  3. Thank you! I would love for this to be somewhat of a Jump in RP as well, but it still has a lot of work before it's actually finished this way everyone will have a clear path to walk on when and if this actually gets started.

    I need some heavy criticism , and some more ideas to pool into this, that's including plot, powers, locations, etc. Anything that can help make this more of a solid foundation.
  4. The idea could be to go around saving people, doing missions, and building bonds with everyone. Than when the reputation goes up the plot kicks in. Being sent by one of the four factions to do a task that would benefit them and hurting the power of the other factions. The RP encounters beast that are unique to the surrounding lands. There are side objectives the RP can do on there mission. Rps encounter situations that can change there behavior. Then the RP will travel to the Heart of the 4 zones learning about the people, demons, and other lifeforms. Once the 4 zones are explored this would reveal the truth to how Jivana vanished.
  5. Yes yes, I'm liking where this is going. I had thought about this before but only bits and pieces, but you seem to have a stronger grasp on it. I guess I was trying to do too much at once. I need to organize the powers and what not correctly so no one is over powered except for characters that I'm going to be creating for the Plot's use. Key elements basically to get the plot rolling or things people can focus on so we're all not just running around with our heads cut off.

    I already have the starting point for the plot, that there is something in need of investigation at the Ice Palace South of Myre. I figured we can make it so everyone is coming from a different Adventurer's Guild in Myre, meeting up at the capital to form a party to journey down South. Along the way I can throw in conflicts, and add to the plot a lot more. But I'm going to have to plan what happens at the South ahead of time so things aren't all wacky, obviously I won't reveal that part of the plot once created, not until we actually get that far in.
  6. I was thinking of adding a underground society and a moving mountain. The society is reviled when the mountain moves. It would be trigger by us on one of the missions. As for having a grasp. I think having someone's thoughts is great. That why I love doing this. A human can only go so far without help. Together we become stronger. This sounds corny but it is true.
  7. Agreed.

    As for the moving mountain thing that sounds like a plot sequence for after all the countries have been visited, or have been linked by some event caused by everyone's characters, but it does sound like a good idea. I edited some of Kozab's Curse by the way take a look.

    Also for the underground society thing I think we can utilize the Mercenary guild for that.
  8. Will the characters move up in the world? Like commanding and leading the lands.

    I was thinking fore the Kozab's mana the mana pool and the potency is increased. At the expense of your body and energy. Things like being tired to losing body functions. Depending on the duration of its affect.
  9. For Kozab's mana my own character will be utilizing that power so I have a lot of things in mind. For the power's penalties, I was going to do Insomnia, and a slow deterioration of the user's soul, making him more and more emotionless. Slowly, but at some point surely.

    As for the benefit he will have specific spirits that power him up in certain ways and grant him different abilities.

    Increase in Mana pool, and magical power.
    Spirit Possession, where the spirit will posses the character's body or weapon to grant a different ability. (Under construction)
    Interaction with the Astral plane, allowing him to momentarily step into an out of the plane for a limited amount of intangibility.
  10. Well for the RP will they get a unique powers for what they accomplish and their character's species?
  11. Well no specific species gets a specific power if that's what you mean, I was going to allow use of all powers with a few restrictions and I've yet to post them all. As for unique powers I'm not sure, I'd have to develop more into the plot line but I might not go down that road, in order to avoid having people that are over powered.
  12. Sorry, I hope this isn't considered spam but I'm going to bump this. I need feedback!
  13. Honestly I wouldn't suggest making this a jump in roleplay. This is definitely something that would be more fun if organized. The plot and all could be secured safely as well as the understanding of the general rules.

    I liked the story, it had a lot of context to it and it didn't feel rushed or filled with to much lore. #Lordoftherings. You left a lot open for roleplay and adventure, it has a very cool D&D tone to it and seems like something that would be fun for pen and paper and forum rping. I imagine you could expand the plot further as not to just have adventuring and general RPG ( Video games and RPing ) features but also insert a lot more roleplay via polotics between nations making the players feel much more involved. Maybe they start adventuring but soon get cast in the world of Lords and Ladies bidding for power and honor. Maybe thats just me.

    The kosabs curse was a little confusing at first, you could re format it but I understood it after a second read. It would be great if you could elaborate a bit more on its background and how you get it. I imagine there should be more of a clarifying difference between spoken word magic and runes. In most books runes are more effects on objects and people and spoken word magic is like fireballs and mind trickery.

    I like the overall gist of it though seems you have thought a lot about it. I would love to join it when it gets finished.


    More dragons / dinosaurs... You can never go wrong there.
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  14. If you don't mind I'd like to personally discuss a lot more with you on this RP because I need a wing man to help moderate such an RP, at least I believe I do. I don't think I can do it on my own. Also Kozab's curse needs a definite background check, but I've yet to actually solidify lore for it. I have ideas but I haven't written them down yet. Also Krys did state to me earlier that I'll most likely need some sort of line in terms of Mana. Which is true, regarding all power. I'm going to need to draw a line somewhere so no one steps into god tier boundaries.

    As for the Magic Arts and Runes I was thinking of just making Magic Arts a section, and putting runes under it. Along with spell books, and talismans.
  15. This looks really good, would defiantly be interested in join this. An idea I had was with the Curse of Kozab, It would be interesting if there was a group dedicated to the eradication of anyone infected by the curse. Control through eradication so to speak.
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  16. I like that idea Dirk, I'll work on trying to implement it, but first I have to see if it would cause too much conflict with the other characters, because I want them to be able to interact with everyone else on even ground without too much friction.
  17. You could always make the group a minority, a hate group so to speak, that way there actions would be seen as wrong by the vast majority. That way the character conflict would be minimal unless someone wanted to play as a group member or something.

    P.S. was going to give examples but don't really want to mention any specific groups.
  18. I really like the idea, and if I did make it, it'd definitely be a minority. I could either make a group or, make it so Kozab bearer's aren't welcomed in certain places.
  19. I wouldn't mind helping you with the RP, no, in fact I insist that you let me help you. :P Feel free to PM about it anytime.
  20. I will happily oblige my friend. :)

    I know the idea is a good not to sound obnoxious or conceded or anything, but it's going to be a bit much for me to handle on my own but I think it's definitely possible with help. So thanks a lot man. :) I'll make changes soon and PM you, also feel free to alter ANYTHING you feel should be altered.