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  1. Reach into that deep place within that is curious about the less spoken about subjects.
    Taboo, give me something darker than the normal love story.
    By all means, I love romance as much as the next, but I'm looking for something sensual.
    Something so wrong that it just has to be right.


    Prefferably in pm.(willing to negotiate)
    Real life faceclaims, no anime.
    at least 1 paragraph and upward.
    Looking for someone who's active.(that means no one reply a day, but at least two or three if that's not too much to ask)
    I usually do MxF pairings, but willing to do MxM

    that's about it I suppose.
    Looking forward to hear from you ;)
  2. Pm me if you still looking for a partner :3
  3. still looking
  4. still... looking!
  5. always looking
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.