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  1. Zayn looked at Liam and rolled his eyes "It's not funny, another one?" he asked looking at Louis and rolled his eyes "I wonder why, you could of woke us up or something" Zayn said

    Niall stopped behind Zayn and he smiled that Harry would give him a surprise and he bent down and done his shoes up and sighed "Thanks, just give us a minute" Niall said sitting down on the floor
  2. Louis chuckled, "Ok." He watched the two lads fix themselves up and he smiled at what he knew the surprise to be.
  3. Zayn laughed and made sure his hair was fine and all that and then he fixed the suit he was wearing and got his breath back and calmed down at bit and looked at Niall as he done the same
  4. "You ready?" Liam looked at Zayn and smiled.

    Elvira waited inside the hall, her heart racing - this was it.
  5. Zayn at Louis and nodded "Yeah i am ready, really ready" he said smiling
  6. Liam grinned and opened the doors to the hall. He glanced down the middle of the rows of chairs to the other side of the room where Elvira stood, wearing a brilliant white wedding dress and a wide smile.

    Harry stood beside her, wearing a smart suit with a white flower in his button hole. His eyes met Niall's and he smiled.

    This was their surprise - a surprise wedding.
  7. Zayn looked as the doors opened and he went into a short of shock at this as he saw people and he looked down to see Elvira in a beautiful wedding dress and he smiled at her

    Niall was also shocked and he gulped a bit and looked at Zayn as he looked at him and then looked back and his eyes locked on Harry's and he smiled and him and bit his lip

    Louis laughed and pushed each of their backs "Go" he said smiling
  8. Elvira smiled at Zayn, and mouthed, "Surprise." She had been planning this nonstop over the last two days. This was her big surprise for him.

    Harry felt extremely nervous, but he kept his eyes on Niall, which held him together.
  9. Zayn smiled at what she mouth "You bet" he mouthed back with a smile and it grew just looking at her and he couldn't take it anymore and started to walk woth a smile and just looking at Elvira

    Niall was still in a bit of shock and was nervous and he was still biting his lip and he took in a breath before following Zayn
  10. Elvira watched Zayn approach, and she knew deep within that she was destined to do this - to marry Zayn. She loved him so much.

    Harry held out his hand for Niall, hoping to calm both the Irish lad and himself.
  11. Zayn had a huge smile on his face and he wasn't really nervous and he could see both Harry and Niall was and he just wanted to get her and marry her and make her Mrs Malik

    Niall looked at Harry's hand and smiled and he reached his hand out as well
  12. Elvira finally was joined with him at the top of the room, and she linked their fingers together. "Do I look ok?" She whispered.

    Harry took Niall's hand and squeezed it, "You ok?"
  13. Zayn smiled as he now stood with her and he gladly linked his fingers with hers and smiled "You look very beautiful and stunning" he whispered back with a smile

    Niall took Harry's hand as well and looked at him and nodded "I think" he said smiling
  14. Elvira blushed and smiled.

    Harry smiled. "Elvira and I have been planning this as a surprise for you and Zayn."

    The minister beside them all, cleared his throat and began, "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the joining of these two couples - Elvira Summers and Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan and Harry Styles. If anyone has any reason why these unions should not happen, speak now or forever hold your peace."
  15. Zayn smiled at her blush and he couldn't wipe the smile off his face and he smiled as the minister started to talk but all he could do was keep his attention on Elvira and how beautiful she looked

    Niall looked at Harry and smiled "Well i'm surprised, shocked even" he said biting his lip as he heard the minister start talking
  16. After nobody speaking, the minister continued, "Then I am going to let Harry and Elvira say their vows which they have written themselves."

    Harry gazed into Niall's gorgeous blue eyes, and softly said, "Niall James Horan, I love you with every inch of my heart, and the mere thought of you being apart from me is sickening. Ever since I came to my senses and realised that you were the one I loved, I have never looked back since. We may have our arguments, but I vow to give you my heart, my soul, my entire being, forever."
  17. Zayn stayed facing Elvira and smiled at her but he also smiled at what Harry said about Niall and he turned around and winked at Niall who looked completley nervous

    Niall looked at Harry as he spoke and his smile grew at each and every word Harry just said and he felt tears come to his eyes at the words he just said and he bit his lips again and smiled
  18. Elvira started hers, speaking to Zayn and nobody else, "Zayn, I have known you since we were little kids - before the X Factor and before the fame - and you know me just as well as I know you - back to front. " She smiled. "But now we have something that is stronger from time, and I want to share the rest of my life with you. I give to you myself - all that I have and all that I am."
  19. Zayn smiled and looked back at Elvira and kept his smile and eyes looking into hers and listened to her words and his smile grew as wide as it could and he knew she meant every word she just said to him and he felt tears come to his eyes but they didn't fall like Niall, he just wanted to kiss Elvira now and say how much he loved her back and would do anything for her
  20. "Now for the rings." The minister gestured.

    Safaa came up behind Zayn, and handed him and Elvira the two golden rings with a smile. She had arrived just that morning with her mum, sisters and dad for the wedding.
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