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    - INCOMING -

    "A cell phone?"

    You crouch to the ground to see an all black cell phone, adorned with a rather creepy rabbit toy. Flashing on it's display screen is the word "INCOMING".

    Incoming message?

    Curiosity stops you dead in your tracks. Whatever you were doing or wherever you were going has lost all it's meaning.

    Something so small resting in an alleyway has caught you,

    and now you've been dragged in.


    Hello. It is I, Reach. So judging from the small description, you can see that this is intended to be a horror. I have few ideas of where I want this to really go, so I'm allowing anyone in this to spitball here. I haven't really done horror roleplays, so this will be a new experience for me :)

    I want to get a nice group together to help with ideas; not to small of a number and not to large.

    I like the idea of 5-7 people joining me to form a group, at least before we get character sheets together.

    Just wanna say, thank you in advance for anyone noticing this thread. It means a lot to me!

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  2. As soon as I saw the phone, my brain went straight to Mirai Nikki. But, I love this idea and I love the horror genre, so count me in! Though I have to wonder if it's going to be in the real world like or in kind of a closed off space. There's a few other questions I have, but I feel like you have some more info on this that you are waiting to put out.
  3. Thanks for checking this out, @Ichigo

    And yeah, Mirai Nikki popped up a few times in my head. But, tbh, I may rewrite the entire concept of the RP while keeping it's horror genre.

    I had an idea, but I have no idea how to apply it to multiple characters. We can brainstorm though. I feel like it'd work better if we were in an enclosed space. Any ideas?
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  4. I am interested in this as well~ why not have them lock up in a abandon place with a eerie past, try have them figure out where they are and have them try to escape since it is a group roleplay. :)
  5. It could be like a closed off space ad they are locked in an abandoned hospital or something of the sort. It seems like the supernatural aspect is something you want with the horror, so it would be a good idea to do something kind of like Corpse Party. Or you could just have a single monster chasing them instead of spirits and things of the sort, or both even. I absolutely love the idea of including cell phones, so maybe they have to try and find the cell phone that brought them there so they can get out. You can have eerie ringing and message alerts as they walk around.

    Or you could even play it to where each person has a dark secret that brought them to the place and they have to survive not only the place, but each other as well. With this you could also have it to where their phones have incriminating evidence of their most darkest secret(s) and they have to try and keep it a secret while trying to find out everyone else's secret(s). This could even go into the idea of there being things from their past that are in the place to try and kill them.

    This just seems like kind of what you were going for, but I also started to just ramble as well.
  6. @Ichigo The last part seem familiar... could it be you've read Real Account. :)
  7. I haven't actually, I just had a random idea pop into my head because I've been playing Corpse Party and a lot of RPGs lately. I also just have a love for characters that keep major secrets, makes things more fun. And as for the hospital thing, that's just one place I always find creepy when it's abandoned and/or haunted.
  8. Both are great ideas, @Ichigo and @Soleil!

    I personally love the Corpse Party like idea. The phone could be used to help them try and escape the hospital. I personally wanted creatures formed from one's deepest fears to chase them around.

    I wanna suggest that the phones of each member of the group has their own "demons" calling them, leading them down different paths in the story. Maybe the hungry spirits of the afterlife want to talk with them :)
  9. Also, the hospital.. hmm.

    I wanna do something unique, maybe an underground torture palace or something like that.
  10. I like the idea of something like Ashoka's Hell. I wouldn't mind some creepy and empty torture place.
  11. Ashoka's Hell. Nice.

    We can make something like that. Woah.

    I also have the idea of an abandoned subway station, so we can play around with having dangerous trains :)

    or just, you know, using them regularly.

    I also forgot to mention that there will be someone like a major antagonist.
  12. Well, I rather like any creepy location, cause setting sets the mood for the most part. And as far as the major antagonist ting goes, I love that, but would you have it be a PC or NPC?
  13. I love all of these ideas. I would be delighted to even be a part of this, no matter which direction it goes lol.
  14. I feel like the Antagonist would be NPC, but I may play him for the majority of the RP, who knows?
  15. @Purr_Meow You're absolutely welcome to join, thanks for coming!
  16. Well, sounds good to me. As long as I can play a creepy character that's mildly crazy, I'm golden. After all, this all sounds fun!
  17. Well, well, well... what do we have here? A horror-themed group rp, eh? Something I've been dying to see, but rarely ever find around here. Now you've got my hopes up, and if this thing doesn't get the successful launch it deserves, I will be a real sad sushi roll.
  18. @Vesper You just reminded me.

    I'll be looking for at least one or two other GMs to help me out, so the RP won't sink lol.

    Also, welcome to the party! :D
  19. I wish to throw my name into the hat if that would be alright.
  20. What do you require in a GM? I do well with managing information and players OOC, but I am not the best at world-building or IC leadership. Also, Ichigo has shown some chemistry in coming up with ideas for this rp with you, so I'd nominate them as a potential GM based purely upon what interaction I've seen here so far.
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