Re-Post Magic at Tristain Magical Academy

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  1. Join in where we go into a world of magic, adventure, and familiars. Even be a familiar if you want, just have a partner. You don't have to make long paragraphs in here it's just to have fun. Anything goes except you know uuhh what's it called,....... oh yeah overpowered so yeah let me know what you think.

    Ok, I just wanted to see who actually wanted to do this cause there were a few people.
  2. Still interested and still wanting to be a human familiar.
  3. I would be interested. I am not a plot pusher, but I would have fun.
  4. Sure I'll join.
  5. I'm interested ^_^
  6. Ok well sorry I have not been on uggh school and if you want to make a character it can be descriptive or short and sweet and I've decided to allow you to play your mage if you wanted to be a familiar that's if you can't find a partner so yeah just letting everyone know i'm playing a mage.
  7. Like I said I want to be a human familiar to someone as I would like to work with someone in the RP. Also I am a senior, in two college level classes and I graduate in like 25 days so I know how you feel with school.
  8. Yep school terrible thing but like I said I would be your partner if you couldn't find anyone.
  9. Well I did and still am saying it multiple times that I want to be a human Familiar in the thread so I feel as though they know. I am going to make him soon anyway so...
  10. lol I should probably start mine also.
  11. Should I make a knight or an old west style outlaw?
  12. Interest placed.
  13. hmm that's a tough in my opinion a knight.
  14. Ya that was my first though but then I thought what if a noble summoned an outlaw, someone not bound by the rule of law or a noble peasant class structure but at the same time the knight I make will either be a crusader or a rouge knight.
  15. nice i'm still working out the details on mine.
  16. Name: Damian Matis

    Age: 26

    Appearance: Armored unarmored

    Element: Depends who chooses me as a familiar.

    Equipment: Long sword, shield, chain mail, helm.

    Background: Damian is a crusader with a sense of right and wrong. He like many young men at the time answered the call of the Pope to reclaim the holy land from the "heathens" and he went along with it at first but even the constant reassurances from the many priests and bishops that had came along with them Damian still had a voice in the back of his mind telling him this was wrong. This voice slowly got louder as the months went by but it truly convinced him when he witnessed the rape and murder of a young Muslim girl by his fellow crusaders and when he tried to have them punished he was laughed at and told that the girl deserved it because she was not a Christian. He tried to stay loyal to the cause but it was hard for him, the event that made him betray his fellow crusaders was when the girl's parent's were cut down when they came and asked to have the girl's body to bury in their way. After this Damian flew into a fit of rage and donned his armor and armed himself with his sword and shield and proceeded to kill every person complacent in the crimes committed upon this young girl and her family including the men who did it and the bishop who would do nothing about it. Now Damian is cornered in the desert by several crusaders and he is about to meet his fate, or at least that's what he thinks is about to happen.
  17. Sorry will not be on for some time because of school.
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