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  1. I was wondering to do an RP based on manga/light novel RE:Monster

    TELL ME WHAT'S RE:MONSTER? and how do we RP?!

    so basically it's an RP of where you are reborn as a goblin the lowest of the lowest being of the world. Now in this RP Goblin's technology are the same as human in the tombstone era meaning they only have loincloth or leaf to cover their skin, our job is to research technology so that goblin race are not underestimated by other race. Goblin will have tier such as job in MMORPG. there are Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4, and Tier 4 depending on what type is you goblin. Goblin will rank up (change job) when they reached to lvl 100 (yeah I'll explain that later on how to get the exp~).

    So.. how do we get stuff and that?

    The goblin's nest located in the cave near the forest so expect that there will be a horned rabbit, a giant fish that 2 time size of a young goblin and other race such as kobolt, pigman, and that stuff.


    well technically though it's stupid but in the novel the main character eat things and can learn new skill~ oh or kill the monster to learn stuff. (there's one time where he killed humans and can speak human language) If there any suggestion to change this stupid or not stuff please tell me

    so who's the last boss?

    WE ARE !!! I mean HUMANS, in the novel they can use supernatural abilities like telekinesis and all that shizz so the are op!!

    how do you implement the leveling stuff?

    well I think we should make a paragraph as 1 EXP

    Yeah I'll tell that later I kinda forget the class tree of the novel oh well time to read the manga again

    Okay now what?

    For now if I get 2 person, just 2 person that interest in this RP then I'll make the sign up
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.