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  1. After the rest of them came in, insulting her or giving her sad smiles, she was finally alone. When were the Alphas coming to take her? That was the question that had been haunting her all through out the afternoon. Her brothers were all busy doing God knows what, she was in her room alone. She wouldn't dare to escape, knowing if she went back to Tyler's the Alphas could take her and him. She wouldn't place him through that.

    As she thought of Tyler for the umpteenth time that day, she heard her name and then a feathery knock. She turned to see Tyler. Wondering if she was hallucinating, she rubbed her eyes quickly. He was really there. She walked over to the window, opening it to look directly into his eyes. "You must have a death wish," she breathed. Of course she was relieved to see him, but he didn't need to know that.
  2. He didn't say anything; he just pushed passed her into the room. It didn't occur to him that this may mean death... Tyler was too concerned with getting her back home. "Don't worry about me," he grumbled before pulling her firmly into arms, holding her head against his chest, before tilting her face up towards his and giving her a kiss. "I was worried sick about you. I went after Ondine." Tyler kissed her again then pulled away.

    "We have to get out of here. I am going to take you away. Maybe to another country. Its time to start fresh," he grumbled and pulled her towards the window.
  3. Whether it was an order or a suggestion, Iolani couldn't obey or agree. Iolani would always worry for Tyler. It's just something she did. The feelings she had for Tyler were out of her grasp to control. Before she could speak, he kissed her. It made a heat wave wash over her, making her speechless for just a heartbeat. Everything almost seemed alright within that moment. Almost. A blush grew onto her cheeks as he confessed how worried he was for her. Kissing her once more, she tried her best to focus while her hands found his neck, wanting to be close as possible to him. "Start fresh?" simply saying this outloud, a gleam in her eyes was visible to Tyler. The mere idea of being able to leave this life behind sounded all too good to be true. Was it even possible for them to do? With her having nine brothers and Tyler having a killer ex girlfriend who would never get over him? "Tyler, do you even think that's a good idea?" She asked him with a raised eyebrow. It sounded too good to be true.

    The Alphas were coming soon to take her, so it was now or never. To add onto their filled plate, neither of them knew yet that Iolani was possibly pregnant.


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  5. "It is a good idea. Now, lets go," he said gruffly. Tyler pulled her through the window and held her tightly to him as he ran back to his car. He didn't know how long it would take to get back to it or how long it would take her brothers to know Iolani was gone. Even if they did go looking for her they wouldn't find her back at his apartment. They were going straight to the airport, straight to Ireland.

    "We aren't packing. We are going straight to the airport." This time he voice was soft as he set her down and opened the door for her. "Don't worry about clothes; we can buy them there."

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    Iolani followed all of Tyler's orders, silent as the two made their escape. She nodded quietly, hopping into the car. Once comfortably in her seat, she hugged herself. She was suddenly feeling a tad chilly, and wasn't sure why. She looked back for a last glance at her old childhood home, and felt a slight pang in her chest. Her gaze lowered to her feet, not knowing what to do or say. Moments passed silently, the only noise was the melodic thrum of the engine.

    "How did you know how to find me?" she asked him with a soft voice as her eyes landed on him. Seeing him in the flesh was purely bliss, knowing that hours ago she thought she'd never see him again.
  7. "How did I find you?" Tyler didn't know why he felt the need to repeat the question, but he did. "Determination. Need." He glanced at her a moment before looking back at the road. "Sometimes... there is a person that walks in your life that you have to keep next to you. Why? Because it is like they have a string around one of your ribs, and it pulls tight causing an ache, a need, in your chest."

    Then he stopped talking. That's as far as he wanted to get into it. He was a monster again, and he felt his old outlook creeping back into him. Iolani was the only person who made him still feel partly human. Maybe it was the heat she produced that he could feel.. maybe its because of the intimacy they shared. Whatever the reason... he had to keep him.

    An hour or so went by until they finally made it to the airport. "Two tickets... for anywhere in Ireland." Of course that request ended up with them being taken to Dublin, but he wasn't going to complain. It wasn't until he was sitting on the plane that he finally took a breathe of relaxation.
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    Iolani's heart sped up erratically as he explained how he found her. She looked straight ahead once he was done speaking, seeing that he wouldn't say anymore to her. How outrageous was this? This monstrous, coldblooded killer need of her. A suicidal werewolf. He caused her to rethink her outlook on life. Made her actually appreciate it, all because of this soulless man who was...not so soulless after all.

    An hour our two went by ever so quickly, and they were sitting comfortably on an airplane. The breath of air Tyler exhaled caused Iolani to glance at him. "Are you having second thoughts?" She asked him with a wondering eyebrow. It wasn't that she thought he was, but she wanted to make sure. She didn't want him doing anything ridiculous only to have cold feet. Speaking of cold feet, she was freezing. She quickly shut off the blowing fan above her, then hugged herself to warm up as she waited for him to answer.