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    A boy -
    Loud, outgoing

    A girl -
    Shy, quiet

    The boy and girl had grown up in the same small town, neighbors to each other nearly all of their lives.

    The boy -
    Nine years old

    The girl -
    Seven years old

    The two played with each other every chance they could. As they grew up, they grew to love each other.

    The boy -
    Not innocent in the least

    The girl -
    As innocent as an angel

    The boy had issues with his temper and would become violent when he was pushed over his limit.

    The girl was calm and did her best to sooth him when his temper took control.

    He listned to only her when his anger got the best of him. She was an understanding person and could always calm him down.

    His dad moved one day, when they were still little, and took his son. The boy never knew; he didn't have a chance to tell the girl goodbye.

    The girl was heartbroken. She went looking for him all over town, thinking he was playing a trick on her. She looked for weeks before she gave up.

    She still waits for him, trying to be patient as she waits.


    Loretta "Lori / Lore" Hettins // 20
    She's a quiet girl with a big heart, with eyes only for the one boy who disappeared without a warning or trace. She moved out of her parents' house about a year ago and works as a waitress at the coffee shop down the road. She still hopes he will show up some day. But with her busy schedule, her thoughts are more and more frequently drifting from him.
  2. Ralph Forenzo// Currently 22
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    Ralph is a loud, outgoing boy who is kind but often lets his temper get the best of him. He is the childhood friend of Lori, the young girl who often calms him down when his temper gets too out of hand. One day, Ralph's father takes him away without giving him a warning, never giving him the chance to say goodbye to Lori. As the time passed by, Ralph grew into a fine young man. But he never gave up hopes of seeing his childhood friend again. He had even picked up a steady job as a sales clerk. Although his work often drew his attention, the thoughts of seeing Lori again still lingered.
  3. Lori watched out the windows of the coffee shop she worked at. Today was her day off, but she couldn't get out of the habit of showing up every day. Plus, it helped make her customers feel like she came just to see them when she was off duty. Ever since she had started coming on her off days, the sales had steadily gone up and more and more regulars had been coming in. Her bosses encouraged this, and upped her salary as well. Satisfied with the larger paycheck, as well as higher tips and clearly happy customers, she could now afford to move out to an apartment. Her new home wasn't a five minute drive from her parent's house, the very house she grew up in, and she visited almost every day.

    After her visit to the coffee house and bidding her customers a good day, she decided to walk along Main Street and enjoy the beautiful day. It wasn't too cool, but it was a wonderful change from the scorching afternoons they'd been having. The sky was a wondrous shade of blue with fluffy white clouds that almost looked like cotton candy. She fixed her brown hat that matched her vest as she walked down the street. Her shoes made a dull clack on the stone-tile walkway. An antique shop caught her eye and, curious, she turned and opened the door. A bell announced her arrival to the clerk sitting at the register.

    "Hello," she smiled and closed the door behind her, very slowly making her way as she eyed the near-ancient artifacts.
  4. Ralph awoke from bed after a nice rest. He had yet another dream about his friend Lori and it sort of mad him sad a bit. The thoughts of how they used to hang out together was now playing in his mind like a movie clip. Each part showed a little bit of the events that played out up to the point when he never saw her again. If there was any chance that he could see her again he would take it. There was a slim chance that he would meet her again or that she would remember him for that matter.

    With a turn of his body to the left, he placed his feet on the floor out of bed. The house was pretty quiet and somewhat lonely. It was pretty big and all the space wasn't really what he needed, but what came with the house. Lori's name continued to echo on his head, almost to the point where he would have broken out into tears. "Lori, If only I could tell you just how sorry I am," He said, standing up and heading out his room.

    He walked down the hall to the bathroom and got himself cleaned. Today, he had the day off from work and decided that he would go out for a nice stroll.
  5. Lori cheerfully walked around the shop. She didn't end up buying anything, but she did enjoy looking at antiques. The one thing she had seen that truely caught her eye was a china set. She studied the intricately painted roses and stems, rimed with gold leaf paint. She did almost buy the set, but decided against it. She would have to purchase a china cabinet to show them off in. She would, but her apartment was too small.

    She left the shop and relaxed as she continued walking. Yes, it was truely a peaceful day. The kind of day that could make you smile despite everything, the kind that fills you with a little happy bubble in your gut. She felt like a child again, carefree and naive. She clasped her hands behind her back as she walked, her gaze floated upward to take in the beautiful day from under the rim of her hat.
  6. Ralph stepped out into the street and was hit with sunlight. He shielded his eyes with his left hand and smiled a bit. After his eyes adjusted he lowered his hand and looked around. The streets were busy and everyone was going where their hearts desired. A couple passed him by, holding hands and chatting. They looked like they were really happy with each other. Honestly, it kind of reminded him of how he and Lori were. They were just like that, except it was more on a friendship level. He looked at them a bit more, before he took a walk in the opposite direction.

    He had decided that he would take a look around a few shops, thinking about what he would by as he walked. There was so much that he wanted, but he knew that he had to spend responsibly. Even though he wasn't a really big spender to begin with. Ralph looked at all the buildings on his block and they were all colorful and varied in size. He had realized that he would take time to walk to the shopping district so he called for a taxi.

    When one finally came, he sat inside and had the driver take him to the jewelry shop across from the antique shop. He paid the driver, then stepped out, then closed the door and thanked the driver. Afterwards, he walked up to the shop and grabbed the handle, then opened the door and walked inside.
  7. Lori thought she saw Ralph in a taxi. Curious, she watched it roll past her and stop across from the antique shop she had just left. He'd gone into the jewelry store. Interesting, she thought. She crossed the street and walked into the store, smiling at the clerk as she walked in. "Hello," she said cheerfully, almost in a sing-songy voice. She glanced a look at the familiar man and began looking at the jewelry curiously through the glass cases. She bit the corner of her lip as she drew up the courage, but she couldn't seem to get enough to ask him.

    "Are you looking for something in particular, miss," the clerk asked her, smiling politely.

    "Me? Oh, I'm just looking," she told him, smiling.

    "Alright. Let me know if there's anything I can help you with," he smiled. "What about you, sir? Has something caught your eye," he asked Ralph.
  8. Ralph looked up at the clerk with a smile. "No, I am fine sir. I am just browsing through and looking at your fine merchandise. There are some very fine crafted pieces here. I just may change my mind later," He said to the clerk.

    "Very well sir. If you need anything, feel free to ask me for help." With that being said, the clerk walked away. Now that he thought about it, there was a woman who he had caught out the corner of his eye. She seemed to look just like Lori walking in. Then again, he could have been wrong. There wasn't the possibility that he could meet her again. After the move, he knew in his heart that he would, but soon started to realize that it was nothing more than a foolish kid's dream.

    He turned around and bumped into someone, stumbling back a little. "Oh! Excuse me, I wasn't watching where I was-" Ralph stopped in mid-sentence and stared as he looked at the women. She looked so familiar...just like...No, that was impossible, there was no way that it could have been her. This woman looked so much like her. Ralph waited until she gathered herself before saying, "L-lori?" Oh, how he had hoped that it was her and not some stranger that he had mistaken for her.
  9. Lori hadn't been paying attention to where she was going, either. She jumped as they bumped into each other. "I'm so sorry," she apologized and looked up at him. "I wasn't paying attention, either," she chuckled apologetically. She studied him curiously as he had broken off mid-sentance. He was the spitting image of Ralph, he had to be... When he said her name, she couldn't help but smile. "Ralph, you devil, where have you been hiding," she teased him, fixing her hat so it wasn't so low on her forehead. She was so happy it was him, but she wasn't sure if he was happy to see her or angry. She'd thought of this scenario before, and could never come up with anything that could have made him mad at her in any way.
  10. This was totally unbelievable! He had actually met up with Lori again. There were so many emotions that were roaming around right now. He had no idea what to say now to her. The reality of meeting Lori again had finally kicked in and he just stared at her for a few moments. He needed to just relax. This was his chance to finally apologize to her after all these years, but for now, they had some catching up to do. He smiled at her for a little while longer. It felt like butterflies fluttered in his stomach and his heart was going to jump out of his chest.

    She had developed into a fine woman, yet she maintained that child-like image that he remembered from so long ago. Well, he could just stand here all day looking at her. Ralph took a few seconds to himself before he spoke, "Well, I've been here in the city all this time. Even after the day you had moved away. I decided that it was best if I just stay here and enjoy myself. Well, enough about me, what about you? How have you been?" He asked curiously as he smiled.
  11. She smiled happily. She had butterflies in her stomach, and alot of nostalgia in seeing him again. "I've been pretty good," she grinned. "Got my associates in art, and I'm going back to school here to get my bachelor's. I got a job over at the coffee shop down the street. Mom and Dad are helping me a little bit; I also got my own apartment," she smiled, proud that she was able to make it on her own, if with a little help.

    "So what have you been doing lately," she asked him curiously. She did want to catch up with her old friend. She'd missed him after all this time. She was happy to hear that he remembered her. If anything, it meant the little girl had had some kind of impact on the little boy's life. He had certainly had an impact on her life; his tough little self had given her strength when she was all alone. She'd imagine what he would do when she got in a bind. At first, she'd copy exactly what he had done, but then merged her actions with his would-be actions, and came out with an acceptable compomise.
  12. "I've just been working and looking for other interest. There hasn't been really anything exciting to do lately." He said. Ralph still couldn't believe that Lori was in front of him. A few flashbacks popped up, but disappeared just as quickly. It was somewhat like a quick take. He sighed a bit as he closed his eyes. "Hey Lori.." He said, hesitantly. A quietness washed over him for a few moments. The store clerk stared at them in somewhat annoyance. He probably figured that they would hold conversation in his shop and he would have rather them buy something instead.

    "Excuse me, but I will have to ask you to leave." He said in a stern tone.

    Ralph looked back at the clerk. "I'm sorry about that, sir. Lori, lets take a walk and finish our conversation, shall we?" A smile spread on his lips as he looked back at Lori.
  13. Lori's smile faded alightly, and a touch more as she saw he'd closed his eyes. "Yes," she asked quietly. A little fear touched her - what was he going to say? A touch of doubt filled her as well. Maybe he didn't want to get to know each other all over again...

    As the store clerk asked them to leave, she smiled sheepishly at him and looked back up at Ralph and their suggestion to continue talking. The smile returned to her face. "Yeah, sure," she said more cheerfully than she felt. She walked out with him and down the side walk, headed nowhere in particular. "So, what were you going to say," she asked, looking up at him from under her hat with curious eyes.
  14. Once they were outside, Ralph grasp Lori's hands in his own. "Lori,I have waited so long to be like this with you. Everyday I hoped and prayed that you would return. Now, you are here and we can be together again. Fate must have played a role in this," he said. A few street cars passed by a blew their horns loudly, while a few other people were yelling at each other. All of that didn't mater, because Lori was the only focus now.

    "I just can't believe it"
  15. Lori was surprised that he took her hands so quickly in his own. She looked up at him curiously. Her expression changed from subtle surprise to happiness as he spoke. "I'm so glad you said that, Ralph," she said wholeheartedly, holding onto his hands tightly, as if he'd try to run away. "You have no idea how happy I am to hear that."