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  1. Hello my name is MetalBlue most people tend to call me either Metal, Bleu, and or Cobalt...I am an artist(though its just a hobby) and i love to draw anything from humans to animals..I may or may not make horrible puns and I will make some examples at the end of this introduction

    I am not new to roleplaying and mostly like to rp one on ones but I will participate in chats and groups

    Have you ever tried to eat a clock? It's very time consuming

    He drove his expensive car into a tree..That's how he found out his Mercedes bends

    To write with a broken pencil is pointless
  2. I hadn't heard any of those puns before. XD

    I'm not good at coming up with puns BUT, someone said you sound like an owl.

    Welcome, welcome, I'm new too. Maybe we can RP together sometime. :p

    RWBY is pretty cool.
  3. Welcome to you as well ovo

    Yea we definitely can anytime..just drop me a message
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.