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  1. I'm not sure how many of you remember but about 3 years go there was a featured RP by the name of "Tapestries".
    (you can still find it in the vault if your interested

    And quite frankly, it was my baby. I spent an absurd amount of time developing the plot and planning out events that I never got to play out, sadly it (like many RPs of its nature) died. probably from the lack of time people had to post and the large scale of the RP demanded a rather large commitment.

    Now, Three years later, I'm re-envisioning it.

    For thous of you who didn't immediately go research this archaic RP in the vault, I don't blame you; so here's a quick run down of the scenario.

    a latter section describes the RP goals for the story, scroll down to see that:

    Basic Plot:
    It is the year 3780NE and humanity has spread out across the cosmoses, settling and exploring most of the galaxy, taking a shuttle to another planet in the solar system is the equivalent of taking a bus across town in today’s world. And traveling to another solar system would be like taking a plane ride across the country in the modern day. Solar systems have been organized in to vast galactic governments. Technologies, like food synthesizers, have been created and discarded for better. But humanity has not changed…

    Wars, competitions of power and petty hate, still exist. People preach about how far humanity has come, discarding prejudges and living in harmony with all races and religions. But these things have not gone; people have simply found new targets.
    Around the year 3600NE a new unexplained mutation started appearing in the general population of the human race, at first it seemed to have no prominent effect and the people who had it went and lived normal lives. It did not stay that way though. About three generations as the mutation passed from parent to child, the genetic changes grew more powerful the doctors began watch it closely. At first nothing seemed to change, but around 16 to 17 years old these children started to manifest strange supernatural powers. They could change the world around them; mold it like clay with their will. Anything they believed to exist DID exist until they lost concentration or forgot about it, there reverse was also true; anything they believed did NOT exist simply vanished until they forgot or lost concentration.

    The first public incident occurred when a school bully attacked a child with the mutation, sitting on the ground crying the kid had the brilliant idea to imagine to world without the bully, who promptly vanished from existence right in front of everyone watching. After this the galaxy erupted into turmoil, religious institutions latched on to the children as either prophets of their deity or daemons from the depths of their hell/s. And those of the scientific persuasion viewed it as an coursers mutation of the human genome, one that was a grave threat to their daily lives. Not many people could rest soundly when there realized that they could be erased from existence by the mere thought of another.

    At first governments tried to keep it under control by isolating the children form society. Keeping them locked away in nice comfy buildings with plenty of entertainment and teaching available to them; prisoners in all but name. But the children grew and matured and after a few years of peace the young adults, realizing the oppression they were under, wanted no more. Walls mean nothing when their occupants can simply imagine them gone; possible to walk through; or in cases of the more violently inclined or those with minds that didn’t grasp the full existent of their powers, explosives or other weapons to remove them.

    The world began to call these mutants who mold reality like clay Artists, and for years they have roamed the galaxy revolting against governments and discovering the limits of their powers and the curses that come with them. I quickly became clear that as the Artists used their powers many of them would go insane. Voices in their heads became imaginary friends that quickly became not so imaginary, and from there escalating to general madness. It progressed at different speeds for everyone, an Artist in their fifties could be anywhere form slightly insane to stark raving mad. But their end was certain. Those who went completely mad often ended up killing themselves with creations from their own nightmares.

    But despite the perils, many survived and persevered for over 70 odd years from the manifestation of the first Artist’s powers. Most Artists still search for a home, one where they can be accepted the live out their lives in relative peace. Others, simply want to watch the galaxy burn

    The Re-Envisioning:

    This will be a JUMP IN / Open world RP.
    The RP was intended to be fun. in a work where Artist exist and you can basically pull anything out of you hat and claim "technology" the fun and zany levels reach maximum. When half the cast can plead insanity in defense of the off the wall reactions and antics laughs abound.

    At least, That's what this RP would be for me.

    So here's the question,

    Are you up of an RP where you can pull all the awesome stunts you want and not get called out for power modding? Do you want to be able to pick up and drop characters as you see fit? jump between larger ans smaller stories will you feeling like your plot hijacking?

    Because that ^^ right there is what I want for this RP. Give a structured plot with conflict for those who want/ need it. and let the rest of you run wild with the world building.

    I kinda feel like I'm down playing the amount of structure I plan to keep in the RP, there WILL be a define plot with end game goals and such, I just want to encourage people to step outside the plot, jump characters, and have fun.

    If your even remotely interested, please post below
    If you have any questions, or suggestions, about, or for improving, this idea, please post below
    If you want more detail, please post below
    If you want me to shut up and go away, please post below
    If your ready and rearing to go and want me to post the dam thing already, please, post below\\
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  2. I enjoy the idea and it has me spinning thoughts and ideas I would really like to try. I'd bounce them off of you first (they're pretty ginormous!) and they wouldn't be implemented for a looooong while, but could cause a lot of mayhem and fun times!

    Ooooh~ All the things I could do~
  3. Now see? that's the kind of thing I want to hear!
  4. I would be interested. Definitely would have to scheme up a character, though. >:D
    What would the plot be? Just a ballpark idea.
  5. The main plot would revolve around the actions of three parties, Artists and their supporters in their quest to find a peaceful home, The small faction of Artists that just want to watch the galaxy burn and their attempts to end the universe, and thous non Artists that Are opposed the very existence of Artists and want to wipe them out.

    End game could favor the goals of any party at this point, it depends on how it plays out.

    and again I don't want to imply that there will be absolutely no structure, merely that there is a whole lot more room for improvisation that in most RPs.
  6. So it's a "creative freedom within guidelines" type thing? With feuding between factions?
    Sounds interesting...
  7. I'm in, but you knew that already :)