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    A boy has lived in the same town for years. Around his seventeenth birthday, a girl moves into his town. This boy is a womanizer, so of course, this new girl catches his eye. Then, as he's sitting with her, he realizes how different she is from the rest of the girls.

    She's modest, kind, and easily embarrassed. She's not so demanding as the other girls. At first, he thinks this makes the girl "easy", then he sees that she's not looking for anything physical. In fact, she's not looking for a boyfriend at all. She mainly just wants to read and draw. Because she isn't interested, this makes the boy angry, so he slams his hands on the desk and moves to one of his "usual" girls.

    The girl, not knowing why the boy is so angry, chooses to ignore him, which makes him even more angry. What is with this girl!? he thinks.


    Allison "Allie" Whitman // 17
    Likes to have fun, though quiet most of the time. Observant. Lazy.
    She lives with her dad, who moves for business a lot. She doesn't remember living anywhere longer than two years. She's learned not to get too attached to friends or places.


  2. Name: Leon Rayne/ Age:17
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    Personality: Sweet, Smart and Sly

    Leon is often sweet, but also has a thing for the ladies. He sees a woman he likes, he just has to have her. His constent womanizing often gets him into trouble on account he sleeps with them, then dissapears in the middle of the night. He gets into trouble with most girls because of this. Breaking hearts and moving on to the next one, the code he lives by. But little did he know that he would be stopped cold by the new girl who moved into town.

  3. Allison sighed as she walked into her first classroom. She'd stopped by the school yesterday to finalize everything with the office, and today was her first day of classes. It was a Wednesday, so she'd have a short week this week. But that also meant she'd have to study a little more to get caught up. She didn't mind. From what she observed yesterday, most of the students weren't interested in her at all. One less thing to worry about: impressing people. The downfall of this, however, was that she would be an easy target. If she kept her eyes down, they'd attack her more. If she stared them straight in the face with a blank expression, they'd think she was weird. But, they would leave her alone. She hoped. She'd try her new theory. If it failed, oh well. Her dad and her would be moving again in two years, if this pattern persisted.

    With her mental pep-talk pretty much done, she sat down in her seat, staring at the students who were obviously talking about her. They stopped, for which she was thankful. But one of them only spoke louder - for which, she was not.

    "What are you looking at, new girl," one of the skimpy-looking girls challenged. "Or are you just retarded and don't know what normal people look like?"

    Allison hesitated, but answered with a small grin. "I'm just curious. I've never seen an actual slut before," she said softly. She felt satisfied by seeing the jaw drop on the girl's face. She took out her pencil and notebook, readying herself for the lesson.
  4. Leon sat in class bored as usual. He really hated being at school, because there was never anything fun to do. He sighed and looked out the window at the courtyard, while the teacher gave her lecture on obtuse angles and quadrilaterals. He was good at math, but he honestly didn't see the point in taking notes. There was a few mumbles behind him and he sighed. It was probably Maranda and Mia talking crap again. What was their problem anyway? They were constantly on his case about doing his work and about how he could fail. Like he cared about that at all. The only thing they could give him was a little action after school behind the building.

    Other than that, they were a waste of his time.

    "Excuse me Leon, you care to help us out with this equation?"
    Ms. Takamina asked, holding her ruler pointed at the bored. Leon blinked twice in confusion. He definitely didn't know the answer to the equation. "Ummmmm....." A burst of laughs and giggles filled the classroom. Great. That was just what he needed along with the annoyance of being in the classroom. All that he could do was lower his head in shame.

    "Next time, I would like for you to get you head in the books, not the clouds, Leon."
    She said, before quieting the class down and resuming her lesson. Leon mumbled and cursed under his breath.
  5. Allison knew she had made instant enemies with the girl who had challenged her. She chose to ignore the small tidbits of paper that had been aimed lamely in her direction. Every few minutes, Allie would hear a small tap on the brick wall beside her, or landing on the floor or her desk. Only once did the small paper ball hit her, on her arm. Incredibly childish, she thought to herself, ignoring it. Surely enough, the small attack stopped as it would if a child got bored of it. Allison sighed halfway through class, adjusting herself in her seat. She was already caught up in her notes, thanks to the teacher reviewing for her sake. Now she was just bored of the class. The same things she had studied in her last school, and the school before that. All of it seemed repetetive, from the topic of the lesson right down to the way the bullies did their work.

    It could all be ignored, of course. But it wouldn't change the fact that she wished it would end.
  6. Leon was still mumbling and cussing under his breath, while he listened to the boring lecture. Ms. Takamina must have had super sonic hearing, because she turned and looked directly at him. He instantly shut up and surprisingly, the class didn't laugh at all. It was probably because nothing seriously funny happened to him. That, or the fact that he shot them a few glares after the teacher turned around. Leon had gotten into trouble a few weeks ago for beating the crap out of a guy. Well, he had it coming anyway. The guy shouldn't have been bothering him about getting into trouble with Ms. Takamina. That was the time she busted him for writing graffiti on the side of the walls.

    What was with her anyway? Its like she had a thing out for him. It wasn't an issue for him at all though. Ms. Takamina was slimming, tall woman with sexy curves that made the school boys drool. To top it all off that big ass of hers wobbled every time she moved or walked. He spent multiple hours during class staring at her rear side and not the board, which he was doing now.

    "I see that you can pay close attention to my backside pretty well, Leon. You seem to be very attentive of it. Now, if you could put that energy and those eyes into your work, it was be very pleasing."
    She said with a smile, not even looking at him. Instantly, the class burst out into a fit of laughs and giggles and Leon was once again red-faced with embarrassment and looking down at his desk. Just how did she always know? It was weird and kinda creepy. That intuition of hers never failed. Ms. Takanami quieted the class down, and then turned to look at Leon.

    "There's something that I need you to do, Leon." Leon's blush disappeared and he looked up at her curiously. "What is it that you want me to do?" He asked. She walked up to his desk and pushed her glasses up on the bridge of her nose with her left index finger, before speaking again in a hearty tone.

    "I need you to go to the classroom next door and retrieve a packet of loose-leafed paper. It would be very kind if you agree, Leon."
    She said with a smile. Leon only nodded in response and stood up from his desk. He was pretty tall, so he was eye leveled with Ms. Takamina, who was about 5'9 in height. He shoved his hands in his pockets and made his way to the door. "One more thing," he stopped right before he pulled his left hand out of his pocket. "Do try to pay more attention to work and not my backside, dear." She giggled. Yet again, the class burst out into giggles and laughter.

    Leon could do nothing more than to open the door and quickly walk out with a flushed face of embarrassment.
  7. Allie looked up curiously, as did the rest of the class, when the door to the classroom opened. She heard shuffling and noticed the girls in her field of vision were trying to fix themselves, while trying to make it look like natural movements. This guy must be popular with the girls, Allison thought to herself. She gave him a once-over and didn't blame the girls for trying to make themselves more attractive. He was a good-looking guy, and most likely a player or something like it. His body language certainly said so, though his cheeks were flushed as if he'd just been embarrassed. Must have gotten caught, she thought to herself and chose to ignore him, and proceeded to draw in her notebook.

    "Hey, Leon," she practically purred.

    Oh my god. Seriously..? Augh, Allie thought, disgusted. Then again... why does that not surprise me?
  8. Leon walked quietly down the hall, then knocked on the door. The teacher told him to come in, then turned back to the board and finished his lesson. Leon opened the door, then walked inside with a flushed face. He hadn't noticed at the moment, but all the girls were fixing themselves up to look nice. It was definitely to try and impress him. Leon looked up at someone who had spoke to him. It was just who he thought it was. Allie.
    His face returned to normal and he gave a wave as he turned of to ask the teacher for a packet of loose leafed paper. The teacher gladly gave him the packet and then resumed his lesson.

    The girls were all gossiping and he smiled a bit. It felt good to know that all the girls wanted him. Oh, the things he could do with them. He turned around to face the class. Heh. So many girls, so little time. I wonder which one those skirts I should go after next...Hmmm. Someone other than the usual faces he saw around the school stuck out. Seems like we have a new girl in school. I better give her a warm welcome. By that, he meant get her number. Leon tucked the paper under his arm and put his hand back into his pocket, then walked over to her. All the girls he passed sighed and made little face, while they rested their chins on the palms.

    Alexis tried to get his attention and pouted with an angry glare as he walked passed her. She shot a look at the new girl as Leon stopped right beside her. "Hey, I haven't seen you around here before." He said to her with a smile.
  9. Allie glanced up at him, idly wondering why he was talking to her and not his girl toys. "You wouldn't," she answered simply. She wasn't one for many words, though her thoughts got out of hand plenty of times. Not with your head up some girl's skirt, she added mentally. "It's my first day. Can I help you with something? If not, I have notes to take." She wouldn't mention he was in her way of seeing the board. Of course, all of the words on the board had been copied down onto her notebook already. Small drawings bordered the page and the inside cover of the notebook. She had made fast work of her pencil, a skill she often found annoying and helpful all at the same time.
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  10. Man, that was really cold of her.

    Everyone in the class just looked at the two of them quietly. Leon was somewhat kind of embarrassed. All the girls looked at him and the guys just looked at each other, then back at him. It was like they were all asking 'what are you going to do now, Leon?' with their eyes. He had to react and respond fast. Otherwise, he would have just continued to look stupid in front of everyone. He took a deep breathe and smiled again.

    "I just wanted to welcome you to the school. I didn't mean to upset you. My name is Leon."
    He said, stepping to the side out of her view, so that she could take notes. He had realized he was in her way until she mentioned it.
  11. She noticed his hesitation and couldn't help but feel a little smug on the inside. She kept the smirk from reaching her lips, though. She was careful to keep her expression neutral. "Thank you for the welcome," she said. She glanced at the papers under his arm, then back up at him. "I'm surprised our teacher doesn't mind visitors during his lesson.."

    "He doesn't mind those coming to help out their own classrooms," Alexis piped up, frowning at Allie. She obviously didn't like the new girl, but she offered Leon her best smile as she crossed her legs, giving him a shot of her long, slender legs.

    "Then shouldn't he be getting back to his own classroom," Allie wondered, glancing up at Leon before she returned her gaze to the board. She crossed her legs at her ankles under her desk, ignoring the shocked gazes from most, if not all, of the students in the classroom.
  12. Seems that she was feisty as well. He liked that about the new girl. She wasn't easy like all the others. Every girl at this school wanted him in bed and he practically had a taste of them all. though there were some that he automatically avoided. Alexis's legs were caught out his side view, but his main focus was still on the new girl. Something about her was different than all the rest. She had class, he removed the papers from underneath his arm and held it in his hand. He was curious about her name, because she had never gave it to him when he told her his.

    "What is your name, if I may ask you that,"
    He said.
  13. She frowned slightly, glancing up at him. What was this guy's deal? She obviously wasn't interested in him. Why wouldn't he just back off and go to one of his girls? She sighed as she gave in. "My name is Allison," she finally told him. She really wished he'd just leave. She'd had enough harassing from all of her other schools. This guy was about as bad as three of those kids put together. She surely couldn't wait for the two years to get over with. And to think, this was only the first day. She groaned internally, just looking at how long she'd have to put up with this jerk.
  14. So, her name was Allison, huh? That was an interesting name for her. She looked like she was pretty annoyed with him talking to her. That was a first for him. Normally, girls would fall all over him and he would get them in a day. It was already set in his mind that getting this girl would take some effort. He continued to smile and decided that he would just end the conversation now and talk to her when she wasn't busy.

    "Well, I'll see ya around, Allison,"
    he said. Leon turned away from her, then looked at Alexis for a few seconds. Leon headed to the door and grabbed the handle, took a another look at Allison, and then headed out the door. He stopped and looked out the window across the hall. There was no need to rush back to his class right now. Instead, he walked over to the window and leaned on his forearms and stared outside at the ground. The new girl......
  15. Allison was kind of amused at how the girls seemed so upset that he wouldn't pay much attention to them. But she also found it annoying that he wouldn't just leave her alone to give them the attention they obviously wanted. She was relieved that he left. But at the same time, she had the feeling he'd be back. She sighed quietly to herself, going back to doodling random lines in her notebook.
  16. He had made it back to class and all eyes had fallen on him, even the teacher. They acted as if they had never seen a person walk inside a room before. Leon tossed the paper on the desk top and put his hands behind his head. He poked his nose into the air and walked to his seat. A few guys mumbled as he walked by and he shot them a look. Immediately the two guys shut up and went back to their work. Leon took a seat in his desk and the lingering eyes left him. That new girl was really weighing heavy on his mind, because all he could think about was her at the moment. Those eyes, that face, those lips....those lips. There were so many things that he thought those lips capable of doing, but he behaved himself and leaned back in his desk.

    ‚ÄčI need to get closer to her.
  17. Once class was finally over, Allison headed to her next class, this one she was thankful for - Art. She sat down in an empty chair at the desk and waited patiently, having her bookbag set beside her on the floor and out of the way for others to pass. She hoped this class wasn't one for the lazy students who didn't want to take band or choir. It shouldn't be, for this was a more advanced art class.