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Razilin's Back

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Razilin, Jul 13, 2014.

  1. I'm back, Iwaku.
    When I scrolled through the member list, the membership I recognize from what I last was around has diminished considerably.
    To all the new faces since I was here last, "Hello!"
    I was around when Iwaku was under command of Peridox, saw the great deletion of Iwaku 1.0, and its subsequent revival under Gabriel Zero.
    Mind you, Peridox's days as administrator was quite a number of years ago.
    I'd like to get back into the forum-based roleplaying gig again and if I can rope some of you into a chat game, that would be great too.
    And if any of the following old schoolers are still around, PM me - it'd be great to get reacquainted!

    -Gabriel Zero

    And I'm sure I'm missing like a hundred more of you up there.

    Anyway, I'll be looking through the roleplay section for something interesting to join.
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  2. Hello there, Razilin! I'm afraid I wasn't around during your first time here, obviously, but I welcome you (back) all the same! (:
  3. Welcome back then xD.
    Don't you Dare to leave again.!~

    In any case, I guess right now there are plenty interesting role plays going on. I'm sure you'll find something cool :)

    Oh, do not mind the flying marshmallows ^^ !
  4. Welcome back!
  5. Welcome back, Doctor. <3 You've been missed.
  7. Old guard folks!

    Yes I have been in practice for the last few years. I landed a chief residency during my training, helped get my wife into the same program, and now I've accepted a teaching position there.

    Its been a kickass last few years in my career.
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  8. Razzumatazzu-oniichan!

    We've got quite a bit of catching up to do! Do you even recognize me anymore? ;)
  9. YO!
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  10. Welcome back Razilin! :D
    I do remember who you are, but unfortunately I've had to make a new account on the fact I forgot my old one