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  1. Ray

    "Okay." He smiled and kissed the top of her head.


    "Get away from him." He was too late.

    Zack grinned an evil grin, grabbed her by the throat and threw her back 40 feet and into the side of the building. "Oh, Jason, how like you. You traded a team of highly trained and skilled operatives who followed your orders, for a helpless little girl."

    Jason gripped the handle. "Zack, let's end this, you and me. Leave her out of this."

    Zack chuckled and it turned into a very sinister laugh. "Oh yeah, Alpha? And how exactly are you gonna stop me by yourself."

    Jason: "The same way I always do." He charged at him and they engaged in epic combat.
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  3. Thanks TK, Batman is forever ruined for me now.
  4. Blair

    She rubbed her cheeks with her hands to get them to cool down. She grinned at him as she did this and while they were still red she felt better "D-do you maybe want to stay the night?" She asked sheepishly


    She barely had time to yelp as she felt her back slam into the building. She heard a crack and realized it was her right arm, which had been slammed first. She cried out and quickly worked to restore it. She swore under her breath and started to wonder if she should have just slept in today. She grit her teeth as she was still sore and she slowly got up. She wondered if she could break any of his bones from this far. The farthest she had managed was at five feet. She stumbled forward and reached out her hand, attempting to focus on the man's femur first. She tried to connect and snap it.
  5. Bram

    I feel my hand grip onto hers "Please don't kill anyone." I tease her gently and blush "Technically it's my job. But no one is gonna get hurt right now." I sigh as I go up to the door and knock. I wait until I see Mari open the door. She looks so much older although it hasn't been that long. When she sees me she smiles so wide it must hurt. She latches onto me in a hug and I smile as I hug her back.
  6. Odin

    He smiled and leaned in the rest of the way, kissing her. He held her hand in his.

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  7. Salome

    She eventually got up. She rubbed her eyes and said "I think I'm going on a walk. Feel free to have some time to yourself." She figured she should at least give him some free space


    She doesn't let go. I wave Clare to come over "Sis this is my friend, Clare." I swallow. No deaths. She is fine. Speaking her name once isn't going to kill her. Mari peeks up at her

  8. Salome

    She turned to him "You really still want to be around me huh?" She teased him lightheartedly.
  9. Ray

    "He does indeed." He chuckled and held her close. He kissed her more. He started rubbing her back.


    "I am carrying you back to the warehouse, whether you will admit that I need to or not, got it?" He smiled. "Thank you." He kissed her forehead and took her back to his hideout.
  10. Ray

    He caressed her cheeks and had her look him right in the eyes. "I promise. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you, okay?" He smiled and kissed her.


    "Alright, good night." He lightly kissed her forehead.
  11. Blair

    She felt at ease now with him there. "Thank you Ray." She mumbled gently then yawned "Maybe bed. You have work tomorrow."


    "Goodnight Jay." She said gently and forced herself to dose off
  12. Ray

    He checked the time. "It's only ten. Besides, I can be late to work." He smiled and kissed her neck.
  13. Yes, TK, Raz AND Oro...

    Whoever the fuck hired Orochi to be Batman I'm not sure, but as far as I'm concerned after Bruce died (not really) he came here. Thus Raz is back.
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  15. Odin smiled and held her close, still kissing her.
  16. Bram

    She let go of her hand "Don't be so shy." She offered with a thin smile and took my other hand

    "Come in Bram." She offered and I blink as I step inside. The house is actually organized and I realized it's almost obsessive.
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  17. Blair

    She chuckled at his actions. "Okay you truly are the peek of adorablness."
  18. this thread is yaoi fangirls.

    (including Rory.)
  19. Blair

    She nodded "I appreciate it a lot." She smiled at him and slipped the covers a little further over herself. "I used to expect that I would be a famous genetics scientist at this point but, hey, I like being a book keeper for the moment." Her smile thinned "How the hell did you do it?"
  20. Blair

    She grinned wearily "That must be fun," what was she doing at a young age? Oh yes, scaring the woman she called mama until she dropped her off where love could never be administered to her. Perhaps that was the problem. She had blocked off so many of those memories and now she understood why she was so screwed up. Everyone either left her or... she forced herself to stop thinking. "My superpower must be luck related." She teased, scolding herself for even using the word "Either really rotten luck or amazing luck."