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i'm ray !! not at all new to rp, but new to rping here !! i'm eighteen, and work part-time. i use he/they pronouns and prefer to do mlm rps. i use realistic appearances only for the most part. i also ask that if we rp together, you're able to do multiple paragraphs per post.

introduce yourself !! i love to chat with others. when i rp, i tend to be interested in plots that are either:
- angst based
- horror based
- romantic subplots

i'm currently REALLY on the hunt for a scientist / zombie plot with some moral greys (nothing nsfw/smut based !!) i have a lot in mind, more than i can describe rn so please message me if interested !!

other examples can be found here

i often make: playlists, moodboards, and more for rps im in !! i also !! really love to chat and befriend my rp partners !! so feel free to hmu !!