RAWR, Means I ♥ YOU

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  1. For you people that think "RAWR" means I ♥ You, you are wrong it actually means
    "I really want to f**king eat you right now"....


    I am new the site and looking to join or create Role-plays that are looking for short or long term role-playing partners... also looking for any good role-playing groups :O

    ~Please PM me ~.^
  2. Welcome to our community Venom, I hope you find something that suits your tastes. :)
  3. Hi, Injected. It means both.
  4. Lol you are right Chaos it can mean both just i was hoping to make a humours entrance... at least make people smile when they saw my post

    & thanks Dead, i already found some Rps i loving ATM
  5. Hahaha yeah certainly attracted me to see what you posted :P

    Well hi, I am new as well so, as so far so good :P

    Ok I thought *rawrrr* means somes sort of inner frustration when you cannot describe your emotions? :D :D :D
    Hope you have a good time here

    See you around

  6. How about,
    Rawr = I love you so much, I'm gonna eat you up! Nom your face! Rah!

    Oh, and welcome Venom.
  7. I think you are right Koene they love so much they fell the urge to become one with them :O

    THANKS for the welcome♥♥

    Lilly M we should Role-play some time
  8. Humorous entrance it was anyway.
  9. *smirks* yeah we should, hit me up when you like ;)