Rawr. I'm a Monster.

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  1. To this day I will never know why I am so hell bent on being a protector but, ehh. What can you do, you know?

    So. Maybe a Private RP will help me. Or make things worse. Or help.

    I was contemplating about doing something about a rebel boy leaving a dangerous group. The group plans to destroy the...world? Or possibly something of higher power. The boy is the savior of the weak. Poor. Undesirable. Known as the Rogue Cei.

    In comes my damsel. *rubs hand in evil manner*

    She is known as an Oni. The Oni is a female that turns into something more when ferociously angered (help me on this here...) The only thing that can stop the process is an act of love. By anyone.


    If you're interested, I'm here.
  2. *sigh*

    Fine, Tene. I will accept this challenge.

    ^-^ Besides! I would absolutely ADORE turning into an ENRAGED WOMAN BEAST.... >:D

    It'll be a while before I post my character, kay?
  3. Iliana Iliana Iliana. Are you only expressing your kindness for me for the lack of popularity? If so, how kindly indecent.

    So be it. I will work yet again on another thread. Not so sure where to put it though. It is swimming with fantasy romance and sarcasm. We agree on Misc?

    Oh, and try to keep up. You may be fast, but i'm faster. Damn. That was extremely irrelevant.
  4. I'm looking forward to minute by minute postings.
  5. Unaunun....please don't encourage him....

    And i'm not being nice to you just because you're a newb--I MEAN--lack of popularity person! Im nice cuz im nice!
  6. I accept your challenge, Unanun.
  7. dammit...look at what you've done unanun!!!

  8. Relax, Iliana.
  9. Maybe when I've gotten a good idea for a one on one, I'll bribe you into playing with me~ ^^
  10. Actually Kitti-Pie you and Tene can do this one!

    >:D *pokes you with a malicious smile*
  11. You do know that you brought up 4e DnD with that title.
  12. Ah... thank you, Ili.
    Why do I feel like this might be your method of marking me for death? ^^;
  13. I need more planning. I have not seen you lately to grab and plan with though. ^^;