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Ex=Pyre was the newest Metal-techno group on the scene. For the past six months their lead singer, E.Z. (short for Ezekiel) had been swooning one venue boss after another setting up meeting for their manager to get them ‘in’ at the best joints on the east coast. It was working. And THAT was the problem. See, E.Z. had a secret. Though he loved to sing, and his band mates and him made SWEET music…he had a job long before this. A job that was VERY well paying, and just dangerous enough to be worth it. E.Z. was a treasure hunter of sorts, and his assassin-like skills were the stuff of a legend named the SILVER SHADOW.
It was late, or should I say EARLY on a Sunday morning, E.Z. was enjoying a drink ( water and lemon juice) after the long concert and was waiting for the others to pack up and get the equipment in the van. They did so, and E.Z. was left there to give the manager a ride home on his bike.
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“Why is it always me who gets stuck with miss sunshine?” he sighed, rubbing an ice cube on the back of his neck gently. The tingling sensation sent over his body was exactly the release he needed to get that pumping bass out of his eardrums. He wore a long flowing white trench coat with a hood and rave-style clothes beneath it with his trademark medieval mid calf boots.
“She better hurry up and get the cash for the night from that prick, or I’m leaving without her.” He said aloud, pulling out a throat drop from his coat and rattling his motorcycle keys out of the same pocket.
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"That's a mean thing to say about the one who is trying to make sure you get paid!" she huffed letting the heavy backdoor of the club slam shut behind her. Kaera Matshida didn't look like the sort that would go to rave, let alone be the manager of a band. Barely at adult height, she wore a simple little sun dress that looked like she belong in a 1950s kitchen. Around her wrist was a bright pink glow bracelet, her girly guilty pleasure about these sort of events. When she wasn't task managing, she could be caught twirling glow sticks around in the dark and giggling as if she were fourteen.

Kaera hopped down the steps, brandishing a wad of money at him before she pulled it away and stuffed it down in to the pocket of her skirt. "If everyone wasn't so afraid to talk to that man, it might make it a little easier to get money out of him. I'm not even sure what he's saying half the time, and I'm still not quite sure what he means about paying with his Johnson. Who is Johnson?"

Through her explanation of being late, Kaera rest her hands on her hips and gave the bike a dubious frown. Rides with Ezekiel were never fun, and she half expected that he made it terrifying on purpose because he knew it scared her. Out of all the band members, he was the one she least wanted to see outside of working... Which was a very sad thing considering she absolutely adored the rest of the band!

"Maybe I should walk to the hotel. Why can't I just get us a tour bus like a normal band?"
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"Hey, not MY fault i never win at rock paper scissors. those freeloaders never want to give you a ride in the van 'cause their tokin up." he said, standing up lazily and finisheng his water. he set the cup down on the stoop. "At least you know I'm straight, Matsu." he smiled a little. he was ignoring the johnson comment on purpose.

"At least its not a bunch of backalleys to get out of this place. If we got paid better i could fix this bike up and it wouldn't be such a rough ride." he lied, grinning ear to ear. " REady to go?" he asked, bowing like a gentleman... which he was not. not normaly anyways.
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"Oh, don't be like that. Every single one has promised they do those sorts of things!" Kaera mumbled. Any sort of drugs were unacceptable and she made sure they all knew and understood that. "Besides, they said they were going to go out for a morning ride and knew I would be too tired to join them. It was really sweet for them to be considerate."

Kaera almost said he could learn a lesson or two about being considerate, but he was nice enough to give her a ride. He could have left her to make arrangements all on her own, so at least that was one gold star for Ezekiel amidst a flurry of frustrating qualities.

"I guess I am ready..." she shifted uncomfortably on her feet before approaching the monstrosity he called a Bike. She doubted any sort of fixing would make it safer and less likely to die in a terrible skin shedding crash.
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"right.... I'M the lier." he chuckled, not really caring much about her opinion tonight. He took out hte keys to his nike and hopped on. "Sympathy isn't their strong suite y'know." he added, revving up the monster of a bike. a foreign model he said he got at a dump. he really bouhgt it from japan and modified it. the mods didn't look pretty, but they did the job.
"Hold on, I'll go easy if you promise to give me my cut as soon as we stop." he chuckled.
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"You know I can't do that. I have to manage the budget.." Another soft huff and Kaera climbed on the back of the bike. There were so many girls that would kill to have a ride with any of the Band. They would squeal and giggle, but Kaera would definitely prefer something safer. She was already wrapping her arms around his waist and clinging to his coat, wary of the ride that was about to follow. This time she was determined to keep her eyes open. On their last ride he didn't follow the directions to her hotel properly, and she couldn't see to point him in the right direction!
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"You alright?" he asked as he kicked the stand out and balanced the bike. his coat smelled of pyrotechnics, but the back fo his neck, below the sweat smelled sweet like manly cologne, with a hint of rosepetals. He didn;t wait for an answer as he settled in, leaned backwards into her hug of neccessity and took off.

" Don't worry, I won't get lost again." he smiled, puttign on his goggles, now drivign with only one hand.
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"But you could crash...!" she squeaked out over the motor and the rush of air. There was a soft 'oh my god' that couldn't of been audible when she caught a glance of his one handed driving. Kaera had to press her face against his back just to block her vision of any oncoming doom that sped their way. If she weren't so tensely holding on and digging her nails in to his clothes just to keep herself from feeling like she was going to go flying off, she might have been able to enjoy that odd mix of spark powder and whatever strange cologne he wore. Kaera always did love the smell, but giving Ezekiel a compliment was only asking for a whole lot of teasing.
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Marcus came toa stoplight gently and put his foot to the ground waiting for the light. out of the corner of his eye he saw a black vehicle. the window was slightly cracked, and someone wearign sunglasses was vaguely visible. he smiled a little and pretended not to notice.

"Shit." he laughed a little. "The Suites again..."

" Hey you wanna pick up somethgin to eat on the way back, or maybe a smoothie?" he asked, turning around with an inquisitive grin. The window of the vehicle rolled up and another one stopped on Ezekiels left now. game on.
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"I'm not staying in a suite.." Kaera responded first, not realizing his first comment wasn't directed at her. They were stopped, so she deemed it safe to look up and stare inquisitively at the back of his head. Was he actually suggesting stopping somewhere? During the entire time she was enlisted as their band manager, Ezekiel never once offered her anything. Not lunch, not a chair, not help with errands. Nothing! Where was this coming from all of a sudden?

Kaera was now suspiciously glaring at the back of his head. Surely it was some sort of a trick... but... if he was finally giving her an olive branch, it -would- make their working relationship so much easier to bare if they got along. No more being tormented!

"Well... all right. I am kind of hungry!"
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He pulled in to a all nite burger joint. not the best place in town, but a well kept chain place that had good malts. he ordered a grille chicken club with large french fries and a lemonade and asked what she wanted.

meanwhile, the men in suites parked out front and watched. something wicked was afoot. Ezekiel made sure his weapons hidden on his person were all in order.
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Kaera wasn't picking about where she got her food. Though, she always made an effort to dress nice, it didn't reflect her gig to gig lifestyle. When it came to who got paid first, she always made sure the band got their money, even if that meant she had to eat baloney sandwiches for two weeks. Tonight she was really glad she didn't have to see what was edible in the vending machines! Any sort of sandwich was out of the question, so she was content to order a bowl of chili with fries to dip in it. There was no way she was going to sit there without a malt either, thus she made sure to get one in chocolate. Also something perfect for dipping fries in to.

She sat in silence, watching him while their orders were being prepared. It could have been an awkward moment, with her staring at him all suspicious like. But Ezekiel seemed to be distracted. He was the hardest one of all the band mates to figure out and read, but this time he definitely looked pensive.

It wasn't until their orders were sitting in front of them and she was dipping her fries in to her malt that she finally spoke again.

"You're not buttering me up for a larger cut, are you? Because I already had this conversation with Bailey and everyone has to get equal parts..."
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"Its only justice that everyone gets paid evenly." he said with a smile, puttign his gaze to his food. he tooka package of lemon juice ( the fake acid kind) and dumped four or five into his drink. the suits decided to come in, but they DID smile and laugh amongst eachother. 'these brutes are good' he thought to himself. most guys made a point to stay straight faced, but these punks were acting casual. as they went to order their food, mostly large fries and a malt, they talked abotu football and such as ezekiel poured the EIGHTH packet of lemon flavoring into hsi lemonade. He started eating his food rather fast, but not without manners.

"So Kaera, Is our next gig set up yet? i know we're booked at that place for the next two weeks." he said. one of the brutes was listening intently. Zeke was a wicked man sometimes. with this infformation in hand, the suites woudl be after him every single night, might even bust up the club to get to him... they had to perish. all of them.
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Kaera was caught wrinkling up her nose and frowning at his over abundant use of added lemon juice. How much more sour did he want the stuff? It wasn't even natural! She finally stopped scowling at his glass to turn her attentions to her own plate. Giving a shake of her head at his question.

"I have a few places lined up, but nothing really solid yet. I was kiiiiinda hoping you'd all do really great at the current venue, then I could talk the Casino in town to do a weekend feature!" A weekend feature at a casino would be a huge break compared to playing evenings at small time bars and nightclubs. It'd be great exposure for the band and lots of publicity.

She was still completely unaware that the group of men across the room were staring and listening in to the conversation. Her bowl of chili was gone, and she was content to sit there dipping fries in to her malt.
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"sounds like a plan, I'll amp it up next week. " He chuckled a little. Ezekiel waited until she was done with her fries before yawning.

"You ready to get goin' im gettin' kinda tired." he said. it was actually mostly true too, but teh anticipation of what was about to go dawn, and the possibility of

Kaera finding out... it sent shivers up his spine. this wasn't good. the men sat down at the table right next to the door and ate quietly. too quietly, but still all smiles.
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"I could sleep for a whole weekend." Kaera muttered before trying to quickly drink up the rest of her malt. She had to pause a moment pressing the palm of her hand against her forehead from the brain freeze, but it was deliciously worth it! Without asking or thinking about who should be paying the bill, she dug around in her pockets until she pulled out her personal cash and laid dropped the bills on the table along with a generous tip.

Ezekiel stilled seemed a little antsy, but by now Kaera was ignoring it. It WAS late and she was getting pretty tired herself. It'd likely be dawn by the time she fell asleep, then she'd have to be right back up again making phonecalls and doing busy manager stuff.

Kaera slid out of her seat, only waiting long enough for Ezekiel to rise too before she made her way towards the door. "Now that we are fell dead, will you drive a teeeeeny tiny bit slower? I want my food to stay where it is."
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Zeke threw down a dollar in quarters and a nickle down on the table and wen to the bike. he broguht his lemonade with him. " wanan hold onto thsi for me, its my nightcap before bed." he said simply.

" I can go slower." he siad gently. burpign in his hand.

Once they got going, he made a sharp turn into an alley suddenly. "Shit, i thought we'd have a few mroe blocks." he cursed, gettign off the bike and flippign up the visor on his helmet. the thugs were hot on his trail in their van, and in seconds they woudl pull in, block the alleyway and do their thing...

This was the beginnign of the end.
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Not only was Kaera surprised that he indeed went slower, she was more surprised that he suddenly took a detour down and alley and stopped his bike. Then got off too.

"Only a few blocks, what...?" She asked in confusion. Kaera first assumed that something was wrong with his motorcycle. It wouldn't be strange to have it run out of gas or some sort of technical problem. The band's van often ate up money like a black whole in trying to fix stuff. But Kaera thought Ezekiel took better care of his property.

However, she very quickly realized he wasn't talking about his bike, with the way he was staring down the ally in anticipation. Kaera stole a sip of his lemonade, coughing at the sourness, before she slid off the back of his bike.

"Okay, I give up! What's got you so in a twist tonight? You've been totally weird and I am way too tired to figure it out myself!"
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"SHH.. hide, KAe. if push comes to shove. use that lemonade like pepperspray." he said, winking at her, and just like that, ran at the wall. seconds later, he was four stories up, having climbed impossibly, his feet and hands finding spots the normal eye woudln't, and the normal man couldn't climb.

The thugs parked at he end of the alley, turnign off their lights and all piling out of the van. they pulled out their guns, silencers mounted, and proceeded down the thn corridor of brick and garbage waste. Zeke pulled out his own weapons. a push-dagger concealed beneath his sleeve on the left flickered in and out of th eclockwork mechanism, and his other hand held four throwing knives, a sneer of determination on his face.

"Peons... more children will wake up to no fathers... what a waste." he said silently to the sky.

The mens footsteps came closer to Kaera.
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"Where are you.. going...!" she hissed at him. Flabbergasted was a good way to described her expression when she watched him jump up and away like some sort of spider monkey in the wild. She may have been amazed at the way he climb the wall, but Kaera was far more concerned with the fact he told her to hide and then left her there to fend for herself. She didn't even know what she was hiding from. Of all the unheroic things in the universe...!

A vehicle stopped at the edge of the ally. Door slams alerting her and footsteps quickly following. Kaera glanced around in a frantic panic. Turning in circles at least three times before she dashed over to a corner and ducked behind a large dumpster.

She found herself holding her breath as she peeked out from her hiding spot to see who was coming. Kaera didn't know what was going on, but she was definitely going to kill Ezekiel for this!