Raver's love

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  1. Shuan is seen danceing to the electronic music that is blareing out of the speakers at the local rave. He smiles as he moves his hands around which have glowsticks in them makeing them look like they are leaveing streaks of light behind them. " Hahahaha! " Shuan luaghed as he kept danceing. He soon stoped, he was out of breath. He went back to the catering table and grabbed him a bottle of water, which there was plenty of due to the excess amount of ecstasy being passed around. " Phew... That was so fun. " he said as his dark hair flutter's in the nice cool summer's night wind. He layed back in the grass not to far away from the dance floor as he layed there looking up at the stars. " Hmmmm. I wander how many are up there.. " He said as he looked around to see if anybody was around. Seeing that there wasn't he decided to walk back to the rave party to see if he can spot any cute guys out on the floor.
  2. Paxton was having a blast. He was new to the rave scene and didn't realize how much fun he'd been missing out on. The dark-haired male had glowing wristbands and a belt that had been painted-over with glow paint. Somehow he managed to lose the group of friends he came with. He had a water bottle in one hand while the other was raised to sky as he jumped to the beats, trying to grab the lasers that beamed from the stage to the dance floor. "Woooo!" a group of people by him yelled. He decided to yell with them as he started to let-loose and enjoy himself.
  3. Shuan spoted one particualr guy in the crowed. This one was getting into the party mode. " Oooo that one's cute. " He said as he smiled and started to walk down to where the guy was jumping around. As soon as he reached the destination he smiled and joined in on the jumping as he threw his arms in the air bobbing his head to the beat. " WOOOHOO! " He yelled out as he made his glowsticks seem to weave in and out of eachother.
  4. Paxton started laughing when the other guy joined his bouncing fit. He watched the glowsticks fly around in his hand, "Pretty!" He yelled to him. He hopped around, making a 360. "Some fucking party?!" He called out to him. He was happy to find someone friendly enough to join him since he was all alone and lost in his own world. He usually wasn't so bubbly and hyper as he was at the time. More reserved and quiet. This place gave him a little more freedom he thought.
  5. " Yea it is! " He said as he smiled at him. He tossed his glowsticks into the air as he cuaght the behind his back as he then flipped them from behind his back, back infront of him as he cuaght one in his mouth and the other one in his hand. He then winked at paxton as he giggled lightly.
  6. "Wow!" Paxton said as he watched the performance, then clapped his hands together, "That was fucking awesome!" He laughed, covering his mouth when he was winked at. He didn't recall ever receiving one before. When the beat changed tempo he slowed his jumping and instead started to sway his hips to the music. Both hands waved around in the air and he stared at the cute boy with the glow sticks. "Having fun?" He asked, trying to start a conversation. He really intrigued him for some reason; probably the amazing head of hair. He wanted to just touch it.
  7. Shuan stopped jumping as he smiled. " Yea i am.. Hey you wanna go get something to eat? " He asked as he motioned to the catering table filled with snack foods. " I mean i havent had anything tonight so i was just wandering if you would like to join me. " He said as he took a drink of his water afterwords and watched him smileing at him stareing at his lip ring which he wanted to feel the cold steele touch on his neck.
  8. "Sure...I'm starving after dancing so much.." Paxton replied with a chipper grin on his face. He didn't know why but he really liked this cute person. He had a charming, playful demeanor about him. He followed him over to the snack bar and began rummaging through the different items. "So...you have a name?" he asked. "I'm Paxton...call me 'Pax' though..." He looked to the other male, waiting for a reply as he swayed his head with the music.
  9. Shuan smiled. " Im shuan. " He said as he grabbed himself some chips and a soda. " Hey where you wanna sit you wanna go alill ways from the party but you can still hear the music but where not many people go or do you want to stay close by? " He asked as he bobed his head to the beat as if the beat was living inside of him.
  10. Listening to Shaun, Paxton smiled. He picked out some soft cookies in a pack and some chips. "We can go back out a little ways....we can hear each other without having to yell and see the lazers better I'm sure." He swayed his body around to the next song as they grabbed their stuff and made it through the crowd. His hips moved like a belly dancers and he didn't have a care in the world. He was pretty sure the guy was into him, but not fully. He was sure of the fact that Shaun was cute though.
  11. Shuan stoped as the reached the spot he had once layed down at to rest for a bit. " Whelp this is the spot. " He said as he sat down setting the food down noticeing his shoe was untied. " Damn. " He bent down as he revealed the purple thong he was wearing as he tied his shoe. " There. " He said as straightend back up and looked to paxton. " So what do you like about the party? " He asked as he thought the one thing he liked was meeting pax.
  12. Paxton smiled uncontrollably, noticing the thong. Looks like he wasn't the only one who preferred slinkier undergarments. "Well...I really like the music and the atmosphere. I feel more relaxed and free here then I do anywhere else..." He smiled and sat down on the ground, staring back at the crowd. "It feels good to let loose." He looked at Shaun and smiled, then ran his hand through his dark hair. "What about Shaun, what do you like the most?" He bit his bottom lip as he anticipated an answer.
  13. Shuan blushed abit as he stayed silent for a few seconds. " Well the thing i like is well meeting you.. " He said as he got a bit closer to pax their hands almost touching. " Hehehe. " He giggled lightly as he looked at pax as his dark blue eyes sparkled like a star in the night.
  14. Shaun's response caused Paxton's pale face to turn rosy. He smiled and lowered his head in a slightly shy manner as the other boy drew in closer to him. He glanced down at their hands and then back up to him. So he was indeed into him. "Well that's a very sweet thing to say..." he scooted a bit closer himself, "...I also liked the part where a cute boy with impressive glowstick-tossing abilities."
  15. Shuan giggled as he kissed pax softly caresing his left cheek in his hand as he does so. He pulls away as his cheeks turn a bright beet red as he looked down giggleing again. " Ahehehehehehehehe.. "
  16. The kiss sent a warmth through Paxton's face. He too found himself to be filled with laughter. He brought his hand up to hold onto Shaun's. "Why'd......you stop?" he asked shyly. He liked the kiss. It was the first time a stranger had ever tried something with him before. "You can....do it again....if you want to." His silver eyes slowly went back up to Shaun's face. He didn't know why he felt like being so bold. He started feeling a little woozy after drinking his friend's water earlier.
  17. Shuan smiled as he kissed pax again but held the kiss. He tilted his head to the side as he made sure their lips locked, he then wraped his arms around pax's neck deepining the kiss while he did so.
  18. "Mmmh" Paxton moaned ever so slightly into the kiss. Feeling the other male's hands on his face made his blush deepen, but also turn him on a little more. He slowly placed his hands to his chest, resting his fingertips at his collarbone. His legs shuffled slightly, pressing himself into the kiss a little more. Shaun had such wonderfully soft lips he thought to himself.
  19. Shuan closed his eyes as he slowly added a bit of tounge into the kiss. " Mmmh. " He groaned lightly as he pulled pax closer to him. boy is he a good kisser. shuan thought as he kept kissing pax.
  20. Paxton's soft fingers slowly trailed from the other male's chest, up his neck, and finally cupped Shuan's jawline. He could feel the vibrations of his moans into the kiss. His lips only parted for a little air every now at then. He eventually pulled back slightly and whispered, "you're...very talented with that mouth of yours...." he blushed a little as he admitted it , blinking his silvery eyes at him. He wondered what such a cute boy like Shaun would choose to kiss him out of all the others at such a party.