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    She had had her fill of lust for the next few days. It was needed to; she'd be starting the classes today. All sorts of students were to be coming over into the human world, all on some experiment. It was silly to her, in all honesty. Bring her kind to see if they could mingle with humans safely. Of course they could; it was just a matter of 'are humans smart enough for this.' The answer to that was a definite no, but she wasn't one to argue. Blonde hair bounced on her back as the woman made her way through the high school, ignoring the stares that she'd always gotten from humans. She was a succubus, after all.
    "You must be Emily DiMinuet."
    "I am." Her accent was still fresh as she spoke to the older man, his receding hair line covered poorly by a comb over, and his belt doing a terrible job at containing his beer gut.
    "Welcome to Ravenwood High School. I hope you like it here. If you ever need anything, please, let me know. Maybe we can get together for drinks some time?"
    "Thank you. I don't date other teachers, though." Normally, she would say yes, but even she had standards. "It was nice to meet you, John." She knew all the names of the faculty here. The girl had done her homework.

    Turning into her class, the woman prepared her things, glancing up at the clock. The students would be filing in any moment, she suspected. It was still a half an hour until class started, but what kind of creature willingly wanted to hang around the humans?
    "It's just an experiment, Emily." She told herself, setting a stack of papers on the desk. "It won't last long."
    Now, all she had to do was wait.
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  3. Luna, for the first day of school, decided she would be early. She knew where her first period class was, considering the teacher requested all of the monsters be there. She wondered what they would talk about in there. Probably what she was taught every new year by her parents: don't show your true form to humans, blah, blah, blah. Whatever, Luna thought. She got to the school in the car her parents had shipped over from her home in Romania. She got out of her car, and walked up the steps of the school. She headed towards room 618, where her teacher was surely waiting.

    Rayne was not excited for the school year to start. She groggily got out of bed and looked at the clock. There were only thirty minutes until class started. Great, she thought. She hurriedly got ready and ran to school; that's what she had always done. She took her time though, not really caring if she was late or not. She got up to the school in about fifteen minutes, meaning she had about ten to spare. She went to the office to get her schedule, and started her day without any joy.
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    Ugh. Class. This was exactly what she didn't want. How horrible it all way, forcing creatures like her to go to a place like that one. She didn't enjoy the idea of a human school. She liked stalking the shadows, liked hanging out in dark clubs, searching for her next meal. Of course, the girl didn't mind humans. Her band didn't care that she was a vampire, and most of them let her feed from them. Only on the rare occasion that she didn't want someone else, though. Which was pretty much never. But nonetheless, she had to do this for her family. She came from a long line of incredibly powerful vampires, and so, she would make the best of it.
    She dressed quickly and huffed, opening the door. The sun was bright in her face, causing the girl to wince. She wasn't used to being in the sun. Hell, she was the first one in her family in a long time who was able to go in the sun. Sure, it had been a couple centuries, but luckily a faery had charged some ancient markings on her skin. Runes, or whatever. With a groan, the woman stepped out into the light, blonde hair billowing behind her as she left the mansion in the dust.

    The school was nice. It looked pretty old, possibly from a century ago. Perhaps it had been a hospital. Or even a museum. Stepping inside, the vampire took a breath and nodded once. Definitely a museum back in the late 1800's. Still a half an hour to class, Sansa walked around the halls, getting familiar with everything. Perhaps to find a quick snack. She wouldn't kill them, of course. Just a quick bite, and then compulsion to make them forget. But who knew who she'd be able to pin down. Emily had been expecting her, and the woman knew her too well. Perhaps it was smart to make her way there. Slowly, of course. She was hungry, after all.
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    Leaving the salt water bath had been extremely difficult for Cyrus. For a boy who was used to spending his time in the sea, this change to dry land had been hard. But he would do it... he would pay off his father's debt and perhaps come home with some tales about humans while he was at it. He wandered the halls of the school, gaze flitting to the people in the area curiously. The majority of these beings were humans, if he understood right... and he'd be discovering his fellow myths when he made it to Ms. DePastion's class. He wondered if she was one of them too... and if so, what she was.

    Cyrus' attention was drawn to how many humans had their noses to their small pieces of plastic with in built technology, wondering what they found so interesting about those oddly glowing things. He paused long enough to glance over someone's shoulder; though a dirty look from the person quickly sent him on his way. He made a mental note to never lend that person assistance of any kind, thanks to that look, and continued on his way feeling his anger rise just a little more. He found the classroom he had been told to go to without too much trouble, only getting turned around with the school map once.

    "This is it, huh? He asked, glancing around the classroom until his gaze landed on the teacher. "So Teach, are you part of this wonderful experiment?" Cyrus asked while he attempted to pinpoint just what kind of creature she was.
  6. Kitara woke early, dressing to impress. She had black denim shorts on and a grey vest, over that she had a long black hoodie and her bleach blonde hair was lightly curled and hung down by her hips, a turquoise beanie on and a generous amount of dark makeup. She looked ready to rock.

    She strolled onto the campus and tried to get an early idea of what this place would be like. She sauntered through the crowds of human students without even a sideways glance at any of them.

    She entered the homeroom with a darkened presence, but the beam upon her face was enough to display her excitement.

    "Gooood morning"

    She smiled cheerfully and fell into a seat near the back,
  7. Leaving his small town was both a blessing and a curse to him it seemed. He would have no one again, but its not like anyone ever cared for him either way. On the bus he looked dully out the window saddened at the colors that were dulled by his sunglasses. But alas he kept that stoic look atop his face he didnt want to... it was a habit now. Most people would end up being afraid of him but he knew a select few would end up bullying him. It hurt less knowing what he would face in this school. The bus halted to a stop making him bang his head on the window he was leaning on. This earned him laughs and may I say very crude comments on thier part.

    He steps off the bus and takes in the marvolous structure in front of him beginning to walk in......
  8. Matthew arrived to school on his bicycle as he normally would every school year, he wasn't really wanting it to happen any sooner but he had to go back unfortunately. He locked his bike at the bike rack and headed into the school to see what classes he had first, taking out the page he had he saw he had maths first, oh how fun can't wait, he thought to himself making his way to class. He passed by the people he recognised but a few new ones who must have been transfer students but there were a lot of transfer students. Matthew just wanted to get the school day over so he headed straight to the call room taking a seat in the middle of the class to the side.

    He had gotten there a bit before class started so he took out his phone and began to go over any notifications he had gotten over the past night. He lost himself into his phone and he wasn't paying much attention to his surroundings while he waited for class.
  9. [​IMG]

    The blonde woman stood around her class room, waiting for the few students to appear. Just as she suspected, they began filing in one by one. First, it was the little wolf, dressed for success and a little bit timid. She smiled and greeted the young woman as she walked in, watching her move to her seat. Then the siren, who seemed a bit unhappy to be there- weren't they all. As he spoke, Emily raised a brow, nodding once. "I am. Please take your seat and wait for the rest of the class to get here." Shortly after him, it was Kitara, the demon. "Hello, Ms. Nikael." She responded to her with a smile. Now all that were left was the werewolf Vincent and the vampire Sansa. She'd be trouble; she always had been. Taking a breath, her silver blue eyes cast up towards the clock. Only twenty minutes left. Surely the two had been there already. So where were they? "Class, please wait for me." I need to go find out where one Ms. Petrova is." Turning and escaping the classroom, Emily made her ways down the halls, searching for the girl she knew would be trouble.


    She was officially bored wandering through the halls. She'd turned this way and that, gone down that hallway, then turned and walked another way. She was doing her best to avoid Emily's classroom; her and the woman never got along, but that was fine. She didn't much enjoy the company of sex demons, anyway. San made her way to the front of the school, watching each kid get off the bus and make their way to the building. Girls hanging on their boyfriends, kissing them like the little whores they were. The smell of lust was sickening as they walked in and passed by her. Ugh, humans. She hated them. A couple of the guys who passed eyes her up, the blonde turning and winking at them, hoping to get one of them alone. But none of them looked at her for more than a few seconds.
    With a sigh, Sansa turned once more and scouted the faces, raising a brow at one boy who was just getting off the bus. He looked like he was probably her age. At least, her age when she was turned. His head was down, and she could hear the whispers about him poking fun at the freak. Freak? They wanted a freak, she'd give them a freak. One guy pushed him as he came through the door, Sansa looking at the man then to the 6'3" jock who had pushed him. Faster than the human eye could see, the woman moved and had him against the wall by his throat, feet dangling in the air.
    "Do you think it's funny?" She growled to him, holding him in the air with no problem. "I could kill you right now, and not feel bad about it." She took a step towards him, lowering him just enough so that she could get a good smell of him. Her lips traced across his skin, fangs extending.
    "Sansa Vladlena Petrova!" Ugh, she always ruined everything. "Drop him." With a groan, the vampire dropped the boy, watching as he coughed, gasping for air.
    "You ruined breakfast, Emily."
    "Get into my classroom. Now." Sticking her tongue out at the woman, Sansa turned on the ball of her foot, black heels clicking with each step. She looked to the white haired boy and smirked, winking at him.
    "Stay out of trouble, love." The two women glared at each other as San passed, running a hand through her blonde tresses.

  10. When griffen was pushed everything that was previously in his bag was spilt out. He sighed bored of this already and collects his things with his stoic face. He hears the commotion and looks up from his previous action of picking up his books. Seeing the jock pinned to the wall didnt make him feel better but worse. No one deserved pain.... although he got it from people everyday. So after the girl leaves he goes over to try to give the joke a hand. But to his dismay hes pushed to the ground and kicked mercilessly by the people walkinf back. Why did he deserve this? Simple.... he... was different.
  11. Luna sat at the closest chair to the window. She liked having a way out immediately, just in case. She felt a little uncomfortable being around so many different types of creatures and so many humans. Her teacher, a succubus by the smell of her, seemed nice. A siren and a demon walked in soon after her. They didn't disturb her so she was fine. For some reason, she was afraid of them. They were unfamiliar. That was probably why; she had always known who she was around. There were so many different smells, she was surprised she could tell what species they were. She just decided to try to calm herself until there was a distraction.

    Rayne went to her first period, art. She was a least happy about that class. She loved art, so she ran towards her class, not noticing how many people she didn't recognize. She got to class and sat at the back of the class. She decided to pull out a book until class started.
  12. Kit smiled and took her seat, leaning back and gazing out the window.
    "So who are you lot?"
    She grinned broadly at the little wolf girl and the siren.
    "I'm Kitara, nice to meet ya?"
  13. "My name is Accaila, but you may call me Luna," she answered. This demon-ish person seemed to be nice. She didn't seem like a demon, but it didn't matter. "Do you have a name? Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to say you didn't. I'm not very good at this social thing, outside my pack." Now Luna was embarrassed. She put her head down and slouched in her seat, trying to cover her embarrassment.
  14. She smiled.
    "Thats a lovely name, and don't worry, I don't mind. My names Kitara, but most call me Kit"
  15. Vincent woke extremely late, only a short time to get dressed and to school. He put on a pair of sloppy looking joggers and a white shirt and his typical jacket, running out the door with his bag. Once he arived in the parking lot he sighed and slowed his pace to a walk. He was interested in meeting all of the students at this school. The humans and otherwordly beings both. He spotted one of the, what he assumed jocks, around a boy and ran towards them. "Leave him alone!" He tried to raise his voice, somewhat failing to do so because of his weary state. The jock finally stopped after ignoring Vincent many times. "Are you okay?" He asked the boy on the ground, lending a hand to help him up. Vincent noticed his strange appearance, but didnt mind. He admired piercings and tattoos just as much as he did other cultures. ​
  16. "Okay, Kit. Where are you from? I know I am not from here, so i wonder how many other people are." Luna replied. She might be the only transfer, but she doubted it. This room is too hot, she thought. Guessing that it was a normal temperature around here, she just slouched some more. "I'm from Romania."

    Rayne was still just sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring. It didn't seem like there was very many students in art class. Rayne noticed, by looking out the window, that it might rain. The sky was cloudy. She was glad she had brought her jacket. Too bad for those people not at school yet, haha, she thought.
  17. She smiled at the girl, then noticed her discomfort at the heat of the room.
    "Romania huh, that's cool. I'm from Arizona... You okay?" She looked about. "Is there air conditioning in this damn room. Even I am a bit too hot, and I spent three years in hell."
    Her gaze settled on the dial on the wall for the air con. A smile set on her face as the dial slowly turned to a cold setting.

    "Much better?"
  18. "Oh, thank you. That is beginning to be better. Well, I wonder when our teacher will return. She has been gone longer than I would have expected for just looking for a student. I wonder why she is even worrying about it, also," Luna answered. The teacher should be back soon, she hoped.
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    Emily was the first one to burst into the classroom, dragging a very irritated Sansa behind her. "Go sit down." Her voice was stern, practically throwing the girl across the room. "You could have exposed us all!" San simply rolled her eyes.
    "Only myself, Emily. You would have been fine, along with everyone else here."
    "Sansa, I swear to the gods, if I find out you've bitten anyone in the time you're here, I will have you on the first ship back to Russia. Do you understand?" The blond scoffed, narrowing her eyes at the teacher. She knew Sansa's fears and wasn't afraid to use them against her.
    "And I'll have you sent back to hell where you belong, Miss DePastion. I'm older. You don't scare me." There was fire between the two as they stared each other down, the succubus finally taking a calming breath. There was no winning with that one. She was older, after all.
    "Fine. Take your seat, Miss Bites-A-Lot." San did as she was told, raising her brow at the woman. "Now that we finally have our little vampire back, I believe we're just waiting on one. I don't have much to say, so I'll inform him when he arrives. Unless he walks in just as I start." Emily took a breath and sighed. "As you all know, you have all been specifically selected for this program. You've come from all over. Romania, Russia, I'm from England. You're all different species. A wide variety of all of us. Hopefully you were told the expectation for this program. We are all here to blend in. To get along with the humans. If this is a success, then it will start being incorporated all over the world. It will be a change for our kind forever. We won't need to hide from the humans any more. We'll be able to live our lives freely." She began walking around the room slowly as she spoke, looking at everyone. "But, we have rules. The main one, one that was nearly broken already-" her eyes fell to Sansa. "is keep your fangs, claws, wings, tails, everything hidden. This is a trial period. Exposing ourselves will take time. It needs to be slow and gradual. The last thing we need is to cause planet-wide panic. I teach Junior and Senior English, so I will be seeing some of you in my class. Even there, stay hidden. I know, but none of the other teachers do. If we can survive this year, then it will be implemented everywhere. Feel lucky guys. You're the pioneers of your generation." She smiled as she walked back to the front of the room, turning and looking between each face. "And remember, if one gets exposed, we all do." Emily clapped her hands together and looked up at the clock, raising her brows. "Well, class starts in about fifteen minutes, so please, make your way there now. Have a great first day everyone!"
    San was the first to stand and walk from the classroom, purposely avoiding the expression on Emily's face.

  20. Luna got up and started to head out of the room. She looked back at Kit to see if she was following. "Are you coming? I have art class next. What do you have?" Luna asked. She kind of wanted at least one friend that was a supernatural. She might be the only werewolf here at the moment, but people had to have friends, right? Everyone has to have at least one.
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