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  1. Hello, this will be my place to store ideas for one on one roleplays. If you want to claim an idea post here or pm me. I can play both male and female roles. I also do both m/f and m/m. Okay here we go.

    1st idea: A Traitors Heart
    (Will play male or female and would prefer to be the royal.)
    It is about a fallen knight and his former prince/princess. When the kingdom falls the knight is fighting on the opposite side and end up capturing the royal. He keeps them hidden form thier poltical enemies but otherwise treats them harshly constantly demanding things and harassing them sometimes becoming outright violent. The truth behind the knights actions is that he found himself attracted to the royal and that was his reason for leaving his kings service. He resented not being able to have what he wanted and now that he has it he doesn't know how to react he is not good with feelings.

    (This could end up with the royal learning his secret and slowly showing him how to care or it could be more of a twised love hate relationship. Travel is also a possiblity as they are running from the prince/princesses enemies)

    2nd idea The Psychotic Suitor
    (The suitor is male the noble can be either I will play either. This will have mature parts I would be willing to skip some of the worse parts though)
    A weathy nobleman is loooking for a husband for his son/daughter. He has thrown many parties and tonight there is another. On this night a well dressed gentleman attends. He is well mannered and charming and quickly wins the heart of the young nobles father. The older man introduces him to his heir and they seem to get along well. After te ball is over the see each other again many tmes in the following year. Each time the gentleman is no less than polite if somewhat demanding and insistant. The mans true nature comes out one evening as he see's her his wife to be kissing one of the stable boys on the cheek. He becomes abusive and cruel demeaning and degrading her but he is still quite polite as he does this. In his mind he is only doing what needs to be done and helping her see what she truly is. Will she be able to speak out before the wedding or will she be forced to wed this snake in the skin of a gentleman.

    Okay thats all for now I'll add more later.
  2. I really like the first idea. Second one...ehh not so much, not part of my ballpark so yeah.
  3. Yeah its kind of out there but I'm glad you like the first one. A few things before we start. Do you mind playing the knight? Do you want a prince or a princess? Also if you have questions or ideas feel free to share.
  4. Oh well, I'm a female playing kind of person, I don't exactly know how to write from a guy's perspective so I tend to just write for a girl's.
  5. Well, we could make the knight female or you could play the princess. Up to you if you still want to do it.
  6. Ooh. girl knight is badass. I'll go for the girl night :)
  7. Okay then :) I'll play the prince then unless you want a princess instead?
  8. No no. Prince please. I'm not one for F/F relationships.
  9. Okay then. If there is nothing else I'll get us started.
  10. Yeah. Let's get this show on the road.
  11. Kay cool. Posted.