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  1. For those who aren't aware, Raven-Symone said on The View that she would discriminate against people with "ghetto" names, saying that she wouldn't hire them. I pretty much have no respect for Raven anymore since she's a sell-out now.

    I guess she'll be discriminating against me then since I'm sure her wanna-be white ass would consider my name ghetto. Someone's name doesn't determine anything about them especially their work ethic. Also when was the last time she's ever been relevant since That's So Raven? She's kinda hypocritical since her name isn't normal either but I digress.

    What are ya'll thoughts on this bullshit spouting moron who I'm ashamed to share the same race with now?
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  2. I do believe she is being a complete and utter twat now, and that's too bad because she used to be a really great role model. o____o And it always boggles me why someone would discriminate a person for their name, WHICH THEIR PARENTS MOST LIKELY CHOSE. You're denying someone an opportunity for something that is not even something they had control over. @____@

    What is supposed to count as ghetto anyway? D:< Is she only hating on black people with ghetto names? What about other people with painfully terrible names? What about kids named MUFFY or BADGER.

    Is so dumb!
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  3. Wait, isn't Raven also kind of a "ghetto ass" name, too?
  4. No because one of the Teen Titans, a Wesley Snipes look-alike from Tekken, and Mystique have it. They just don't have the Symone part at the end
  5. Stupid people gonna do stupid things. I think maybe she just believes someone with a "ghetto" name wouldn't be intelligent enough to handle the job she gave them. It's really just ignorance and stereotyping, and she was ignorant enough to believe that name or origin automatically determines your capabilities.

    What counts as "ghetto" anyway?
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  6. I will always be fascinated by how human beings feel simultaneously terrified of being lonely, and yet dehumanize others with such ease. That need to feel superior to one group, by affiliating with another. "I am better than those others, because of [insert quality here]."

    Nobody ever learns. We just go around in circles. This doesn't really make me feel angry or passionate, just sad. Rather than leaving yet another massive block of text in the pursuit of logic, I'll just leave this quote, because no logic can be found here.

    "There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as moral indignation, which permits envy or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue." — Erich Fromm.
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  7. Seems like a dumb reason not to hire someone even more so when you think for at least a minute and remember that unless they got a name change all that is on their parents. Hell if it wasn't for the fact that my mom couldn't for the the life of her pronounce it my original name was going to be Kiri, other line ups were Sadie, Cassidy, and Xena. Now granted I think some parents should be smacked for giving their kids certain names well not even smacked more of a sigh and a head shake but eh I exaggerate on how i feel about things a lot. Regardless you didn't get to pick your name so its a terrible reason not to hire someone, I mean there are plenty of legit reasons not to hire people and you're really going to go with a name as if that actually says anything about them? Though I think that someone who claims such a thing either A, did not give it much thought before they said it or B, want to say something like that because they think it'll get people talking about them more. Peas and crackers.
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  8. Well, discrimination based on name is somewhat less shitty than discrimination based on a person's inherent characteristics, so that's something. :|
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  9. Well Raven Symone discriminating against people based on the names given to them doesn't sound so bad...coming from her at least. Maybe if it was coming from some actor or actress that had a considerable amount of respect then I'd probably feel differently about it. Other than that, it just sounds like a washed up star that is barking with nonsense just to get a little attention. Now if that's what she truly feels then I'd recommend her getting some psychiatric help because Ravey's talking a little more crazier than normal. I must admit that I dislike ghetto names to an extent but I wouldn't treat anyone different because of it. Hmm...some people deserve to feel the back part of Rick James' hand...with great force.
  10. I feel like...Rosie Perez left the show because of her. Like every time Raven opened her mouth, Rosie would purse her lips and give Raven the stank eye lmao. I really liked Rosie, she was really passionate about her beliefs.

    Raven is so...boring. I wish she would just go <_<. 4realz. She is just loud and obnoxious.
  11. I'm curious as to what she considers Ghetto names.
  12. I'd wager these.
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  13. Raven's the same person who tried denying being black.

    Like, she was saying there were no such thing as white or black people, just people.
    Which sounds great... Until you realize she wasn't referring to morality, but to simply making a visual observation.
    She was taking issue with people calling themselves by their own skin colour even.

    Though at least in that case we could say she was just going the "Everyone's the same" route too strongly...
    The Ghetto name thing directly conflicts with this... :/

    Which makes me think she's just looking for attention.
  14. Yeeeeaaaaaah, Raven used to be cool back in the day. Now she's getting nuts.
  15. Not necessarily that I agree with what she says, but I do admire the honesty.

    Its these types that make people think about the world we live in. Different ideas on how we interact with each other, different ways that people can be perceived.

    People talk about diversity all day long, but they always forget or ignore that something exists called "diversity of thought" and that people have different thoughts and ideas. What is normal to one group of people is completely absurd to other people. It really isn't things like different skin colors, or names that make us different, but our thoughts and ideas about the world around us.

    Sure, her ideas may seem shitty, but it opens up a chance to talk about things like this in the world. Otherwise, it would be a boring ass world.
  16. Reasons why I stay away from talk shows.
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  18. ...

    At first Justin Bieber was just some kid who got shit for singing to little girls...

    Then he became an actual piece of shit.
    And now he's an actual stupid piece of shit. >.<

    And no I don't actually hate the guy.
    But wow does he make my head hurt at times...

    Ok, that's better.
  19. This is really flimsy logic.

    I know it's not YOUR logic obviously, but just because the name exists in pop culture doesn't mean it's not "ghetto."

    Pretty upsetting overall that someone would outright say something as controversial as this. I always feel like a celebrity's gotta be pretty dumb to say something this stupid. >__>
  20. There ain't no intelligence test for leaders and the popular. That's what makes them what they are: Aim for average, aim for pleb. If we really expected the most out of those at the top, they'd be scientists, not movie stars. :ferret:
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