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  1. The guild fairy-tail has long since passed.
    Their legacy written with in the book of ‘Guilds’- a book which records and documents all guild activity since the beginning of time. The war between good and evil has ended, no longer do Guilds hold strong but are now owned by noble military houses.
    No longer will they be free to use magic, anyone with a guild symbol must uphold the laws set by the Magic Council.

    1. No Hybrid Magic.
    2. All players must join the guild : Raven Song. If your character already has a guild, they must have a good reason for leaving said guild to join this one.
    3. Rank System : Their are four rank systems within this world. Every new member starts out as rank D, to move up in ranks you must be diligent in your duties. Surviving your nation, town, or country with a full-mind-body and soul.
    4. Under no circumstances must you disobey your Guild Leader. Failure to abide by the rules will result with a stripped ranking, termination of guild mark and banishment.
    5. Must write at least a paragraph. MUST MAKE SENSE with the story, everything has to flow in a timely manner. If you do not know what to write ask for help.
    6. Enjoy!
  2. --------- [ Chapter One ] --------

    So, you want to join Raven Song?

    " Can you hear the raven singing? Can you hear it calling for its kin?"

    There she stood, the begining of fate.
    She stood glancing at Able for a few moments. He could feel the power of her healing magic, its essence seemed to invade his insides to the point where he couldn’t remember the last time he feared anything. Magic burns in mysterious ways, his brother’s words burned into cracks of his mind. It had been a long time since he had seen his brother Gideon when he joined the guild Raven Song and now he was about to find out if he too was worthy enough to make a name for himself.
    “Able Blackthorn?” she called out.
    Her light sky colored gaze never left his face and left Milo uncomfortable. But the smell of her sweet perfume tickled his nose as her nose brushed against his own.
    “You look just like the master, the splitting image of him.” She breathed before stepping back into place, her skirt fluttered lightly with the breeze.
    “Now then,” she clapped her hands. “My name is Adelita Healstone,” she pulled up her short sleeve revealing a raven in mid-flight. It gleamed like diamonds exposing her magic type as a sly grin now planted on her freckled face. “Do you know the first rule about the guild marks?”
    Milo thought back on his time spent at the local library learning of about the rules and regulations, so many regulations that his head began to hurt.
    “Yes. The mark exposes your magical ability, it’s a weakness to all mage types. The color represents what magic class; the enchant effects exposes the magic ability.”
    Adelita nodded before letting go of her sleeve, the tattoo snuggled in its secure hiding place. She then unbuckled the flap of her small bag and pulled out a card.
    “Now, your trial begins now young mage. There are two other recruits headed to this location, together you will need to find Raven Song House and only then will you earn the title and mark of a true guild member.”
    Before Milo could ask anything else a bright flash of light erupted, followed by the sound of flapping wings. Blinking the spots out of his visions he looked down to see a black business card and a white feather; in gold letters a single address greeted him: Westwood, Meadow.
  3. Raven Song, the guild he had heard so much about, and now he finally had a chance to join. And so he walked, his long violet hair flowing in the wind.

    Vin's heart began to race, he wasn't sure what to expect but he knew he couldn't turn back. He had been waiting for a chance to join Raven Song for some time and he wasn't going to let the opportunity slip by.

    Vin walked into the area and saw multiple people already there.

    "Oh crap am I late?" He thought to himself, too nervous to actually ask.
  4. Ariya smiled to herself as the wind blew her long black hair. Raven Song was the most talked about Guild. In fact her older sister was a member. Finally, she had the chance to follow in her sisters footsteps.

    Ariya glanced around at the others in the area and noticed a guy with violet hair. She manuvered skillfully through the crowd of people and walked over to him.

    "Hello." she waved slightly at him, a soft smile on her lips.
  5. This was never going to be an easy task. Milo knew that better than anyone as a glimmer of his brothers training flashed through his mind. He stared at his hands for a few seconds a deep sense of anxiety swelling up within the bowels of his stomach.

    Deep breaths. Nothing ever good happens when you head isn't leveled. Observe, wait, watch and listen, Able calmed down. His brothers wise instructions burned within his soul as he scanned the small group within the meadow leading into the legendary enchanted forest.

    He could make out the sinister hill looming over the hollow trees. The top covered in ominous gray cloud that streched over the forest blocking out the sun. Since he was a boy the story's that sprouted theories of
    Raven Song being against the Magi-Government. Even his brother dismissed the idea all together when confronted. But Able was always optimistic about the guild considering they only recruit the best of the best. The most natural born talent and a grin spread across his face.

    Being born into a pure-blooded mage home sprouted his branch with famous makes from around the world. Even his brother was blooming in the ranks. Gideon was everything he strived to become as he joined with the rest of the pack. Already the thick aroma of magic burned through the air.

    So many new young bloods here to accept the trial," his familiar voice spoke among the bustling crowed of one-hundred.

    Milo could recognize that Russia accent anywhere. Shades burning ruby gaze focused on the crowd, back leaning against a hollow oak tree branch. Running a copper colored hand through his midnight colored-locks their eyes connected for a slight moment. Before he revealed his jagged shark teeth, the stench of dragons breath tickled his nose and whispers began to surface.

    Shade was the last of seven dragon born mages. His other siblings scattered across the domain serving the government of guilds. It was an honor to witness one of the three most powerful mage classespecially in the three continents of Elzeba. The stench of his pure-blood was strong and finally their eyes broke away and Shade focused on the task at hand.

    This test is not a solo run but a group run. When joining a guild everyone is asigned to a group of three to balance out weakness," he paused pulling out sparks of paper.

    Without warning he blew a blazing inferno and scattered the scorched papers into the air. Instinctively Able plucked one and blew it out quickly and the number 12 burned in brighthe sinister color before going out in a puff of ash.

    Now when I call out your number step forward," he dropped down gracefully and the process began. He didn't have to wait long before his number was called, waiting no time he headed over to Shade joined with another tall, lanky figure with purple hair and a girl. He ignored both of them as Shade tied a strand a cloth on their wrists the color of Ivory.

    "Group twelve." Shade glanced over the group before pulling out what looked to be a map from his inside vest pocket. He handed it to the talked figure in the group before speaking once more.

    Team lead, your reposponsable for leading the group towards the house. Follow the directions of the map but be warned this forest is enchanted. Brimming with creatures egar to eat or suck your abilities dry." He then flashed his fangs before waving his hand away in a dismissal like gesture.

    Able was the frist to stand a few feet away from the massive group getting there numbers called. The entrance hung before him displaying four cross roads, he could hear the unfolding of the map behind him. Shoving his hands in his favorite orange hoodie pockets a voice spoke up.

    Straight ahead," he mumbled as Able stepped to the side and let the team leader guide the way. He could feel another set of eyes glance at him but ignored the undesired presence. Friends aren't needed to cross the finishline, Able thought.

    "Isn't that right, Gideon." He whispered low enough for him to hear.

  6. Vin walked in front, trying to focus on both, the map and the forest they walked through, trying to make sure he doesn't get everyone lost.

    "Ok...so i'm the leader...I can do this." He thought to himself, trying not to let his nervousness show.

    "So..." A voice snapped him out of his deep thoughts. And once Vin turned his attention to the voice the dark haired girl playfully continued: "Sir leader sir. Heh ha ha." Then she gazed at the map herself as she asked: "Are you sure we're going the right way?"

    Vin positioned the map to make it easier for her to see as he answered: "Yeah this is the right way. The map is actually fairly simple. we just need to reach our destination. The only problem is that it's so far it looks like it'll take a while."

    "Alright looks good." she replied placing her hands behind her head as she walked.

    "Yeah we just need to try to avoid as many monsters as we can to save our energy. Never know what'll happen when we get there."

    And just then, as if on cue a large green Gorilla-esque monster appeared, letting out a loud shout.


    The beast threw a punch at the group, but they all jumped away at the same time, and it shattered the ground instead.

    "A forest Vulcan!" the boy in orange shouted, "I'll handle it!"

    "NO!!!" Vin declared "We can't waste time and energy so early on in the trail. I'll end this fast."
    Screen shot 2016-09-19 at 4.07.43 PM.png

    And with those words Vin pounded his fists together in a way that the back of his right fist faced outward but the back of his left fist faced himself and shouted: "SHADOW MAKE:" Then suddenly he releases his hands and positioned them as if holding something large as a shadow moved in his hands, forming a large black hammer held in his hands. "WAR HAMMER!!!!"

    "Wow! Maker magic!"

    And so Vin sped up to the Vulcan and swung his large hammer right into the beasts torso, hitting it so hard that the beast went flying into the sky, far out of sight.

    "Alright lets get moving before something else shows up."
  7. "Nicely done." Ariya smiled at the man with purple hair. She continued walking beside him, humming a soft song to herself. "Oh! My name is Ariya. What are your names?" she said a bit to excited as she remembered they weren't even introduced.

    "Vin." the purple haired man simply replied. Ariya nodded and looked over to the man in orange expecting an answer.

    After a few moments of silence she heard him mumble something. Ariya slowed to walk beside him and tilted her head slightly trying to hear better. "I'm sorry, but what was your name again? I'm sometimes heard at hearing." she explained as she laughed a bit, hoping she didn't offend him.

    "Milo." he murmured so she could hear and sped his pace up. "Oh! Both of you have cool names!" Ariya said as she jogged slightly, though she didn't have to, to catch up.

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