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  1. ~ The History ~

    ~ The Setting ~

    ~ The Cast ~
    @Raven Haruka
    Chihiro Kawamura (open)

    ~ G e n e r a l - I n f o r m a t i o n ~

    Name: Chihiro Kawamura
    Pronunciation: "Chee-hear-o Kawa-meur-a"
    Sex: Female
    Birth Date: March 5
    Age: 17
    Orientation: Heterosexual (or at least that's what she tells everybody...)
    Dominant Hand: Left
    Astrological Sign: Pisces
    Handwriting: Very neat, with a little bit of swirly-ness to it.

    Color Hex: #54FF9F (Sea Green)

    ~ A p p e a r a n c e ~


    Height: 4'9
    Weight: 134 lbs.
    Blood Type: O-
    Skin Color: Rosy-Pale
    Hair Color: Coal-like Black
    Hair Length: Reaches hips.
    Hair Type: Soft waves are found throughout the length of her hair- just enough to keep it from being straight as a board.
    Hair Style: Usually only pinned back for special occasions, it's kept down most of the time.
    Eye Color: A goldish-hazel.
    Body: Small in frame and somewhat 'blah', Chihiro doesn't think much of her body- her legs are too long compared to her torso, her face seems to be colder than her personality, and she's super short!
    Complexion: Light and clear, with very little blemishes.
    Scars: On her mid-back, there is a few long strips of scar flesh- which appear as whip marks.
    Makeup: Not much is done in terms of makeup, as it is far too expensive for someone of her stature.
    Scent: Tends to smell faintly of lavender.

    ~ P e r s o n a l i t y ~

    Likes: Light purples, Sea green, Apples, Cats,
    Dislikes: Dogs, Bitter/Sour Foods,
    Nervous Tics: Usually bites her lower lip and/or rubs her left wrist.
    Phobias: Claustrophobia- fear of confinement.

    Love Style: To Chihiro, romance isn't something to be taken lightly. It's a special feeling that one should hold dear- which is exactly what she tries to do. A romantic at heart, she attempts to hold fast to her lover- trying to please him/her to her best capabilities, for that is enough to make the young woman happy as well.

    Flirtiness: Not the flirtiest of flirts, Chihiro can never seem to initiate a good flirt without some major awkwardness ensuing.

    General Personality:
    In public, Chihiro remains an introvert- avoiding large crowds if possible and talking to as little people as she can. Though, when she notices somebody in need- the woman can't help but stop and assist. It's exactly this attitude that causes worry amongst those who know her, but it (usually) doesn't stop Chihiro from doing the right thing.
    Although this seems bold, the truth is that she tends to worry too much about the opinions of others. She's the type of person who would rather it be her who was hurting, rather than others. Because of this constant fear of hurting other people's feelings, Chihiro will simply remain silent- or be dishonest and say what the other person wants to hear.

    ~ O t h e r ~

    Abode: Currently, she lives alone, in a small apartment- the complex being owned by her ever-so-loving Uncle. The residence consists of a single bathroom, the only bedroom being found across the small room that is furnished with nothing but a few floor cushions and a small table. The kitchen is small, but definitely usable- though pantry space isn't the best.

    Pets: While she currently doesn't own a pet, Chihiro would enjoy the company of a cat.

    Mother: Maiyo Kawamura (deceased)
    Father: Rosuke Kawamura (deceased)
    Current Guardians: Hiroshi Kawamura (Uncle, alive)

    @B l u E s
    Ren Yamaguchi (open)

    Name: Ren Yamaguchi
    Age: 18 Years old
    Sex: Female
    Orientation: Undecided
    Birth Date: October 31st
    Astrological Sign: Scorpio
    Dominant Hand
    : Right
    Handwriting: Messy but readable.

    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 150 lbs
    Blood Type: AB+
    Skin Color: Tan
    Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
    Hair Length: Long
    Hair Type: Wavy
    Hair Style: Man Bun or Loose
    Eye Color: Blue
    Body: Fit
    Makeup: light makeup to define male features
    Scent: Citrus

    Male Faceclaim: Ren Jinguji
    Female Faceclaim: Link

    ~ The NPCs ~
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