Raven/Dc Comics Shared Universe RP 1x1 or Group, OOC, CS, Interest Check.

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  1. There exists other realms, other dimensions, and other entities that transcends our understanding as humans. These paralogical occurrences holds host to many things that everyday life describes as "unexplainable" or "phenomena".....and these are the very things that co-exist in the commonplace of space and time, right under civilization's nose and within grasp. They hide away in the shadows, lurk outside the physical and abstract sight of many, but these anomalies reside with society every single day...

    So what happens when the gateway and interconnection between the two are explored? Explored through the perspective of one of the most powerful, darkest beings known to civilization? The cambion. The chosen one. A young girl raised in the pacifist ways for truth and light, but holds a dark, sinister secret inside her that will shatter all realms into an eternal abyss at the very wave of her hand...Or is there truly always light in darkness? For one will become the symbol of both, and ascend as something much greater.
    For that symbol will be depicted as...Raven.

    Little does she know, there's a bigger, badder world out there full of other beings that hide in the shadows, some stand in pride before others, and some are plotting their on ulterior motives in a quest for justice, power, vengeance, or domination. There exists a bigger universe that will all come together when fate calls for it to. They are never truly alone. They will form a universe in which the fate of it will rest in their hands...

    [Based on the Dc Comics characters and storyline]

    You CAN have Original Characters for this DC Universe, so long as they have solid backstories. Anyone that wants to claim the heavyweights like Batman, Superman, etc. make sure you know their history WELL because we will be adapting and playing in the world established DC Shared Universe by films and shows like Man of Steel, Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Constantine, Batman vs Superman, etc.

    ^_^ anyone interested lemme know!

  2. Would this be Dick Grayson as Robin or as Nightwing?
  3. Probably Nightwing
  4. Hmmmm. I'll take that then CS? Or not really since I'm playing someone so iconic?
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  5. ((reserved for my CS))

    Blood Type:
    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:


    Dc Comics or Original Character?



  6. Sorry I slept the day away yesterday and I'm working group tonight but I will tomorrow morning when I get out.
  7. Okay that's fine!
  8. (I am so sorry this took so long but its a lot to actually write out having all of this information in your head. And I know this is going to sound like a textbook. But it's because of how much I love Dick Grayson.)

    Name: Nightwing
    Secret Identity: Ricard John "Dick" Grayson
    Age: Arguably 21 through 27
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 175 pounds
    Blood Type: O-
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: (Being as big of a Dick Grayson fan as I am I even researched for this and couldn't find anything so N/A?)

    Traits(5): Listening to music
    Martial arts
    Spending time with his friends/teammates
    Working out
    Passionate about his work
    Great with motorized vehicles

    Flaws(5): Being taken for a fool
    Failing missions
    Losing battles
    His friends in danger
    Being so jaded from the years he sometimes over steps his own line

    Dc Comics or Original Character? DC

    Powers/Skills: Escapology
    Master of stealth and disguise
    Master in Acrobatics, being one of three people in the world to be able to do a quadruple somersault, the other two being his deceased parents.
    Leadership skills
    Master of a half-dozen martial arts disciplines including but not limited to: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu,Sambo, Karate, Muay Thai, Judo, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin Kung-Fu, Ninjitsu, and Capoeira with an emphasis on Aikido
    Master Tracker
    Fluently speaks in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, the alien language of Tamaran, American Sign Language and has some knowledge of Romani

    I know this isn't the New 52 outfit but I like this one better.


    Bio: At a young age, argued between ages 8 through 12, he was member of the Flying Graysons. The world's best acrobatic family. They were murdered in front of him by Tony Zucco, a mafia boss who the owner of Haley's Circus owed money to. Bruce Wayne being there was well adopted him being reminded of himself. Bruce took him under his wing and trained him after Dick realized who Batman was. Quickly he became a master of dozens of martial arts disciplines. He was rigorously trained by his mentor in everything from escapology to criminology, fencing, stealth, disguise, and numerous other disciplines. Also with the result of being under Bruce's care he received the best education. With that became Batman's first side kick. Robin. He would set the bar for Robins in future generations by founding and becoming the leader of the Teen Titans. Spending more time with the Titans then along side Batman he would hang up his Robin cape. Stepping away from the vigilante scene for a few years. Within this time he would go to college and tried to stop living off of Bruce's money. Becoming jaded by the injustice of the world he returned to Bruce for help wanting to restart his vigilante life. With Bruce's dismissal he found himself talking to Superman and getting told of a story of a vigilante on Krypton called Nightwing. Getting inspired he took the name for himself and with a little help from Bruce he gained a home base in Bludhaven with a costume of his own design. Through out his time in Bludhaven he became a recognized face in Gotham and member of the Justice League. Also went on to lead the Outsiders for a time before handing it to Red Hood. When Bruce died he left Bludhaven to Gotham. Taking up his mentors mantle against his last will and testement claiming he'd be back. When Bruce did come back after a while, Dick gave back his mantle to him and reclaimed Nightwing. Then moved from Gotham to Chicago.
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  9. Ok a few things: it's fine about the wait dear no worries!!! But Bruce Wayne in the shared dc universe isn't dead (at least yet) him and Dick had a falling out and went their separate ways, so you should change that small fact sorry! Also with your Nightwing pics can you provide an actual pic of what he looks like out of costume? Last thing...more people reacted to my Fandom OOC and CS so could you just copy and paste your info here: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threa...t-check-please-read.64043/page-2#post-1449782

    Sorry about that, oh but your character is accepted :)
  10. Well no he didn't "die" he claimed he would be back. Which Dick didn't listen and became Batman. When Bruce came back he was still Batman for a bit unconvinced that he was ready to become Batman again. And where was the falling out? When he left his Robin mantle? I thought I put that I'll clarify that then and no worries about the double post it was a blast to walk down memory lane and write all of this! ^.^
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  11. I know all of that but that's from the comics. This shared universe is based from the DC films and shows I listed hah
  12. So basically I just included too many things from the comic universe lol would you like me to edit those out?
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