Raven and Taven

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  1. On December 21st 2012 a new strain of the swine flu erupts from a supposed cure for swine flu. The new virus turns victoms into mindles beings that feed on the fleash of humans It is know that the virus spreads only when bitten by an infect since said "cure" was adminsiterd world wide the horde of undead wash over huminty like a Tsunimai.

    Only a handful of people survied the outbreak and fewer learned how to. One survior by the name of Taven is in that select group. He has a set or rules and protcols that he fallows and being ex- navy seal helps with his ability to survive.

    Taven is wearing a simple black t-shirt and blue jeans he has a 4 ft sword strapped to his back underneath a backpack filled with essencatiol needs, he also is carring an M-16 in his hand as well as a chest holsier with a 9-mm in on sling and a K-bar in another holder he also has a best with ammo pouches on.

    Taven enter a house and does a quick but throual look for any sigh of the dead he then walk up to the master room and shuts the door and falls alseep.
  2. Taven opens one eye and looks at the girl infront of him then down at the machete at his throat he then looks up back at the girl before speaking. "do you mind i was having a pleasnt dream. as to who am i, the names taven and to what i am doing here as you could probly see before you so ruddly awoken me i was sleep for the first time in 3 days." dont worry i didnt take anything was planning on salvagin for food and other items i need. now if you dont mind please remove your machete from my throat.
  3. hiding in a closet of a house of who it belonged to she didn't no. but raven heard footsteps and wasn't sure what to do. so she jumped in the closet and hid shutting the door. seance the infection she hadn't had much time to take care of herself. she wore a black dress with a brown belt that held her hand guns. her knifes and her bat in hand she crotch-ed down and waited. 'doesn't sound like one of those things..... but maybe i should stay hidden a little longer...' she thought so when she heard the bed creak she froze. then after a moment or two she slowly opened the sliding door to the closet and crawled out.
  4. Noticing movent he opens his eyes. and pulls out his 9-mm who are you speak or be shot are you infected? at this he stands up having a stright shot to the door if he need to run
  5. raven jumped up and held up her hands "im not infected im still human and if you shot ill shot back!" she yelled as she held her gun at this strange man.
  6. Taven lets out a small chuckle "Girl if i shot you, you wouldnt even have time to think what happened im ex- militry navy seal to be exact. now what where you doing hiding in the cloest?"
  7. raven clenched her teeth and glared clod and hard at the stranger. "i was hiding because i thought you where a .... those things" and she pointed out the window. The dead have risen, and they're hungry. Consumed with a ravenous desire for human flesh, they are everywhere. All they do is kill, and the people they kill? Moments later, they get up and start killing themselves, infected with whatever it is that is causing the newly dead to rise. Society is crumbling. The world is going straight to hell. my own family and friends may have joined the ranks of the undead. And they're coming right at me.....

  8. I seen my those Squad fallen to the same thing i put them out of their misrey and gave them a proper burail. ive been movin from place to place taking what i need killing any and all i see if i can get away with it. we a few hours before they might mindless wonder in her mabye who know there is no reason behind thier thinking as you said they only seem to have the instict to feed.
  9. raven looked back at the stranger. he was nice to look at ... nothing special but good looking enough. she wasn't interested though. shed had someone she loved. a high school lover that she married right out of high school.he ate there twins....."so....what were you doing?" she asked snapping out of the thought.
  10. I was sleeping to regain streagth before salvaging what i can from the houses before moving on.
  11. she looked around at the distraction of the house "....ya....ummm... i don't think your going to find much here.... but we can sleep " and she strolled over to the bed and lased down.
  12. Taven watch as she got in to the bed and thought to him self. she sure does look good how long has it been no... theres no time for that i only need to worry about surving i should sneak off after she falls asleep and find a differnt place i was hoping ot raid this place but there are pleanty of other houses here and a few stores as well. Taven then looks at his watch "three hours should be penty before we need to head out."
  13. "alright ......c...come here" she motioned him to move and lay next to her. '.... what am i thinking.... but suddenly... i wanna...' she thought as she seemed to fall into a lustful daze.
  14. he moved in closer as he was told a bit confused. thinking to himself What is goin on? is she coming on to me?
  15. she grabbed his arm. 'woooow muscles i likey!' she though and pulled him on top of her. and pushed herself up and softly kissed him.
  16. shocked by the sudden advacne he made no attempt to stop it, he kissed this girl he had just met back.
  17. raven rapped her arms around this man. 'hes a good kisser... ' and she got lost in the moment.... to lost... there where signs ...she didn't hear the moans that wherent there's .. she didn't see the shadows that wherent supposed to be there... she hadn't seen the creatures in the shadows. till it was to late and there was a giant smash.
  18. In a blink of an eye taven had rolled her and him off the bed on the other side he pulled out his silinced 9-mm on his side and started to shoot at the undead never missing a shot hitting each one between the eyes.
  19. they all fell dead.... for real dead this time not like....walking dead dead but dead. raven was to shocked to say anything just laid under taven as he shot to protect them both and suddenly when it all ended she started to cry without noticing it.
  20. Taven reloads he mag and gets up and keeps it on the door making sure others dont come he then looked down its ok we are safe.