Rattlesnake Zemni: Military RP

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  1. A realistic war role play that can be set in the Middle East or can have a fictional conflict stage (such as in the Ukraine or something like that)

    I'd want the role play to be balanced with characters on both sides of the forces.
  2. awesome I'm in, i've always wanted to do a realistic war RP
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  3. 1 2, 3 4, Marine Corps. Im in
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  4. Yesss!

    Now, where will the setting be?

  5. Well, you all interested?
  6. yup definitely interested
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  7. Alright;
    So what should the setting be?
  8. Well it could take place all over the world, but maybe there could of been an attack on America taking out a lot of cities, but Los Angeles was not attacked and the city was closed down and the terrorists are trying to attack it?