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Rat's Looking for You!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by upscalerat, May 24, 2016.

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  1. Hello all! I'm Rat, a pleasure to meet you!
    I'm on summer break! Go wild, friends, go wild with me.
    So, some things to know about myself:
    About Me (open)

    • I am 19.
      I just finished my freshman year of college. I will have an internship or a job or something- but I should also have plenty of downtime to be able to reply to you! So if it's been a few days, feel free to bug me. Most likely, I closed the tab by accident, and think that I already replied.
    • I'll admit that I'm shy, but I do like talking to you! So if you wanna talk in OoC, please do! If not, don't worry about it! But it'll probably be up to you to start OoC conversation. And feel free to talk about anything! Tell me about your day, or an idea about the plot, or a headcanon you daydreamed up today in class/at work, anything!
    • I consider myself adept. I will not roleplay with you if you are give-no-fucks or beginner. I may not roleplay with you if you're elementary. I will not roleplay with you if you are douche. I may not roleplay with you if you're prestige.
    • I typically will hold you to these points- I won't expect daily replies, but I would appreciate a heads up if you're vacationing in the Atlantic for a month and won't have wifi. Likewise, I'll try to let you know if I'll be gone for a week+, but please don't get too impatient with me. I would appreciate if you don't give me two sentences if I give you two paragraphs. (Please note, I also will typically match however much you give me.) I don't expect your spelling and grammar to be perfect, but I would love it if your message is coherent. (I will do my best on spelling and grammar in all situations.)
    • If you tell me that you roleplay only females or only males, then I suggest you look away. If you prefer to play one or the other, that's okay, but no onlys, thank you. I've had too many bad experiences with people who are that strict in what they'll roleplay in the past, I'm afraid.

    Anyways, on to the fun stuff; what do I roleplay?
    Almost everything.
    Romance is never a problem for me. I'll throw characters in any direction you like. Smut... I don't necessarily have a problem with it, but I also don't have a lot of experience writing it. You've been warned. I am over 18, though, so I cannot do smut with anyone that is not 18 or older!
    Gore isn't a problem for me, but please tell me if it is for you!
    Same goes for cursing.
    I will ask you to refrain from much on spiders. Of course, I will refrain from anything that you ask me to.
    I do ask that give me at least a paragraph to work with, if not more!
    And, a super important rule: Grammar is really important. I expect proper grammar, spelling, and capitalization. Everyone makes typos, and I won't jump down your throat over anything, but if you send me something along the lines of "hey can we rp i rally like ur ____ plot", I will not respond to you.
    Because I've had issues with people sort of ignoring the above two rules, please, just to prove to me that you have read them, tell me what timezone you're in.

    Genre wise! I have about three restrictions.
    1. Fandoms aren't my thing. You can convince me on them- particularly Legend of Zelda- but don't be surprised if I say no.
    2. Aliens/space/whatnot just really doesn't tickle my fancy. Sorry!
    3. If you're looking for something that is historically accurate, then I'm afraid you've come to the wrong place.
    Other than that, I'm open to just about anything, so feel free to suggest anything!
    Pairings (open)
    * = Which I would prefer to play. If you would also prefer that role, though, let me know! Chances are you'll be able to. c:
    I am fine with mature topics in any of these if you are eighteen or older. I expect that you will not engage in anything too mature if you are not eighteen or older. I prefer to play submissive female characters in sexual situations.
    Feel free to suggest other pairings, as well! These are just some that I thought of.

    Pirate x Kidnapped Victim
    Assassin x Target
    Thief x Victim
    Master x Maid*
    Elf* x Human
    Elf x Vampire
    Elf x Werewolf
    Elf x Supernatural Creature Of Your Choice
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Vampire
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Vampire x Supernatural Creature Of Your Choice
    Werewolf x Human
    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Werewolf x Supernatural Creature Of Your choice
    Prince/ss x Thief
    Prince/ss x Kidnapper
    Prince/ss x Servant*
    Adventurer x Adventurer
    Merperson x Sailor/Person/Pirate
    Witch/Wizard/Mage/etc. x Human
    Witch/Wizard/Mage/etc. x Elf
    Witch/Wizard/Mage/etc. x Vampire
    Witch/Wizard/Mage/etc. x Werewolf
    Witch/Wizard/Mage/etc. x Apprentice
    Witch/Wizard/Mage/etc. x Supernatural Creature Of Your Choice
    Demon x Human
    Demon x Elf
    Demon x Vapire
    Demon x Werewolf
    Demon x Supernatural Creature Of Your Choice
    Subject x Photographer*

    Cravings (open)
    I'm really feeling that thing with the mage in the tower.

    Mage x demon would also be really cool.

    A couple years back, I had a roleplay going with a friend of mine featuring a utopian bubble society in a post-apocalyptic world, and two outcasts surviving and amassing powerfully in it. I played an android. I would love the opportunity to use her in this world again- the thread is here, if you want to read what we started, before we got busy with school. We could do something completely different or quite similar, whatever you want.

    I have a half elf character I would love to use- her type of elf is just a touch removed from the most traditional, Tolkien sort, so she would require some explaining, but, please, if you're curious, let me know!

    Plots (open)
    All of these plots are alterable- these are more skeletons to work with. We can change them to better suit our needs.
    * = Which I would prefer to play. If you would also prefer that role, though, let me know! Chances are you'll be able to. c:

    Demon* x Human
    Let's talk about death, shall we? What happens when you die? For the sake of this roleplay, when one dies they are turned either into an angel or a demon, based on how good or bad they were in life. (For the record, your average joe who has a neutral karmic meter will go to hell and become a demon.) Angels get to remember their human life, and demons don't. Very powerful angels get turned into archacngels, very powerful demons get promoted to devils. Though in this particular world there is no god, angels do believe that there is one, dormant somewhere. As for demons, well, devils constantly knock each other on and off the throne down there. A demon's type is determined by how they die: for instance, a person who drowns will be a water demon. Angels don't have types such as that. Demons and angels can manipulate elements as they need, but demons have an easier time manipulating their own element, if they have one. (Those that die of say, old age, won't have a type.) Demons and angels alike can be injured just as easily as a human, but can withstand long past what would kill a human.
    Other than that, the human world is the same as our own. As for the plot: the current ruling devil wants power. She wants total take over, and so has sent out demons and devils of hers to gather more demons. The goal is simple: a demon will be given a human mark, and will then ensure that upon death they will become a demon. If possible, or necessary, the demon will try to convince the human to join forces with the demons, and once it is sure that the person would become a demon, the demon kills the person. However, in this situation, the person and the demon fall in love. The demon no longer wants to kill the human, because that would mean losing their loved one, as demons don't retain their human memories, but the human very much wants to help the demon's cause- and prevent the retributions that will come the demon's way for failing to kill the person.

    Vampire* x Human
    Medieval setting. There are two kingdoms in this land, and probably more, but we're focusing on the two. The vampires and the humans have never particularly liked each other; but there is a fragile sort of peace between the two, currently. One nation, however, gets wind that the other plans to attack and conquer, and sends a spy over to verify if this is true and, if it is, stop it before it happens, if possible. The spy gets close to a person in the royal quart to do just this.
    If the spy is human or vampire can be worked it as you wish. The relationship between the spy and the royal can also be worked out; they can end up falling in love, or one can thwart the other's plan, or something, depending on what you like.

    Witch* x Other
    Medieval fantasy; the extent of fantasy is something that we'll have to work out.
    There is this religion that worships the sun, Solaris. It is the primary religion of this land, and a sacrificial one; most nonfollowers becomes sacrifices to the sun. In this world, magic is something that people can learn, but the worshipers of Solaris have taught the general people that any magic that is done by someone who isn't a priest is sinful magic.
    One of our characters is a powerful witch. She was enslaved as a child to help build one of the great towers to worship Solaris, but managed to escape. She taught herself magic, but has been living in hiding. Though she is knowledgeable and strong, she is just one person and cannot take down the religion. Our other character has formed their own grievances against the religion for whatever reason, and seeks to destroy the religion. They learn about the witch in some manner or another and seek her out, then convinces her to help free a greater demon that the Solarians have trapped away. Between the three of them, they can surely take down the Solarians, can't they?
    The relationship and how successful our characters are is another detail to be worked out.

    Mage x Demon
    A young mage is looking for a teacher. They aren't well versed in much of anything, and as such, are fooled by a demon pretending to be a master willing to teach. The demon is entirely willing to teach the mage some magics, sure, but of a darker nature than the young mage intended. Though the demon isn't entirely trapped, they are still restricted, and aim to teach the mage how to free them fully, and perhaps other demons: before they can do that, though, they must corrupt the young mage's morality and whatnot, so that they will cooperate and free the demon.
    Demon and mage can be of any sex, gender, and sexuality. I have a character ready for the young mage (not listed with my characters here on iwaku) and would prefer that character; my mage is a female.
    I'm craving this right now!

    Werewolf x Vampire
    Werewolves and vampires have a rather symbiotic nature. They hunt together, the vampire drinks the blood of the prey, and the werewolf eats the flesh. Both creatures feed, and leave no corpse, so their risk of being found is lowered (they typically feed on animals, given that both creatures were once human). Our pair, for whatever reason, both recently lost their partners of the other species, happen across each other, and decide to work together- either permanently, or until they find people they're more compatible with if it doesn't work out. They end up falling in love, which is frowned upon in both societies, much in the same way that having a romantic relationship with a coworker is frowned upon.

    Master x Maid
    It was sort of a scuzzy job offering in the first place, but she needed money bad, and he was certainly paying VERY well. She rents a room in his mansion, and works overtime, trying to pay off student loans- particularly since she couldn't find a job in her field, modelling. He does art in his spare time, and she's even willing to model for him. Gotta keep that cash flowing, right? (Not to mention that there are far less attractive men she could be modelling for.) With all of this time that they're spending together, it only makes sense that they start to get to know each other, and eventually start to feel for each other quite strongly.
    Even though I used male pronouns for the master and female pronouns for the maid, these characters can be of any sex or gender.
    I'm craving this right now! Particularly if I could play the maid!

    Mage x Other
    A mage (or a small group of mages) went sort of power hungry, a while back, and tried to overthrow their land's ruler. They were unsuccessful, and instead trapped in a tower (or multiple), magically guarded to prevent them from escaping. The tower provides for them- there is food, water, clothing, books... As a prison, it's not bad, but it's still a prison. And then- something changes.
    If there are multiple mages, they have been able to communicate just with each other for some time, but now they've found a way to enter each other's towers. They still can't leave, but this can escalate their relations.
    Or perhaps, all are still confined to their own tower, or there's only one mage and tower, and a stranger finds their way in; they can't remember how they got in- and perhaps some other details- but this inspires the mage to again seek a way out.
    Or something entirely different- this can go in a lot of different directions, and could be well suited to a small group, if you were so inclined.

    Mod!Disney Plots!

    The Little Mermaid
    Eric comes from money; Ariel less so, more because of her and her six sisters than because of her father's work. Ariel and Eric attend college together, on the coast. Where Ariel is shy about interacting with other students for the most part outside of a friend [Flounder], Eric is much more social. In one instance, however, when he is alone and on the water, he nearly drowns. Ariel happens to be close enough, and rescues him, but leaves before they really meet.
    Another person, Vanessa [Ursula], later offers to help Ariel get more acquainted with other students, in exchange for something [TBD] and, for a while, Ariel does get to know others, including Eric. Cue the return of Vanessa, who convinces Eric that it was she who saved him. Ariel has to find a way to convince Eric that Vanessa is lying, and that he should stay away from her.
    Some details about Vanessa's role needs to be worked out. We can include some other characters, like Scully and Sebastian, if you want.

    Ella Tremaine lives with her step mother and two step sisters, emotionally abused by them. Though she managed to get a full ride to a local college, she still lives at home, with her family. Henry, a young, well off man also going to the local college, has a party one night, which Ella sneaks off to. There, the two dance, and while Henry would like to know her more, Ella runs off before even giving her name, saying she must get home. He asks around on social media, to see if he can get in contact with her, and finally finds her.
    They get to know each other more, and get along quite well. Ella's family is less than pleased by her spending more time with Henry and less time at home, and become more strict. Henry and Ella try to get Ella out of that house and living somewhere else, in hopes of finding their happily-ever-after.

    We are, of course, not limited to these plots. Do share any ideas of your own if you like- I will do lots of things! So please post or PM me if I seem like a decent partner!

    Oh- and I'm also totally open to a 1x1x1, or some small group like that! So if you think that any of these plots would work best like that, or have an idea of your own that would work better with 3 or four people, I'm totally down!
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  2. Still looking!
  3. Still looking, and updated!
  4. The Werewolf x Vampire plot seems rather interesting, if you would be willing to do it with me!
  5. Sure! PM me so we can talk details?
  6. Still looking!

    I'll be starting work soon, which will limit my hours some, but not by a huge amount, just so everyone knows! I'll still try to reply near daily.
  7. Still taking partners, by the way! I do start work tomorrow, but like I said, it shouldn't interfere much at all!
  8. Totally still looking!
  9. Are you still open for a Werewolf x plot? (werewolf x vampire with the symbiotic relationship could be fun)
    I have a wolf boy that I'd love to get used in a RP, but the catch is that he needs to be paired with someone that can control his beast. He also has more forms than just the human and beast forms. I have his information here.

    I live in the Eastern Zone, I am on off and on through the day, and am offline most of the day on Saturdays. I tend to mirror what I am given for RP length, sometimes going longer or shorter as the situation needs. I do a minimum of two sentences, and when I get to that small of a post I tend to feel guilty because that just means I don't know what else to add to it. I usually write more than a paragraph, up to five or six in a typical reply (again, depending on my partner) and have done 18 paragraphs as my maximum length so far. (I only hit this once and I don't remember why it was soooooo long, lol)

    Edit: I'm going to be afk for a bit, so for an easier way to contact me, you can hmu here (Easier to use from the phone than Iwaku is >.<)
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  10. Still looking for partners, by the way!
  11. Umm...is Pirate x Kidnapped Victim still open?
    (I also PMed you, BTW.)
  12. Still looking!
  13. Might I be biting off more than I can chew? Probably. Is that gonna stop me? No way. Still looking.
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