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  1. Another question! It's not really important, but I like to know about things I do so I can be at my best with it, etc.

    The ratings you give people with their posts, what do they stand for/mean? I don't want to give ratings to someone just to see. (/ \)

    I already know love and like. I got rated the green face some minutes ago. It means "go home, you're drunk," I found out by getting the rating.

    Is that bad? :( I'm dying to know lol. But the face itself is like a silly face, so does that mean they just found my post funny? Please help!!! Lol

    Lastly, which rating is the worst to get?

    Thank you! :) Again!
  2. Yeah, the new ratings are kind of mind boggling but I assume they are just there for humor.

    Dislike, Go Home, You're Drunk, WFT Did I Just Read, and You Get A Cookie are all neutral ratings and thus do not effect your ratings.

    No, Just No, Smite, and Cat Like Typing are all negative ratings. As for which is worse, it would depend on the person. If I got a Cat Like Typing rating my world as I know it would probably end I and I would forever question my worth as a writer @.@
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  3. Haha thanks! :)