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  1. Can we just outright get rid of all ratings except 'like' and 'love' please?

    I dunno, I just feel like often, I get members who use the rating system as a really sneaky, underhanded way of insulting me or other members without actually straight up saying anything, and I'm sure other people feel different, but I'd prefer if someone has a problem they actually say it to my face instead of giving me 'go home you're drunk' or 'cat like typing detected' because they didn't like my post but don't have the balls to tell me so

    I'm probably being really overly sensitive, but those are my two cents on that site feature
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  2. Yeah, mods don't really seem to care about the ratings. 'Cat Like Typing Detected' being the most annoying out of all of them but every time the ratings are brought up not much, if anything, is done about them.
  3. People will always find new ways to be passive aggressive if they want.

    No amount of Staff/Mod altering of ratings is going to stop that.
    At least with the ratings being a thing, even if they're being passive about it you're still recognizing it.

    If they were removed like you're suggesting they'd just be doing it through closed doors, Skype Chats, PM's etc.

    (Not to say they might not any ways, but the rate would increase).

    Do you forget about when Negative Ratings were a thing?
    Rare collected about 20 of them over the course of the weekend, next day Staff removed negative ratings from the site.
    Only real acception being "Cat Like Typing" was moved to Neutral.

    "No Just No", "Smite" and even "Dislike" which counted as Neutral were removed.
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  4. I'm totally fine with people talking or being rude to me or other people behind their backs if said people including me are unaware of it.

    Because worrying about that is just paranoia at that point, no sense in worrying about it.

    But the passive aggressive insults from the rating system really do bother me, because it's such a sneaky underhanded way of insulting someone
  5. True. But at least with the currents ratings it helps keep you somewhat aware of what the 'problem' people are going to be in those issues later.
  6. That's true as well I suppose
  7. This sort of thing is on the admins to decide, but I've always felt that passive-aggressive ratings and the rare arguments they spawn are preferable to the chance of tons of arguments being started by folks airing their grievances with other members directly. It might be annoying for folks on an individual level, but it's better for the forum as a whole, imo.
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  8. Thus why I aired it here where they can see it
  9. If someone is harassing or targeting you with the post ratings, you CAN report them and staff takes care of it by dishing out a warning and deleting abused ratings. o__o We do not allow abuse of the ratings system.

    Jorick pretty much explained my opinion on the ratings system. You can stop passive aggressive people from existing. If there were no ratings, they really would start replying to topics, leaving messages or finding other much more disruptive means. The occasional one is not going to hurt anyone - and again - you can report anyone that is abusing them.
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  10. Good to know, thanks
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