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  1. I'm pretty fairly sure that the name for each of the rating buttons on Iwaku are quite obvious in terms of what they're trying to say or let someone else know. However, I'm completely thrown off by the "Cat Like Typing Detected" negative rating button. What does that mean? What is it supposed to convey? What are some examples of "Cat Like Typing Detected" posts here on Iwaku?
  2. Ahfucnfbxhfm Rd baba vinc dnd ha

    Sorry. My cat got out.
  3. If it didn't add to negative ratings I would rate this as such just to push the point.

  4. Super kami guru allows you to do so

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  5. Guru:

    stop making out with your boyfreeeeeeeeind

    it sounds like

    skfn urngkajdnvjdhcjsfkj jfngkadhdLvjdnv

    .....THANK YOU, lord guru

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  6. Cat Like Typing means there are a lot of typos in the post or the post is completely unreadable. Enough that it looks like a cat mashed all over the keyboards. It is negative rating, because that many typos or unreadability usually means someone was too lazy to proofread!
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  7. Lies. You just have something against cats, owl lover
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