Rating Buttons Explanations?

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  1. Okay so, like I get what the rating buttons mean and all, but I'm not sure how they affect the ratings scale thingie.

    Like if if someone gets a Love, do they get one positive point?

    And if someone gets a smite, do they get one negative point?

    Also, where does 'You get a cookie' fall? I always saw that as a condescending button, but is it good or bad because I see people giving it to others as 'Wow, you're so nice here's a treat!' in a non sarcastic way, but then I see other smart ass posts that get the cookie thing and I'm just a little confused.

    Also, why are there so many bad buttons and only three good ones?
  2. Like, thank you, and love are positive ratings. Dislike, go home you're drunk, WTF did I just read, and you get a cookie are all neutral. No just no, smite, and cat-like-typing-detected are negative. The positive and negative buttons are balanced out so nothing is unequal between them.
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  3. Oooh! Okay, thanks for explaining that!
  4. It's just as Alexa said :) You can always check on your profile page. The green ones all give one positive point, the white ones give no points, and the red ones give one negative point.
  5. Confusing descriptions. How come dislike (as otherwise universally minus-aligned label) is neutral, but like (generally the exact opposite of dislike) is positive? What is "Cat Like Typing" (cat that looks like typing? cat that likes typing, but does not know how grammar works?) even derived from? Does it refer to textspeak?

    I've generally been interpreting giving cookies as non-sarcastic (as this is how I've seen it used in other contexts).
  6. Cat like typing implies that you let your cat walk over / sit on your keyboard when you were typing. It basically means there are so many grammatical and spelling errors that your post is basically illegible.

    Best not to take the rating system too seriously. :) There's nothing associated with it in terms of permissions or people's attitudes towards you. It is simply a way to express your opinion to other people without having to actually make a post. You are free to not use it if you want, or use the ratings in whatever way you please. If you want to use cookies in a sarcastic context you are more than free to. :)
  7. Dislike is a neutral rating, because we've noticed sometimes people will want to show solidarity or empathy for a post with a dislike, not just a "I dislike this post >:[" but a "I dislike this situation you are in. :(". It along with the other neutral ones, are neutral like that because they could be seen as positive OR negative depending on the situation or the members, etc.

    And yeah, over all the ratings are pointless and meaningless. They affect absolutely nothing on the site. :) but give members an opportunity to show quick pleasure or displeasure. As long as people don't go spamming bad ratings on other members out of spite (something we punish people for).
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  8. Welcome to iwaku where everything's made up the the ratings don't matter.

    and if you aduse them vay will take them away.
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