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  1. See the title. High numbers are good, low numbers are bad (obvious, no?) Also, for the sake of easy comparison, we should probably all use the same x/10 scale. If possible, give some reasoning about why you like/dislike the signature above you.

    ...Well, there's nobody above me, so no signature to rate. The next person will start the game.

    EDIT: Clarified an apaprently unknown abbreviation/
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  2. what is a sig?
  3. Signature. As in, the text/pic that always appears below your post.

    7/10. It's simple, and stays within the same theme. I could give you a 6.66/10 to stay within said theme myself, but that's not really the point of the 'game'.
  4. 7/10 Could use a little more color, but overall simple, and nice.
  5. I could've sworn I replied to this... MEh, whatever.
    10/10 because of cats.
  6. Song lyrics + link to said song + cool mashup of Elfen Lied characters = 8/10
  7. White Castle. Ahahaha. Very nice. 9/10.
  8. All the Majora's Mask references, and even a Ben Drowned reference!!! 10/10!
  9. 8/10: It's cool looking
  10. 6/10. It's awesome, but it freaks me the fuck out. She's just staring at me with those high-as-a-kite eyes, judging me as I type... brrr.
  11. 9/10 because Lord of the Rings! :D And I don't know the other author.... ._.
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  12. 5/10 Not into Pokemon
  13. 10/10 because Land Before Time. Specifically, Littlefoot.
  14. 10/10 because it's bloody epic.
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  15. I don't really care for Vocaloid but the colors are pretty. So 7/10. :)
  16. 10/10 Because it's simple yet effective. Also, I like The Oatmeal. :)
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  17. 1/10. Just videos...
  18. 11/10 for Demon Succubus Queen Goodness.
  19. No idea what that little uh
    thing is. But, 9/10 because I like that snazzy gadget he's got.
  20. 10/10 because all I see is a blue box with a white question mark on the inside.

    Fucking best sig ever.
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