Ratchet and Clank: Mysteries Unsolved

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As Ratchet and Clank try to find out more about how to reach his fellow Lombaxes a race that had been claimed extinct for some time, they fly by an upcoming distress call in the planet Lumbia! A sacred tribal planet that worships the Zoni and everything they have done!
An attack rained down upon this tribal planet only for Ratchet to find out that the attack was caused by Dr. Nafarious who was looking for something called "The Key..."

After seeing the display of heroic behavior the tribe leader asked Ratchet to bring someone to "The Clock," a device created by the Zoni to stop the space time continuum to collapse after they (The Zoni) were foolish enough to make a time machine and give it to a group of creatures that misused its power!
To Ratchets utter surprise, the creature he had to transport was a Lombax...another one of his kind and a beautiful female one at that!
As he falls in love with this beautiful creature he finds out more about his kind and the secrets to finding the other Lombaxes!
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