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  1. I'm waiting to go see it right now. So excited. Really hope it doesn't disappoint. Will update ya'll after the movie. So who else is excited? Anyone?
  2. Eeh.. It's a movie based on a video game. That's a bad track record from the get go.

    Is it out already? My wife wants to see it.

    Keep us posted!
  3. Technically it releases tomorrow but opening shows are early here. I believe it will be a good one. None of the major groups have touched the film and they have most of the cast in on it.
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  4. I'm really hoping this movie pulls it off.

    Video game movies do have a bad record, this is taking a different approach at it. If this does work, if it ends up being great, it will be a gateway for a whole bunch of other franchises to try out their luck on the silver screen. The same studio has released a teaser for a Sly Cooper movie, development of that has not started, most likely that they are waiting to see how Ratchet works out before putting money into a movie about a Raccoon. And after that, if all things work? Who knows. A Jak and Daxter movie?

    I mean, think of the confidence boost this movie could be to other publishers. That a good movie adaption can be made. Would that Halo movie awaken from purgatory? Would Christopher Nolan get the go from Sony to make a Shadow of the Colossus movie? I think it's all leaning on this.
  5. Update: there were only 5 people there and the movie was actually pretty good I give it an 8 out of 10 not enough Ryno. I will definitely be going to see it with my mom and possibly many more times all the voices were good the movie itself was beautiful and works very well in 3D.
  6. Updat Two: the movie sets up a sequel I will give no spoilers other than that until at least the weekend but it looks like there may be a sequel in the works or they're just sticking to the original. I have also realized that my older brother is Captain Quark.
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