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  1. UPDATE - I am in school, which means that I'll be gone until 3:00PM PST on the weekdays; but on the weekends, I am mostly free to be on all day or all night even.
    "Welcome to my palace!"
    Who am I?
    My username is Rare, my real name is Trevor. You can call me those names or other nicknames that you have from me. I am from a town in Ridgecrest, CA and I love the desert and the valleys. I love history, due to the actions set by men and women that didn't know the outcomes of them at the heat of the moment. I spend my time on the computer, reading other peoples' writing on Iwaku and the Guild. I also draw, read, watch movies and shows and anime, listen to music, and play video games on my Xbox 360 or PS4. I hope that we are partners!

    My Expectations
    I like from posts to be two paragraphs or more, because it would give me something to reply with rather with one paragraph or less. I would take a couple days to get a reply out depending on how many paragraphs are there. If I don't reason, please private message me or give a bump to the topic; that way I can't forget about you and the game. My favorite genres is fantasy, sci-fi, historical (any period), cyber/steampunk, modern, and fandom. I am not a fan of smut or sex scenes, writing them out seems to be odd to me (but there will be hints of romance in my roleplays).

    You may know there isn't a lot of anime, because I have just started to watch it. Most of the roleplays will not have any canon characters in it (The Walking Dead, LA Noire, etc.), but there will be some roleplays that will mention canon characters (Mass Effect Series, Dragon Age Series, Hunger Games, etc.).

    Television Shows
    Breaking Bad
    Crime Scene Investigation
    Game of Thrones
    Law and Order
    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    The Newsroom
    The Walking Dead
    Video Games
    Assassin's Creed Series
    Battlefield Series
    Bioshock Series
    Borderlands Series
    Call of Duty Series
    Dead Island
    Dead Space Series
    Dragon Age Series
    Elder Scolls Series
    Fallout Series
    Farcry Series
    Halo Series
    Infamous Series
    Killzone Series
    LA Noire
    Mass Effect Series
    Mirror's Edge
    Saints Row
    The Division
    The Last of Us
    Tomb Raider
    (Telltale's) The Walking Dead

    Dawn of the Dead
    Ender's Games
    Friday The 13th
    Godfather Series
    Godzilla Series
    How to Train Your Dragon
    Hunger Games
    King Kong Series
    Nightmare on Elm Street Series
    Saw Series
    Scream Series
    Star Wars Series
    White House Down
    World War Z

    Attack on Titan
    Angel Beats
    Kill La Kill
    One Piece
    Sword Art Online

    There plots were made by me and some of them were inspired by the anime, video games, etc. here. Please don't try to steal them and change the name of the roleplay. This is a big warning to you all: the selection is a massive WIP, I still have to make the plots from them; but, I have put summaries from them. It will be awhile until that selection is finish, so just look at it and then leave the area as soon as you can.
    In the Warfare
    Two related bothers/sisters join the Marines to fight for a cost, yet protect each other.

    Out in Space
    Sent into space in order to repair the Hubble Space Telescope until things go wrong...

    The American Dream
    Roommates that just moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from a random country to go to the University of Pittsburgh.

    Modern Day Thieves
    Friends since childhood, they have been stealing things since they were teenagers; now they must steal to survival the modern day, Los Angeles.

    The biggest sandstorm in Las Vegas is going to happen, but none knows about it until it's too late...

    "My guests, enjoy the party and the stay!"

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  2. Hey a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic rp sounds cool but my ideas for that are rather alicorn specific (as in involve alicorn characters).

    It just seems like for me to remain interested in a 1x1 MLP rp it has to has alicorns dunno not talking about all perfect mary sue's of course alicorn characters would flaws no matter what.
  3. Sorry, but I don't know how to play alicorns very well.

    So in short, we can't play together. I am sorry.
  4. Umm well they play like a unicorn but with wings i don't what soo hard about roleplaying that.

    But ok though i feel this is just a cover up reason to not wanting to roleplay with me in general. (And no i'm not mad or anything just a bit dissapointed and little confused).
  5. No, no it isn't at all. There is more to play an alicorn character than just having wings and a horn at the same time.
  6. Ah i understand now i was thinking of more just "for fun" roleplay (No that does involve sex) but also not being overly cringe worthy (as in not being filled with 100% mary sue's).
  7. Plus, I don't think that we have the same writing style. Sorry.
  8. My writing style is flexible (Novel style/3rd person style).

    I really wanted a mlp roleplay but you seem really to not want to roleplay with me at all so ok then.
  9. Sorry.
  10. I'm interested in the American dream RP if it is still available
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