Rapunzel, Rapunzel.....

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  1. Rapunzel_Wallpaper.jpg Rapunzel looked out of her tower window, and sighed. She glanced back into her tower room - the place where she had spent all her life. "Gondal!" She called, and grinned as her small Shih Tzu bounded up the stairs, and across the room to her. "There you are - good boy." She ruffled her dog's ears affectionately, but sighed yet again.

    Gondal, and Mother Gothel were the only other living beings she saw - she lived in the tall tower, with no doors leading out, and no way of getting away even if she could escape from the tower - the roses and thorns on the taller wall surrounding them saw to that. All Rapunzel wanted, was to meet someone else - someone who she could chat to.
  2. "This can't really be the place..." Harbor Hightower grumbled as he slowly approached the towering...Tower, the irony of his name totally escaping him at the moment as excepted alot more than just one lonely tower standing in the middle of Labyrinth Woods. Hell, the name itself was alot a tribute on how hard it was to navigate it, and now it seemed like he traveled out all this way to deliever something to some backwoods hermit. He was expecting some one of status, of repute, someone that he could brag to at the taverns about meeting. But no. All that anticipation of navigating through something as difficult as the Labyrinth woods and he just gets the run of the mill tall tower, which seemed to be only one tower, which was a terribly out of place, almost as if some stonemason gave up as soon as he raised the first end of a castle.

    He sighed as he approached the tower, seeking desperately to find a door and get himself away from the dreadfully disappointing tower. "Doesn't even have a front door...Kinda of backwards...Out of date...Hick back-water..." He mumbled to himself as he looked around for anything he could enter and deliever his perceil through.
  3. Rapunzel heard footstepts outside the tower, and she curiously looked out the window, only to dart back out of sight again. It was a guy! He looked about her age, but she had never met anyone except her mother before! Her social life revolved around Mother Gothel and her dog.

    She tried to calm herself down, and looked back out the window. She hesitantly called down to the guy, who seemed to be looking for a door of somesort. "Hi there. Um, there is no door - I could throw my hair down for you?" It was how her mother climbed up when she came home, so Rapunzel didn't see anything wrong with it.
  4. Harbor was pressing the flat of his palm against the each individual brick of the tower that was in reach of him, figuring that it would open some sort of secret entrance to the solitary tower. “Already located in the Labyrinth Woods… Paranoid enough to hide an entrance to tower too… Is there going to be a guard dog I have to fend off too?” He muttered to himself, as he usually does, growing a bit impatient at locating the hidden entrance to the looming structure. He would have done what usually happens when no one comes to greet him and the parcel he had to deliver, drop it on the front door and slum his way back to old Mcgarncles’ for a pint, a story, and a fist fight, but that would be hard to do as there wasn’t even a front door to leave it on.

    Not one to have his time wasted, Harbor gripped the parcel like it was some thieving ragamuffin and eyed the structure for any place he could chuck the damned thing, a window or something of sort, and go along his merry way. As he spotted the apparently singular opening to the place, a head popped itself out, making him nearly drop the parcel as she spoke.

    “…What did you say?” The distance between Harbor and her was quite a way away. He could only hear every other word she said, and even still, misheard what the girlish head of the thing was talking about. “I don’t see any stairs! I got…” He sighed as she probably had the same issue he had with hearing her voice. “OI! I GOT A PARCEL TO DELIVER TO THE WITLESS HERMIT WHO WAS PARANOID ENOUGH TO BUILD JUST ONE TOWER IN THE MIDDLE OF A BLOODY FOREST MAZE! YOU THE CRAZY BIRD I HAVE TO DELIVER THIS TO?!” He waved at the figure in the window with the parcel in his hand. “I DON’T SEE ANY STAIRS, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO REACH YA ALL THE WAY UP THERE? I AIN’T NO HAWK!”

    Suddenly, a thought ran through his mind, how did that person get all the way up there? Perhaps she was building a tower up and forgot to include a door before it was finish and now was trapped. Or… She could have been a Harpy! Old Macky swears to his old mug he fought off some in his pirate days, maybe this person was one of them! It could explain why there was no doors and only one window! His interest suddenly reemerged as he tried to figure out why there was a woman in a tall tower with no doors.
  5. Rapunzel understood and she gathered up all her hair. She leaned out and yelled, "CLIMB UP THIS!" She chucked her long plait out the window, and it fell to about a metre off the ground. She smiled down at him.