Rapture: The House of Monsters

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  1. Rapture was once Andrew Ryan's dream...but now his city became a civil war. It was Andrew against Atlas . A man who wanted control of the city, when Atlas died from one of his experiments they turned to Sofia Lamb, a Psychiatrist believing that her daughter would be the ultimate savior for this city. When Sofia and her daughter escaped the bombs exploded making half of Rapture collapse to the ground. However what nobody knows is that people are still surviving in this destruction of a city. All the little sisters were saved but there was now someone else that was ruling. A name that is on almost every poster of the city. Her name was Susan Amier and she was all about power. Stealing more children from the surface and turning them into little sisters she made new Big Daddies that were even harder to kill now that splicers were getting more and more desperate.


    1. You cannot be a little sister (except for me)

    2. You cannot be Susan Amier

    3. You can be a big daddy or a big sister if you want to but only with my permission

    4. You can make up to 3 characters

    Anna smiled and hummed as she was handed a syringe for gathering for the first time. She was only six years old and she was taught all the basics for today which was a special day because she was going to be gathering for the first time. Wearing 2 braided pigtails and a pink babydoll dress she was ready. She looked around with her yellow glowing eyes. Everything looked calm and beautiful to her but in reality it wasnt. She stood there, waiting for her big daddy to bang on the vent so she could come out. If her daddy was killed off by splicers then the big sister would have to escort her everywhere until she got a new daddy.
  2. Annie thought she would be waiting there forever until she heard three bangs. She climbed into the vent and peeked out on the other side. It was a female splicer, Annie tried going back in the vent but the woman grabbed the girl by the arm and threw her on the ground. "Time to have my share of the Adam little girl!" the splicer spat. Annie held the syringe close to her but the woman tried grabbing it away. "Let go let go!" Annie screamed as they fought for the syringe. A spider splicer then came u behind her and raised his claw.
  3. A whale call echoes eerily, a few loud thumps later and a drill burst through the chest of the female splicer. It starts spinning as Mr. Bubbles pulls back lighting the body up with a burst of electricity. Red light pours over the scene as he howls. He tosses the splicer's corpse across the room, slides his right foot back, and extends his left arm to the spider splicer, he waves his fingers calling the splicer to attack him.
    With a growl the splicer swings at him, he grabs it's claw with his hand and swings it over his back and slams it into the ground. With a burst of fire he holds it down and roasts the offending spider splicer. It is hard to tell the emotions of a Big Daddy, but his lights glow a bright green as the splicer screams. He turns to look at the little sister and moans at her.
  4. Annie was cowering in the corner whimpering. She looked up at Big Daddy with her innocent yellow eyes.
  5. The Big Daddy straightens, he turns and looks around the room for any other splicers. Seeing that it's clear he groans and lumbers over to the little girl, he holds his gloved hand out to her silently.
  6. Annie smiled and stands up. She pulls his hand "this way" she giggles and has the syringe next to her. This area was a test for the first series of the big daddies. "He's doing good" Tennenbam said. Dr. Suchong wasn't impressed though. "Remind me that I must get more weapons for him."
    They kept observing as Annie skipped in front of him. "It was dark but then you were all glowy Mr. Bubbles" she said then started singing as she continued to walk.
    Suddenly a man walks in front of the little sister. "I don't like him!" Annie said then run behinds the big daddy's leg.
    Suchong watched "the big daddies are suppose to warn him off...but they won't attack until they do, hopefully it works this time."
  7. The Big Daddy follows along. His lights dance along the walls and he stops when the girl hides. He moans at the man, not seeing him as a threat at the moment. His light is the yellow hue of neutrality. He lumbers forward keeping his hand on Annie, looking at the man through his viewports.
  8. [​IMG]Niko was 7 but very deadly and very tough he was made as an experiment for a "Little brother" but it never worked and he was turned into a pure bread monster. He was still human but his eyes were an eerie light blue and he never showed much emotion when he did smile he was usually faking. He looked at the big daddy Just like all of the ones who rejected me in testing.... He followed them wondering where they may go.
  9. Annie walked her way up to a dead corpse. She pointed at it then kneeled down and started gathering. Humming along the big daddy heard the screams of the maniacs out there ready to fight for the Adam. Many ran to the daddy and ambushed him while one grabs the girl and runs off with her.
    Suchong knew that the drive to find the little sister was too great for the splicers to hold him back. "Big daddies always know where the girl is, her Adam that she secretes was put into the daddy bonding them...he should be able to sense where the girl is at all times..."
    Tennenbam was watching in curiosity.
    "Finally all the Adam for me!" the splicer laughed. She stopped in a room and Annie struggled.
    "No use struggling little girl" the splicer said. "He's too stupid to find you here!"
    Annie screamed on top of her lungs then glared at the splicer. "Daddies mad and you'll be sorry!" she said. The splicer took out her gun and pointed it at the kid.
  10. Neko Ran towards the splicer kicking it in the head and using a gun to kill it, "Your safe girl might as well get out of here" He wipes some blood from his cheek and brushes off his clothes, "God I hate those.. Things" He looked at the girl in disgust "They're weak so why were you captured girl!". He sitd on the body as if its a stool "Dont want to get dirty this floor is disgusting" He looks at the girl again "Im not going to sit here all day little girl."
  11. Tennenbam became annoyed. "What is that boy doing?" she asked. Suchong waved it off "the big daddy will come and kill him" he said flatly.

    It was true, if the big daddy came and saw the boy he would be killed like the others. Tennenbam sent two men out. They snuck through a secret passage and bagged him then left, leaving the sister alone.

    Tennenbam had him tied to a chair. "You are endangering a test, that is punishable by death...but I will spare you...what do you want?" Tennenbam asked.
  12. Another splicer noticed the girl and looked around before approaching her. "My dear" he hissed "hello"
    The girl screamed and backed into the corner.
  13. Neko spat in the doctors face and scowled "Dont you remember me doc The test subject Little Brother? Im hurt I thought I'd be given special attention" He sniffles sarcastically acting like he'll cry. "I really am hurt though I mean after all I went through??" He stands up his ropes now unknotted "Surprise cock doc" He speeds away jumping on tables and runs back to the small girl "Man you are weak! try kicking punching stuff like that!"
  14. The Big Daddy grows bored with this man. It groans at him and threateningly spins his drill at him. He continues with Annie and is then ambushed. With a moan, his lights turn red. As a newer, and more powerful Big Daddy his lights are much brighter. He punches the ground and sends a burst of electricity and fire around himself. He roars, which is really a loud angry groan, and rolls left, swinging his drill to the right.
    Mr. Bubbles rises, and punches a hole through the nearest splicer, and uses his telekinesis to toss a few of them into a puddle of water, which he electrocutes. Getting shot he turns and roars again, charging forward and over the thin splicer. He jogs through the halls and rooms, only thought is to find Annie, homing onto her location. Whump... whump... whump... that's the sound of him jogging.
  15. Suchong smiled "the boy might die, or the big daddy...if the daddy does then we will just put his DNA into his suit again, thus reserecting him.
    The girl backed into the wall, she then heard big daddy and screamed for him to come to her.
    She then saw a vent and ran towards it. The boy was seven and too big for the little sisters vent. They were ment for girls that are four years old.
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  16. Mr. Bubbles' whale like call echos through the room, his large form fills a hole that has appeared in the wall and his red light shines disorientingly around the room. He looks around and grabs the splicer's head with his hand. The man screams as his skull is penetrated by a swarm of bugs. He groans at the Little Brother and moves to stand between Neko and Annie's vent. He leans over the boy and tilts so one of his viewports is angled at him. He has no real desire to kill someone not perceived as threat.
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  17. Annie waited for her daddy, she peeked out the vent and smiled. Tennenbam has had it with the kid. Soon she might send the big sister out.
  18. Mr. B turns away from the lad, he reaches out to the girl with his hand and moan beautifully at her. Though some might be frightened by it not coming from a whale. He lifts her out and carries her away from the troubling small male. A few rooms away he lets her down and keeps an eye out for any troublemakers, everything he's met so far, beside the boy and boring man, have tried to take his Little Sister.
  19. "You saved me sir bubbles!" she giggled. "I'm always safe with you daddy!" she smiled and continued to walk. Tennenbam looked at Suchong "he's working perfectly..."

    Suchong nodded "he will officially be the first big daddy...bring him in for me to upgrade his weapons" he said. Tennenbam sent out a team of men to sedate the big guy by using shockable wielding weapons. Their goal was to grab the girl as well. They went over to where he was and got ready.
  20. Mr. Bubbles trundled along behind her. He isn't expecting the shock attacks and doesn't take to kindly to those who are trying to sedate him. He swings around and grabs one of the men freezing their arm as he falls to the ground unconscious. The man curses and steps back holding his arm, but doesn't make it far before the ice spreads and freezing him solid.
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