Rapids of Time

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  1. Anyone remember the original PlayStation? No, I'm not talking about the portable or even the PlayStation 3. The semi big grey box that you put CD games in.


    Well there was this game I used to love. It had multiple endings but for some odd reason, to me it just didn't feel like it actually ended. I was still hungry for more. Wanting to know what happened next. That game is the amazing Chrono Cross. I was hoping to find a way to feed that left over aching hunger from all these years. I wasn't thinking about continuing out the story of Serge, Kid, Karsh, or any of them. Maybe a story that takes place several years after. I'm not sure on how we would go ahead with this but... I'm sure we all could think of something.

    First of all, I was wondering if anyone is interested.
    Second of all, I was wondering if anyone had ideas. We could all build onto each others ideas and see where it goes.
    Third, I'm not sure if this would fit right in the Jump in section, So it'd have to go into one of the others.

    Ummm... That's all I have really. ^^;
  2. I still play Chrono Cross! It's one of the many amazing PlayStation classics I still own. And as for ideas...We could have an extremely similar story line, but instead have it be about an entire group of friends and enemies.
  3. ^^ If I still had my system I'd play it. It honestly IS my favorite RPG game.

    That could work. Only down fall so far there are not any other people who seem interested. I wouldn't want it too similar though because it wouldn't be our story. Maybe like the two groups you were talking about. But one group somehow got a hold of the time egg and put used it to push time further evolved or somethin but they did it too much or something harmed the egg to where time wanted to zipline back...

    Hmmm... I don't know where I'm going with this. I'd need time to sort out those thoughts. (Many were forming all at once haha)